Bush NOLA Speech: Prime Theatrics

As I’ve said to friends: this is part of the upswing to ensure Republicans can still clinch a 2006 mid-term election.

Last night Bush spoke to the nation wearing a workshirt with sleeves rolled up. Obviously Karl Rove had just watched Evita and knew that the only way to show the President doing ‘hard work’ (without actually having to touch a black person) was to have him at least look like he wanted to help bury the dead.

Much money was also spent to light the cathedral behind him in a postcard blue – probably to echo the shirt he was wearing.

And the clock on the clock tower stood still.

If these assholes spent as much time considering policy as they do stagecraft maybe we’d all be in a better boat. Or at least not wading in toxic sludge.

From Metafilter:

Last night, several newscasters wryly commented about this stagecraft, noting that the clock standing still was a metaphor for his inaction and that it was surreal to have the lights go on in a darkened, battered city right before the Bush speech and then go off right after. We’re all props in this guys stage set.

The evacuees interviewed in Chicago by local news weren’t having any of it. They all said that the government did little to help them and that the assistance they’ve received since being transported to Chiacgo outshone any federal, state or local effort. 

Also: Ongoing analysis of the iconography and hagriography of this grossest of admistrations. 






3 responses to “Bush NOLA Speech: Prime Theatrics”

  1. Jack Avatar

    So “he” (I can’t even say his name) took responsibilty, big deal – now he should resign from the presidency to show that he really means it.

  2. sam Avatar

    No, now that he’s taken responsibility, impeach the twat.

  3. J.J. Avatar

    Unfortunately, it looks like Rita is going to give Ol’ Smiley a chance to screw it up all over again. Maybe this time around, he’ll go the distance and actually get wet…

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