Darwin Exhibit Having Trouble Finding Corporate Sponsors

Darwin Exhibit Having  Trouble Finding Corporate Sponsors



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  1. Reign of Reason (aka Rick) Avatar

    The number of people in this country who long to return to the dark ages is astonishing.

    Maybe we should send them ‘back’: i.e. – setup some remote community in Idaho or something — where they can feel free to teach their children about the natural world based on the 3000+ year old ramblings of Bronze Age tribesmen from the Middle East.

  2. JB Avatar

    Kinda like a real life “The Village”? Hmmm, gets my vote.

  3. Todd Roman Avatar

    Landmark opportunity for Gov. Corzine:

    Carlos Watson on CNN reported on the possibility of NJ State Senator Nia H. Gill as a strong appointment to the Senate (48 year old smart, independent, African-American grandmother). Here’s her bio from the NJ Senate website:

    Senator Nia H. Gill has been involved in government and law for more than 20 years, first as a law student and legislative aide to the late Senator Wynona Lipman and today as a practicing attorney. Senator Gill also served in the New Jersey State Assembly for three terms, being named Democratic Whip, and to the Speaker’s Education Funding Task Force and to several committees including, the Assembly Democratic Senior Citizen Task Force, Co-chair and the Assembly Advisory Committee on the Arts, History and Humanities. She is the mother of an adult son, Bradley.

    Ms. Gill currently serves as Senator in the 34th legislative district, which includes Montclair, East Orange, Glen Ridge, Clifton and West Paterson.

    No newcomer to the cause of economic, educational and social change, Senator Gill has championed educational issues and has lobbied for higher education and adequate funding. In addition, she sponsored legislation, signed into law, to strengthen New Jersey’s money laundering and check cashing laws and strengthen the ability of municipalities to use public funds for developing low-and-moderate income housing.

    Senator Gill is a sponsor of the measure recently signed into law to criminalize the deprivation of civil rights by public officials, making racial profiling a state crime. She has also sponsored the New Jersey Civil Rights Act, which would give individuals a remedy whenever one person deprives another person of any rights, privileges or immunities or interferes with another’s civil rights. Additionally, she sponsored a resolution to formally revoke an 1868 effort by the New Jersey Legislature to withdraw New Jersey’s support for the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

    Senator Gill sponsored legislation that provides a $3,000 income tax deduction for certain families providing home care for an elderly relative, legislation that abolishes the death penalty in New Jersey, and has also sponsored legislation allowing PAAD recipients freedom of choice in selecting a pharmacy and prohibits the imposition of a mail order system. The Senator also sponsored legislation that establishes a central registry of domestic violence orders for use in evaluating firearm permit applications, sponsored legislation to upgrade crimes of the third degree. In addition, Senator Gill is the first African American and the first woman in the history of New Jersey named to serve on the powerful Senate Judiciary Committee, and serves as Vice Chair of the Senate Commerce Committee.

    Senator Gill is a graduate of Upsala College, earned her J.D. from Rutgers-Newark Law School and holds an honorary Doctor of Laws from Essex County College. She also clerked for Superior Judge Harry Hazelwood, Jr., before beginning a five-year term as a trial attorney with the New Jersey Public Defender’s office in the Adult Division of Essex and Passaic counties.

    Ms. Gill is currently a partner in the firm of Gill and Cohen, P.C. in Montclair where she is primarily involved with plaintiff and defense trial litigation in state and federal jurisdictions. She is a member of the prestigious Million Dollar Advocacy Society. The national society of membership is restricted to those attorneys who have won damages in the amount of one million dollars or over.

    Senator Gill is also the recipient of numerous awards. She was honored in Selma, Alabama as one of ‘100 women in the 20th Century’ who contributed to the struggle for civil rights, and the New Jersey Business and Industry Association ‘2003 Woman of the Year Award.’ In addition, the Senator received the Outstanding contributions to Women and Families Award and a City News 100 Most Influential New Jerseyans Award and the YWCA North Essex has also recognized her as one of the ‘Women You Should Know in 2000.’ She was selected as ‘Essex County Legislator of the year,’ ‘State Legislator Woman of Achievement’ and had her ‘Profiles in Courage’ listed in New Jersey Monthly Magazine, the most recent in a long list of honors, including two from her hometown, the Montclair Community Leader and the Montclair NAACP Citizen Award.

  4. Kim…

    Lookks like your page was heavily hit by spam…

  5. Kim…

    Looks like your page was heavily hit by spam…

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