Dakota Fanning on Rape Scene Furor: Deal With it, Haters

Dakota Fanning will turn 13 next month, and she has a short answer for anyone who questions her decision to play a 1950s girl who gyrates in her underwear, wakes up as her naked father climbs into her bed, demands that a prepubescent boy expose himself to her in exchange for a kiss and, finally, is raped by a teenager who lures her with tickets to an Elvis concert: She’s growing up. Get used to it.

“Nothing excuses it,” he said. “The plain cold fact is this is illegal, the statutes are what they are, and Hollywood chose to ignore it. If they’d made the character 15, and hired a 19-year-old, they wouldn’t have heard a peep out of me.”

“There are so many children that this happens to, every second,” [Fanning] added. “That’s the sad part. If anyone’s talking about anything, that’s what they should be talking about.”







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  1. Steven Vance Avatar

    That little bitch annoys the shit out of me. In the past several years, she’s only proven she’s great at two things: screaming like the little girl she is, and dealing with horses while smiling.

  2. T.J Huge Avatar
    T.J Huge

    With her bulbous fish like eyes and ‘wiser than her years’ demeanour, Ms Fanning has always left me slighty uneasy.

    Perhaps she is not, as it’s claimed, a 13 yr old girl, but a grown woman who’s body had yet to develop (like the british ‘comic’ Jimmy Krankie) and she and her agent are involved in some sort of elaborate ruse engineered to hoodwink the kind people of Hollywood and joe public out of thier hard earned readies.

    Personally i belive that a very public and degrading witch hunt is the only option.

  3. C Avatar

    Why all of a sudden everyone is so concerned about a child rape scene in the movies. I don’t recall hearing anyone step up to the plate against the rape of Raven Kelly in the critically acclaimed movie “A Time To Kill”, starring Ashley Judd, Matthew McCohnagy(sp), Sandra Bullock, Donald Sutherland and Samel L. Jackson. There was no talk of it being considered “Kiddie Porn”. From what I had seen of the clips from Hound Dog, Dakota seemed a little provocative in her performance imitating Elvis Presley, and Raven in A Time To Kill was just a little girl coming home from a grocery store errand when she was attacked. Sadly but true, these attacks on little girls and boys happen everyday. So I say to those who do not wish to see the movie, “Just Don’t Go!”

  4. bob Avatar

    dakota did not no all this wouid happen

  5. Teddington Avatar

    Bob, your grasp of the english language is truly wonderful.

    Do you have anymore cutting and inciteful comments?

  6. Denzer Avatar

    Many who have not seen the film have created a firestorm. Here in Utah, our state where the multitude are underpaid, therefor overworked, in addition to being over-churched, that they are unaware of the dangers of Republican leadership, the Attorney General is, natch, a Republican. He’s actually a very straight shooter and damn good at his job.

    Besides having the opportunity to chat socially with Miss Dakota, he also, accompanied by other legal beagles with copies of state statutes clutches to their bosoms, watched a screening of the movie in question. Without question he deemed it was not pornographic nor abusive to the child actor. He did remark that the scene of concern and the overarching story were very disturbing, but the overall message would probably be a positive contribution to the public conversation toward prevention of child abuse.

    So, 3 points for those Mormons.

  7. Rose Avatar

    Am I the only one who has realised that Dakota excuse me… HANNAH Fanning can’t act?

    All she does is stare with her bulging fish like eyes ar scream at the top of her lungs like the whiny spoiled bitch that she is. In the War of the Worlds all she did was scream, it was painful to watch and any child could have done that.

    Mummy and agent are just hanging out for an Oscar but what will really happen is career suicide for her and I can’t wait for the daywhen no one wants to hire that spoiled pampered little brat anymore.

    If she got raped for real we’d see how god damn proud he and he mother would be.

  8. Jeff Avatar

    thats a bit strong isnt it? Praying for someone to get raped just so that it teaches them a lesson?

    if that was the case i’d set up a school for curvacious twenty-something brunettes with big mammories who thought that they need to learn a lesson in whatever they fancied.

    Upon attendance, i would DEFINITELY teach my students a thing or two. I would have to get them to sign some sort of disclaimer so that none of them actually prosecuted me for rape. At the end of the day, its just a business venture to guarantee me some grade A (for awesome) tits and ass.

    Amen to that.

  9. Rose Avatar

    What are you talking about Jeff?

    I said “If she got raped for real we’d see how god damn proud her and he mother would be.”

    How did you interpret that as me wishing she would be raped? Quite the contrary, i wouldnt wish it on anyone least of all a 12 year old girl.

    What I meant was: I don’t like the way her and her mother and agent are glamourising the whole thing. Like it’s “SO COOL” fo such a young girl to do that and want the notoriety and publicity it’ll bring, along with the career boost. That’s all they seem concerned with and I find it distasteful to use a child rape as a spring board to further a very pampered and spoiled little brat’s career.

    Hence, why i said we’ll see how glamourous they’d find it if it really happened to one of their kids. It’s anything but cool.

  10. Dr Hammertime Avatar
    Dr Hammertime

    But you neglected to comment of his ‘Rape School’ venture.

    Personally i don’t think it would be feasable, mainly because by the act of giving consent to join the school and partake in the activities therein, rape could not take place.

    Perhaps a kidnap and prison scenario would be a more viable (although perhaps more morally ambiguous) goal.

  11. Jeff Avatar

    Sounds like someone is backtracking.

    Its obvious that you’ve read your own post again and thought “what the hell did I say that for?” and I for one am glad that you are mending your ways.

    You’re initial post had overtones of distaste for her parents, with an undertone of “i’m gonna teach her a lesson she wont forget” – a bit like you were challenging them to be proud of their daughter as you performed some sort of sordid acts upon our all-american child prodigy that we all know and love.

    Think on.

    God bless america.

  12. Rose Avatar

    Jeff: number one, stop trying to be smart.

    You are clearly anything but given that your grammar is incorrect.

    EG “you’re inital post” FYI “You’re” means you are so you said “you are initial post”. What you meant to say was “Your initial post”

    Number 2: how can you guess what that I’ve re-read my post and mended my ways? Maybe you are just to thick to pick up on sarcasm when you read it the first time. Which seems extremely likely given your command of grammar that 8 year olds are able to grasp.

    Number 3: Your reference to “our” American Child prodigy. PLEASE DO NOT INSULT ME. I’m British and thank bloody god I am.

    I don’t think god would ever bless America if a god exists. Damn you all to hell more like!

  13. Andy Avatar

    Hey guys – this is Andy – please keep your comments about the discussion on topic and not so much about she-said/he-said/your/you’re/yore. Thnx!

  14.  Avatar

    Dakota is an actor, and she loves what she does. Unlike the other thousand and one child actors who start but fall short, consumed by the industry, their parents or whatever other hurdles get presented before them.

    I am an actor and screenwriter: I have seen the worst of stage-mummery: when a child is pushed into something they don’t really want to do, guess what? They won’t do it.

    Jodie foster played a prositute in Scorses’s Taxi Driver: was their an outcry? Yes Where is Jodie FOster now? Still at the top of her game. Why? Because she wanted to act.

    Dakota can quit anytime, and she doesn’t. She pushes her own boundaries, which 99.9% of the world won’t do: an artisit wouldn’t be much of an artist if they copied what everyone else was doing.

    Cat in the Hat wasn’t much of a hit for Dakota. Was there a furore? No. Does anyone go on and on about howbad the movie wa? No. They just move on. Soon after, Dakota did Man on Fire, and Hide and Seek.

    Dakota has signed for two more films:
    Winged Creatures (dir. Rowan Woods)
    Hurrican Mary (about gifted twins with cerebral palsy)

    History repeating itself?


  15. Steven Vance Avatar

    I love Jodie Foster. She is my favorite thriller/low-key action/sci-fi actress.

    She looked bad at the Oscars, though.

  16. hah Avatar

    maybe that’s what they wanted for wotw. that’s probably what a girl that age would do in that situation, so they probably asked her to do that. it was kind of a waste because with a better role she could have been great in that movie i bet. have you seen hide and seek or i am sam or man on fire? she can act. there are just some roles, like for example charlotte’s web, where she doesn’t get to “shine”, so to say.

  17. Hayley Avatar

    Okay, first of all Dakota can act. Did you watch her in Uptown Girls? She played the part good and she did also in Dreamer. And how can you even call her a spoiled brat?!?!? If you know her well enough then call her that but if you don’t know her then don’t assume you do and make up shit about her. Jelous much? Screaming wasn’t all she did. And come on, she didn’t write the script. She can’t help it if her character screams. She didn’t write it, she can’t change it.

    And the rape scene is fine to me. It shouldn’t show any nudity but as far as im concerned its fine. It’s called, LIFE! Why is all of this chaos happening now? Their have been movies of people being beaten or reaped or shot or kidnapped. Seriously, this isn’t any different. Fact is, that she is almost a teenager and this kind of things happen in real life. Wanna tell me why real life cant be put into movies?

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