Brood, The

Poster shot from The Brood.

I think it was Ebert that noted that David Cronenberg’s chief obsession is to make us feel disgusting about our own bodies. Continuing from The Bad Seed, I rented another ‘evil children’ movie last night, The Brood.

Brood captures the suspicion of 1970’s breakthroughs in therapy – I think this was chiefly called ‘encounter groups.’ A charismatic, controlling doctor keeps a man’s wife sequestered in a secluded retreat center to undergo intensive and strange therapy sessions. When the wife’s mother is killed by a strange dwarven creature, suspicions arise in exactly what is happening at Dr. Raglan’s center.

Gradually the bodies pile up and the husband discovers exactly what heinous science the good doctor has wrought. This, of course, features our Cronenberg money shot involving a strange human body gross-out.

The movie is kinda slow/boring but reminds me of other ‘chamber pieces’ like Hellraiser that explore the human relationships behind a horror story plot. Videodrome remains more freaky. I still haven’t seen Shivers. Though Scanners was fun, too.






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  1. philtre Avatar

    I think one of the creepiest moments in movie history is when the evil kids infiltrate the kindergarten. Or school, or whatever. The beginning is not slow at all, I felt uneasy from the first minute.

    Cronenberg kicks ass! Shivers is more like a zombie movie, but still very good.

    A few other movies with evil kids would be: The Unborn, Pet Sematary and of course The Exorcist.

  2. Andy Avatar

    when the evil kids infiltrate the kindergarten

    I know! I love those non-verbal, weird-invades-mundane, moments! I wish that little girl from Poltergeist was still alive. I’d want those two blondes tots to do a buddy pic.

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