Charlie and the Chocolate Factory (2005)

I liked it. I enjoyed the Oompa-Loopa songs and spectacles. Altogether the film was creepier than the 1971 movie but not as cruel. True, Johnny Depp screaming at Mike Teevee to stop mumbling was funny but nothing beats Gene Wilder screaming at him You should open your mouth a little wider when you speak! The imagery and design was great – as is all of Burton’s films and I loved the Toys R Us knife-wielding maniac soundtrack provided by Danny Elfman.

I don’t know why I love movies where bratty kids get ripped on. I think it is a distaste for the Disney formula mother-less heroine and her two anthroporphic object buddies. I think kids resonate with it, too. They know Veruca Salt is a little selfish bitch that deserves high comeuppance – as do her repulsive parents. I loved that Violet’s mom as a past-prime soccer mom clinging to youth by dressing just like her daughter with the bleach blond Southern Belle Aquanet bubble hairdo and overdone bronzer.

I didn’t love Depp’s Wonka – though it was still enjoyable. Liked the creepyness but not the chirpy voice. I think that is from the previews – seeing previews over and over again makes me resent movies when I actually see them. I liked the whipped cream imagery but wanted more subversive stuff like that.

I think I’m too attached to the 1971 movie. Was anyone else traumatized as a kid when they heard Gene Wilder’s You! Get! Nothing! tirade?







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  1. jakester Avatar

    I want a feast
    I want a bean feast
    Cream buns and doughnuts
    And fruitcake with no nuts
    So good you could go nuts
    Give it to me now

    I want a ball
    I want a party
    Pink macaroons
    And a million balloons
    And performing baboons and
    Give it to me now

    I want the world
    I want the whole world
    I want to lock it
    All up in my pocket
    It’s my bar of chocolate
    Give it to me now

    I want today
    I want tomorrow
    I want to wear ’em
    Like braids in my hair and
    I don’t want to share ’em

    I want a party with roomfuls of laughter
    Ten thousand tons of ice cream
    And if I don’t get the things I am after
    I’m going to scream

    I want the works
    I want the whole works
    Presents and prizes
    And sweets and surprises
    Of all shapes and sizes
    And now
    Don’t care how, I want it now
    Don’t care how, I want it now

  2. Tim of the Tims Avatar

    I was amazed at how much more I liked this version. I dont feel it puts down the first movie, of which I’m a big fan. Yes, Depps wonka isn’t as endering as Wilder Wonka, but there is so much more in the movie that is amazing, it easily compensates for Depps Wonka.

    For example, I love that Augustus Gloop is all twitchy, which he should be, considering the sugar in take this brat has.

    The expanded roles of the parents, and grandparents give the movie more heart/darkness. Grandparents being more heart (they embody all levels of wisdom, being practical, logicial, whimiscal, and hopeful). The other kids parents are add to the darkness of the film, being so warped themselves.

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