Chuck E. Cheese and Shattered Dreams

“As soon as I stepped out of the kitchen door as Chuck E. all of the playing and screaming stopped. The room fell silent, save for the occasional bleep-bloop of a video game. I was surrounded by a sea of startled, wide-eyed faces.Then they rushed me. All Hell broke loose. “Chuck Eeeeeee, Chuck Eeeeee!” I was honestly afraid that this approaching wall of children would knock me over. However, once they got close they slowed down and surrounded me. I had to basically wade through them to make my way around the room. I will always remember the look of complete reverence and astonishment on these kids faces as they followed me around the room. It made me feel like a demigod or cult leader. They trailed me as walked, like acolytes trying to catch the attention of their savior. It was going well and I was starting to return to the kitchen when they suddenly became more aggressive, grabbing at the suit. Then they started pulling and pushing me like they wanted to take a piece of me home. I had lost control at this point. Thats when they pulled a little too much on my glove, revealing a flash of skin of my forearm. It was just an instant, but they saw. They fell silent like before, but this time I only saw bewilderment and hurt in their eyes.Suddenly one kid yelled, “Chuck E.s a MAN! Chuck E.s a MAN!”The place erupted. It was chaos. The two kitchen staffers who were serving as my handlers quickly grabbed me by both arms and escorted me to the kitchen, like bodyguards protecting some dignitary from an assassination attempt. Completely exhausted I went and stood in the walk-in cooler to recuperate. Part of me was amused by the situation until I realized that I had just shattered the dreams of hundreds of children.”

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