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  • Critical Thinkers vs List People

    From a Reddit discussion about parents realizing their kids aren’t that bright: “One group is like your first two kids, critical thinkers, self empowered types. Show them the concept, talk about the goal and they’ll pick up the pieces and run with it.¬†…¬†Group 2 I call the list people. The didn’t want to hear about […]

  • Dating a Single Mom is Entering a Family

    “Once again, I’m dating you and your kid.”

  • Chuck E. Cheese and Shattered Dreams

    “As soon as I stepped out of the kitchen door as Chuck E. all of the playing and screaming stopped. The room fell silent, save for the occasional bleep-bloop of a video game. I was surrounded by a sea of startled, wide-eyed faces.Then they rushed me. All Hell broke loose. “Chuck Eeeeeee, Chuck Eeeeee!” I […]