Castro Offered to Send 1,100 Doctors to Help Katrina Efforts

 From Left I on the News:

[W]hile George Bush was still on vacation playing with his spiffy new guitar, and a day or two before the Secretary of State went shopping for shoes, Cuba contacted the State Department and offered no less than 1,100 doctors to assist in dealing with the crisis.

And we didn’t take him up on the offer. How appalling.






6 responses to “Castro Offered to Send 1,100 Doctors to Help Katrina Efforts”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    That is awful! It just speaks to the arrogance of this administration in not accepting help and/or just not understanding or caring at the seriousness of the situation.

  2. Daviey Avatar
    Daviey and Cuba, two very reliable sources. What do you want to bet Cuba doesn’t even have 1100 doctors? Perhaps they just wanted to thank us for taking all those criminals off their hands in 1980. Ah Fidel, just a special kinda guy – gotta love ’em.

  3. Eli Stephens Avatar

    Daviey, Cuba has more doctors serving abroad that the World Health Organization, more doctors per capita than the U.S., and more medical students than the U.S. Not more medical students per capita, more medical students.

    By the way, how’s the weather up your own ass?

  4. Daviey Avatar

    From your own sources:

    “Raúl, a 1994 medical graduate: “What am I supposed to do? That’s the only way to make some money; with the pennies I get paid here I can’t do anything… I’m going to Central América. I hear they’re going to pay us 50 dollars a month there. Imagine that!”


    “The incentive for doctors and technicians to go abroad is a 200 dollar-a-month stipend, or about ten times their normal income in Cuba.”


    “We don’t need them, we have an excess of physicians here. He does all that to gain favor with other countries so they’ll vote in his favor in Geneva.”


    Marcos, a 1993 graduate: “My wife’s in Africa. They pay better there and with those savings we’ll finally have our own home; otherwise we’ll have to spend the rest of our lives living behind the office…”


    Alberto, a 1986 graduate: “Listen, those are all tales. I’m not leaving, and when I do, it will be to the U. S.”

    Wise up, Castro is not interested in our plight.

  5. Separatist Avatar

    Bush is not that interested in your plight though is he? If he genuinely had that much concern for the poor, the sick, the disabled and the addicted he might have given the people adequate defences from a national disaster and adequate aid for the aftermath. Where’s all the choppers? Where’s the national guard? Not where they’re really needed, that’s where.

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