Cuddle Party

I’ve always wondered if this existed. An event for adults to get together and explore affectionate touch and communication without it becoming sexualized. Maybe next time I lose my job I can be a cuddle escort. No sex – just spooning.






14 responses to “Cuddle Party”

  1. Terrance Avatar

    Sounds like a party I’d want to attend, depending on who else is invited.

  2. Jef Avatar

    That’s very interesting. I wonder how many of us would be satisfied to cuddle with someone hot? Would the desire to have sex with them still be there after some quality non-sexual time together? How would partners/boyfriends feel about an open cuddling relationship?

  3. palochi Avatar

    Saw this a month or so ago somewhere, about it happening in NYC. Personally, I think it’s the result of people moving on from the post-9/11 “apocalyptic crazy sex” trend to something a little more fluffy, fuzzy and safer. Is security is the new aphrodisiac?

    And I’d bet you’d make an excellent cuddle escort. Your opening line, standing with arms open and a little smile on your face, could be, “Come over here, you. Looks like you need a big hug.” The rest would be cake. 🙂

  4. sam Avatar

    Hell, works for me…

  5. mark Avatar

    I will admit cuddling is the BEST. Can’t live without it. Cuddling without it turning into something sexual is SO difficult. Or am I just a horndog and I need to find a 12 step program?

  6. Bingo Avatar

    Best of luck with your platonic orgy

  7. Ridor Avatar

    I was asked to help out with the cuddle party via the email in NYC for men’s only. It’ll be fun … !


  8. Billy Avatar

    Sounds like a great idea! I know I could use a party like this, and a bunch of my friends would love it too.

  9. ct Avatar

    …is that non-sex cuddle party with or without clothes and can i be the top spoon (tee hee hee)?

  10. the shower room Avatar

    spoon me baby, i’ll pay 😉

  11. Rick Avatar

    I read/heard that somewhere too. Screw the sex, cuddling rocks. *sigh*…

  12. Angela Avatar

    I ‘ve been to one and it was awesome. I felt so refreshed when it was over and so… free

  13. Christopher Avatar

    Sounds like a whole lot of people that are rolling.

  14. Cuddle Avatar

    This might be a site that enlightens you some more.Cheers

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