Dr. Atkins Died Bloated, Fatass

“A physicians group that is highly critical of the diet released details of a city medical examiner?s report filed after Atkins? 2003 death which showed the 6-foot doctor was at a weight normally considered obese.”

This is sort of life when the (self-proclaimed) founder of personal coaching passed away of a heart attack – actually a year ago today. Thomas was an amazing man of vision and chutzpah – rest ye, T!






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  1. danny O'Brian Avatar
    danny O’Brian

    A number of question that must be looked at.1st. who released the medical records-medical records private?What government agency has an intrest in disclaimersnof the diet?The all protien diet was first recommended by Socreates(?). All things in moderation even illness………….d

    that seems in rather poor taste. I personally would rather not have the details of my demise printed for all to see, I mean who wants “Mr.____ died really fat,” in the newspaper. I would rather carry the illusion of good body shape into the afterlife, thankyou very much!

  2. Andy Avatar

    It’s hideously poor taste. The family reports the guy was bed-ridden and retaining fluid to beat the band. I think it illustrates both ranting sides of the low-carb craze – and the big pile of money in between.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Testing comments feature. Seems to be done broked.

  4. jeffm Avatar

    The Atkins Physicians Council said the carbohydrate-shunning doctor gained more than 60 pounds through fluid retention in the eight days he spent in a coma before dying last April. He had slipped on an icy street and hit his head.

    Atkins weighed 195 pounds when he was admitted, the group’s chairman said.

    “Critically ill patients, when sustained on fluids in the hospital, gain weight,” said Dr. Stuart Trager, chairman of the Atkins Physicians Council, a group affiliated with the Atkins diet empire. “He was grossly swollen, so much so that his family and associates barely recognized him.”

    The medical examiner’s report also noted that Atkins had a history of heart trouble, including congestive heart failure and high blood pressure. The Wall Street Journal first reported on the records on Tuesday.

    The doctor’s heart troubles had been previously known publicly, and the council asserted Tuesday that they were a result of cardiomyopathy, or an enlarged heart, which it said stemmed from a viral infection, not diet.

    “We need to set the record straight. This is a man who managed his weight,” Trager said. “Isn’t it time to let this man rest in peace?”

    Physicians for Responsible Medicine, the group that released the report and promotes a vegetarian diet, acknowledged that fluid retention may have been responsible for some of Atkins’ weight gain, but probably not all of it. The group maintains that the Atkins diet poses weight and health risks to the millions who follow it.

    note – many of these anti-Atkins groups are PETA affiliated!

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