One way that Ron entertains me is to purposefully mispronounce words. I asked him what he’s going to work on at the gym:

RON: I’m gonna work on my legs and chaste.

ME: So your going to work on your pake-terals?

RON: Yep. My chaste.

So juvenile and yet it makes me giggle like a litte gehl. 








7 responses to “Chased”

  1. Scudder Avatar

    SuppoSEB-ly that is something we should AXE more about…eh?

  2. RDiggy Avatar

    Since I, too, am a Filipino named Ron, I feel comfortable in admitting that I sometimes refer to “taking a shower” as “shaking a tower,” though it’s not too far from the truth.

  3. Andy Avatar

    As Ron would joke: That’s hirarious.

  4. JB Avatar

    At least he uses approximately the right words. My bloke is an expert at malapropisms, or just plain makes words up as he goes along. I can usually decipher him though. The whole Bristolian thing doesn’t help…I mean how the buggery is a non-Bristolian supposed to know what “cup ee down” means?

    His favourite word seems to be “ficklety” – I have not yet managed to translate this one.

  5. Sven Avatar

    I have a friend that likes to call the gym… the gime.

  6. Louis Avatar

    I had a friend who said Tapioca as Tapica, Roof as Ruff, and Verticle as Worticle.

  7. Jake Avatar

    My freshman roommate repeatedly told me he was a huge fan of Cyndi Laufner.

    But I don’t think he was doing it to be cute. I think he was just a big moron.

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