Satire: Bush Admits He Was Appointed President

Someone emailed this to me and I searched in on Google News which labels the source as satire. Not true, but if only it were!

In a great gaffe, Bush was talking about the process of electing a new Pope.

If Iraq held free elections, why can’t Vatican City? Allowing a bunch of cardinals to elect the new pope in secret is catamount to letting the Supreme Court pick the president in this country. I’ve been appointed president and I’ve been elected president. I should know.

Again, I’m sad to report this is satire being circulated as truth.



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2 responses to “Satire: Bush Admits He Was Appointed President”

  1. palochi Avatar

    The only thing left is for him to be annointed as president.

  2. george bush jr. Avatar

    try bush and his cabinet with war crimes ?get bush and his daddy to pay off the national dept.?do some thing for the american people bring back the jobs from europe. where is bushs honorble dis charge ?why isn’t he in jail for not serving his time in the reserver ?american citizen!

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