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Jocko linked this review of Bravo TV’s new show Workout. Ron and I watched the first episode but it seemed pretty boring and almost repellent. Beautiful whiny people whining about wanting to be more beautiful. There’s the annoying girl, the bitchy girl, the meathead, the other meathead the gay meathead, the super-aggressive lesbian boss and her girlfriend. There’s nobody to sympathize with. It’s too bad because it is kind of a landmark having a main player an out lesbian woman. Maybe it’ll improve. I just find it dull.

Wasn’t there a show on HBO when we were kids. It was just women in leotards exercising – atop a rotating dais? Am I imagining that?

That and I remember endless reruns of Looker. OMG I didn’t know it was written and directed by Michael Crichton!






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  1. Joe Avatar

    I watched the first “Workout” episode too and was very disappointed. It’s basically all about sex and sexual tension. You can watch just about anything these days and see that. I just thought it might have some substance.

  2. David Avatar

    Did you read that Doug Blaisdell interview? The gay who acts ‘norml’.Kind of an ass…

  3. LadyLove Avatar

    I did watched the first and second episodes and I really did enjoye it. I really do like this show.

  4. Roy P Avatar
    Roy P

    I watched the first episode, a good mix of characters. Now that they have established who everyone is hope the pace picks up and the show inserts a little more substance.

    If it just depends on butt cracks, penises and sexual tension it may have a short run, because everyone is doing that these days.

  5. Sick Avatar

    I have never screamed at my television unless there was a sport on, untill NOW.
    I am a 26 year old lesbian women that loves to work out. Thought I would enjoy this show. It made me Sick…. No Respect for her mother. The most SELFISH, SELF CENTERED, BUNCH OF CRAP. I had to turn it off before i made a mess.

  6. Kiko Avatar

    They do have a good mix of people on the show which is good, but when I watched the first I found the show to be very boring.Jakie is a lesbian and thats good and all but she isn’t much of a bitch like some people say.actually to tell everyone the truth her girlfriend has a more interesting character than she does. Another thing I absolutly hated about Jakie is how much she disrespected her mother Jakie should be embarresed to give her mom so much bullshit on televison with thousands of people watching.It was the most peice of shit show I have ever seen.

  7. Cat Avatar


  8. Andy Avatar

    Your use of all caps only makes your point more further.

  9. Peter Avatar

    Did you see on one of the shows or one of the show’s promo’s that the star of the show, Jackie, locked lips with a billionaire’s wife…..I wonder how the husband feels about that. The billionaire’s wife has a fashion company I think based in Glendale, CA

  10. Trudy Avatar

    Mimi is a jerk and Jackie deserves much, much better than her. Jackie, dump that little bitch.

  11. ag Avatar

    how much does this person charge for a workout?

    I mean either she won the lottery or she has more clients, I have only seen 2
    anyone know

  12. Samy Avatar

    I watched the first episode and fell in love with it. And for all the people who say Jackie has no respect for her mother… are you on something? her mother should accept her for who shes is, and thats not what she does. And Mimi is hot! Jackie DOESNT need to dump her.

  13.  Avatar

    I think work out is a fantastic show. It’s a hot show and really get’s me motivated to work out more. In fact, if I had a trainer like Jackie I’d never leave the gym. She’s one tought cookie who knows her stuff.

  14. Chelsea Avatar

    Jackie definitely needs to dump Mimi, and it looks like she’s going to…after this week’s episode. and…she owns the gym, people. She doesn’t have to train everybody herself.

    I love this show, I think the interaction with her mom is a lot of substance, in a blue states vs. red kind of way. and Jackie faces a lot of challenges that successful, motivated women face at 37. Who to be with, freezing her eggs, keeping her employees in check. it’s not easy, and I think it’s a great day for feminism to have Workout on TV.

  15. Suzie Z Avatar

    Hey Jackie did not disrespect her mom…her friends did………..I think this is a really interesting look at someone establishing a business in a really tough area…….I do feel that she should fire her entire staff and start over…

  16. Suzie Z Avatar

    peter : I watched that episode and never saw them “lock lips as you say.” I doubt Jackie would do that while still with Mimi….although I totally think she needs to be single since Mimi is too immature to go with anyone…………..

  17. scott Avatar

    I really enjoy work out it is about time T.V. recognizes people who are different. Seeing every episode and some episodes twice I was extremely upset there’s one more show left. I feel those idiots who are canceling the show are bashing a group of people that need TV. Representation. I feel like I am part of Jackie’s life.I would like to see how Jackie’s life works out. I visit the Workout’s website to help me in my workouts. Sadly Workout ends, and cable unlike the Networks could have made a difference, instead we look forward to more crap that does not fairly represent woman in real life situations.

  18. Ellen Avatar

    I’m a straight woman, but I LOVE this show and was shocked to hear that next week is the last episode. I think it’s a GREAT show and Jacki is an awesome woman…I do hope she ditches Mimi, who is a real head case.

    I would like to see Jacki explore a relationship with Raquel.

    I hope the show is picked up by another cable network or Bravo decides to keep it. It’s good TV.

  19. Keri Avatar

    I love the show and hope it stays!! As for Jackie’s girlfriend…she is immature and lacking self confidence and it shows big. Jackie should dump her and move on to better things however, 4 years is a long time no matter how messed up it’s been and she is probably “comfortable” and feels “safe” like her friend warned her. Lossing the girlfriend would be a great improvement to the show. Who wouldn’t like to see more of Jackie on the prawl!?!

    As for the mom. Any individual, reguardless of who they are, that refuses to entertain an educated discussion about something they so adimately and openly oppose does so out of fear. Fear of their inability to substaniate their convictions therefore making their convictions chosen close minded, uneducated, discriminations. Discrimination is fear and hate. It sickens me when people try to justify their discrimination of homosexuals with religion when discussing this issue. The Bible tells you it’s okay to sell your daughters, it tells you not to commit adultery. Many churches will marry a man and a woman that have divorced 1x, 2x, 3x etc while this is CLEARLY stated as adultery in the same religous text that they MISSUSE to spread fear and hatered of homosexuals. Her mother should realise how lucky she is to have such a sucessful and healthy daughter period. If anything made me want to toss something at my television while the show was on it was the mother hands down!

  20. chissy Avatar

    Jackie lied when she told Mimi that chick she was training was large. Jackie flirts when she supposed to be working (with married woman) Jackie talks crap about her girlfriend Mimi every chance she gets. Jackie is an ass and if I see one more picture of her in that gym I’m gonna hurl. Mimi is crazy but Jackie don’t need a girlfriend she needs to be real with Mimi and dump her so Jackie can hoe around town in peace.

  21. Lauren Avatar

    I love this show! I’m a personal trainer and I find it so intriguing. Please bring it back!

  22. Robert Mora Avatar
    Robert Mora

    Hey Jackie, hope your doing well,and dont worrie about getig a new girlfriend, you are an amaizing girl for what I have seen in the show, you should canalize all of your energy in your business, dont look for her she is going to find you. I have allways been a sporty kind of guy, but I cant seem to reach the point where I can feel comfortable with my body, I have been away from my family for 2 years now, away from my son, and I work out for 1 reason only, to be fit and healthy but I dont have a trainer with me so I must be doing something wrong I want to get rip before I get to see him and make an impression on him, he is just 7, I am 34, and do advertisement for a living, just open my office, and on the afternoon I give private Windsurf lessons, for beginers and for advance students to, and I realy want to have a cut boddy, like yours. If you can please help me with a rutine or something I will realy be apressiate it. And whenever you com to Miami I can teach you how to windsurf for free. It is an amazin sport.I realy hope you could read this mail, but if you dont I’ll undestand…good luck with your love life….and remember that your mom, she is from another generation so try to undestand that any idea that you’ll have it’s going to be realy hard for your mom to understand it and accept it, but she loves you, anybody can see it in her gloing eyes,,,,So Jackie, don’t worry about a thing, cause every little thing it’s gonna be allright…just do your thing…Rob.

  23. Jaylen Avatar

    Dear God, even a blind person can see that Mimi and Jackie’s relationship is not healthy. There are moving in two very different directions! Four years is a long time, however they must decide what they want to do and save us all the drama! 4 years become 5, then 6 etc Before long she’ll be saying ‘it’s been 8 years…..’ I am flabbergasted that people would rather remain in unhealthy unions, than be single.

  24. panamawild Avatar

    I love this show. I love Jackie and I am not gay. But she is beauitful inside and out. I like the way she cares about others, about what she does and about her life. I like how she is open and you see it clearly on her face. As for the gym, I like this part to because it helps me as well as gives me hints and tips on what I am doing wrong or should be doing . I hate the phase “NO PAIN NO GAIN” but when I hear it from Jackie I carry it with me when I am working out. Got to get pass the pain. I would love for her to be my trainer for a month. Wow can you imagine what I would achieve. JACKIE GIRL. Keep it up always always be yrself. Oh one more thing!!!! Time to let the baby gooooooo! Look for someone who has yr back and that you both can achieve something together.

  25. Lacey Avatar

    I really like this show. I started watching it because I was interested in knowing more about how other personal trainers workout with their clients. I’ve been working out with a personal trainer for 1 year and don’t have much to show for it. I love the drama too and all the different personalities. However, I would like to see more training with clients with “Results”…with something more that the viewers can take and apply in their own personal lives. What would really be fun would be to have viewers apply to be on the show for a “season of training” all expenses paid…show the before and afters results. Let the viewers vote on the best trainer by the “Results” of their client at the end. Producers what do you think!!!

  26. Charlie C Avatar

    I’m a 50ish amatur bodybuilder and what I don’t see on the show is good trainers. Dump the guys and women who are more into themselvs then helping other obtain their goals. Jackie please dump Mimi. She a leach, sucking the energy out of you.She may be 10 years younger then you but you’re 20 years more mature then her. You have a beautiful place to workout, but you’re the only one who knows how to train.I’ve seen a lot of transformation at Flex Gym, where I work train. Transfrom someone and let us see the results. I’ll keep watching, hopoing the best for you. You are a beautiful woman. Maybe some day I’ll be able to workout there.

  27. Leandra Avatar

    I’ve just began watching this show and I love it. I’m not gay and I’ve been happily married for 13 years to my soul mate. Jackie has such command when it comes to training individuals, she needs to apply that logic to her personal life. Both Mimi and her mother and people who act in their own interests and not out of love for Jackie. On the other hand, Jackie should perhaps resist putting the “gay” fist in her mother’s face…talk about other things, concentrate on being a mother and a daughter, not a gay woman and a religious woman who does not condone a gay life style.

  28. Mona Avatar

    I like the show but see a great deal of immaturity in almost all of the players. Jackie is a bit of a love/sex addict type of woman. She meets someone one time and decides it’s not a love connection! Is she in high school? Growup become friends, then maybe you’ll find someone who has some substance and isn’t a psychobitch! I would also respect her more if she didn’t flirt with everybody. She wants to be taken seriously! I’ll keeping watching but I hope they get a bit more professional. If most people worked like that they would be out of business!

  29. Jason Avatar

    Man I love this show, I can’t wait from week to week to see what happens. I hope they keep it going. Hopefully homofobs won’t get the show canceled.

  30. bluestem Avatar

    loved the show hope there is more to come it motivates you to grt in there and exercise

  31. timetogo Avatar

    As a personal trainer and fitness instructor, I was interested in this show to see how they would present it. I’m disappointed that there isn’t more story done in the gym but this is a “reality show” and the lives of the characters are the main story. I think Jackie is great, the only mature one of the bunch. The others should be ashamed of themselves. I checked out their credentials on their web site and was not impressed with any of their certifications as trainers. Some of them would not be hired to work for me based on that, but it is LA. and looks count for more than talent in most cases. Jackie makes $400 an hour, the others don’t come anywhere near that. That makes me feel better.
    I find it interesting that many of you started your posts by saying “I’m not gay but….” Why the need to point that out? Can only gay people like gay things? Is there something wrong with straight people liking gay characters? Just wondering.
    Does anyone use a spell checker or proof read their work anymore? Yikes!

  32. Lil Avatar

    I have loved this show from the begining and I have told all my friends about it. I hope there will be a continuation so we can see a happy Jackie involved with the right partner who enjoys her success, too bad Mimi did not realize how lucky she was; but I hope that is all in the past.

  33. gracie Avatar

    I have been watching this show and cannot believe that a smart business woman like Jackie would put up for one minute with that empty headed baby, Mimi. Boy does that name suit her. I am not a lesbian but if I were, I would really go for Jackie. Mostly because she is so strong in every other way other than this Mimi person. I would not put up with her for one minute. Please Jackie….let go and find someone who is worthy of you.

  34. cheryl Avatar

    i love the show workout. it something new. i’m glad she dumped mimi. good for you girl!

  35. runningwild Avatar

    I LOVED the show. I am totally attracted to Jackie and I am so glad she dumped Mimi who I think was extremely weird – whats with the biting????
    I also felt energized to go back and train and get in shape.
    I hope to see the show renewed for next year!

  36. hollywood Avatar

    I think the show is great!! Although I would like to see more of the fitness aspect of the program, Jackie rocks!

  37. redhead Avatar

    i really love the show! i cannot miss one sinlge episode. it was about time jackie dumped mimi. im not a lesbian but i would sure consider a relationship with another woman provieded that she were like jackie!!!

  38. Amfly Avatar

    I enjoyed the show. I am a movie buff and normally do not like reality shows. This show is one that draws you in and I did not miss and episode. Plus, I am a lesbian and I like to see more of that on TV.

  39. Erica Avatar

    I am so happy that her and MiMi broke up..MiMi is such a lil child and jackie is too good for that. i would do her…lol:)

  40. David Avatar

    Very disappointed, thought it would be a serious show with consumate professionals who love their jobs helping people get in shape. Instead it’s basically a daytime soap with a lesbian twist. Jackie touts herself as a master trainer, what BS, the reality is that she’s average at best. I can’t believe people believe her way, “her way” Hollywood hype. I’ve seen NOTHING in her training methods that puts her out of the ordinary… nothing. Plus, I would make pains to avoid any gym owner that is threatened by a particular race or gender or sexual preference, in this case straight males and she makes it clear she has a preference to hire gays… that’s CLEARLY discrimination. I also have no doubt, since they can’t focus on training, that those lame personal dramas are CREATED by the production staff. The show only demonstrates that if you have a huge ego, with mediocore skills you can hype yourself to the clueless.

  41. kelly Avatar

    I like the show. If people don’t like it, then don’t watch it. I’m glad Jackie dumped Mimi. She kept giving her chance after chance but you can only take so much shit from an insecure little girl that’s so jealous it’s disgusting. I think the show is great. It’s a positive thing that gives people hope that they can do it too.

  42. rich Avatar

    I like it

  43. Donna Avatar

    I love this show. Thank you “time to go” for your “I’m not gay but…” reference. It seems a little self-concious for someone who watches the show. I have personally decided that if I ever date again, he’s got to be a fanof “Queer eye.” (it’s a dealbreaker)As for spell checkers, good luck! Noone seems to bother.
    I work as a victim advocate, and it amazes me that Jackie is such a strong, essentially generous person, and she is dating a total abuser. I see heterosexual males have definitely not cornered the market on abuse. But if Jackie breaks up with Mimi, a little time alone wouldn’t be the worst thing. I’m 36 and I’ve been alone four years. I know now that I will never settle just to be in relationship ever again. I do admit, I love the vicarious drama. I hope the show continues.

  44. Toni Avatar

    To all of you who don’t like Workout, nevermind I will keep it PG. I didn’t start watching the show from the beginning but I still Love it. Jackie is an inspiration to me. She carries herself in away that I would love to do myself. Jackie I wish that I could be a friend of yours. You and the show helped me see that I don’t have to be worried about being a lesibian. I just need to get out and find more friends that are. I need to put myself in that kind of surrounding. Jackie is a wonderful,intelligent, charming,flirtacisous,successful,strongmindedand beautiful woman. Jackie loves her mom and you can see that she just wants her mom to accept your lifestyle. Yeah she was in a bad relationship but who hasn’t been. MiMi was hot until her ugly side showed. People this is TV there is a lot we didn’t see and don’t know. The kind of person that I see in Jackie she had a reason to be in that relationship that long. There was something about Mimi, personally don’t know what but it was there. I agree Mimi doesn’t know what she had. I mean look at all the people whom never met Jackie and wants to be with her. She is another famous person that we fantasize about. Jackie I hope to see your show again, if not Im starting to save know to come be a client(lol).
    Ps I forgot to mention how damn SEXY Jackie is and her flirting is just who she is she is comfortable with her sexuality. U GO GYRL

  45. Toni Avatar

    I also love the fact that she loves her dogs so much, I love her dogs too. I have a Chihuahua also and he is like a son and i would do anything for him.

  46. Cristine Avatar

    I loved this short series, and didn’t know it was cancelled. Seriously? If it matters, I’m single, straight, female and in So. Cal. I too watched to learn some good training techniques (like others did) and found that the “soap opera” was equally interesting.

    Jackie seems reasonably down-to-earth for an L.A.-based business woman with a gym in the heart of Beverly Hills / West Hollywood (both towns known for “fake beauty.” ) Glad she dumpted Mimi–we all saw what Jackie voiced, that Mimi was self-absorbed. Jackie tried to repair the relationship, so you gotta give her props for that. And no, she doesn’t discriminate against straight people (David, commentator above). Many of her trainers are not seen on the show, and two of the four male trainers featured are straight, as are the women. Only downfall: Brian’s macho bullshit and Rebecca’s Sex-For-Sale act.

    BRAVO, bring it back!


  47. Sparkle Kitten Avatar

    Well, well, well. I think its time for a visit to the shrink for ole’ Jackie poo. Please girl, do it for all of us! Be a role model! Anyone can see, with all your over achieving at work, the bitchy girlfriend and your icequeen righteous mother that some professional care is needed. Otherwise, you’ll just end up doing it all over again with some mean little girl who can never meet you emotionally, just like your mom. Although, it will make for great tv, lets just say, you deserve better….

  48. paula Avatar

    i love this show and i also would like to say that jackie is very sexy and she did the right thing by dumping mimi

  49. DIANE Avatar

    my husband and i watched every episode and loved it..hope to see another season…jackie your wonderful, im sure soon you will meet the right person.

  50. DEBBIE Avatar

    I really liked the show. I like the way Jackie made her clients feel special. I would like to have her as a motivatational friend. I wouls like to see a little more workout. Thank God she dropped Mimi.I know why her mother didnt like her. There are alot of nice lesbians out there I know her mother would like, even if she doesnt believe in it. I dont believe in it but, its there life. I hope to see this on again. I was dissapointed to know that it was over.

  51. Avatar

    couldnt disagree more… loved the show… beginning to end.. accurate portrayal of lesbian relationships

  52. Zen Avatar

    This show is off the chains!! I watch all of the reruns and I hope they bring it back for a second season!! They have to. I mean who wants to watch that stupid million dollar homes show. We got MTV Cribs that good enough:)

    Bring JW Back she is cooler than a fan!!! Jackie ROCKS!!!!!!

  53. Angelia M. Avatar
    Angelia M.

    I absolutely LOVE this show! Jackie is hot, but more importantly she is realizing that although she has already accomplished what most people can only dream about- something is still missing. Jackie seems to yearn for a family of her own. I think Mimi is a wild chic (the biting & spankings were a real turn on) but there is a time and place for everything. At 26/27, whatever, you should realize when your behavior is inappropriate. I’ve noticed Jackie come out of her tough-business-chic persona several times during the show. I believe Jackie is sweet & innocent at heart and trying to live up to the measure of a strong, healthy, intelligent woman while falling into the lesbian stereotype (hince not appreciating the ‘you look handsome’ comment from Jesse while still seeking her mother’s approval. And by the way, the lesbian world really is a big, scary place if you’re not up for casual affairs or short-lived romances. Trust me on that one. Anyway, if Jackie was really interested in someone on her level, I don’t think she would keep wading in the kiddie pool (i.e. Racquel). Her interest in Racquel was purely physical and there is nothing wrong w/ that, but its like a dog chasing its tail. Jackie seemed put off by a woman in her same league (the 1st date surfer chic). I don’t think Jackie is sure which she prefers more- the energy, drama, and sexual vigor of young girls or the ultimately challenging, interesting, allure of a ‘really got her shit together-and-is-still-sexy-but won’t-give in-to-Jackie’s-shit-either’ mama like the billionare’s wife. To me, Jackie’s mom is great! She reminds me of my own mother. She won’t change her belief but loves and supports her daughter at her own pace. Have hope Jack! I think mom’s going to be fine (and she’s right about Mimi sabotaging you so she can keep you selfishly to herself). By the way, I’m very athletic and had fallen off my regime until this show came along. My abs aren’t as ripped as yours but I’ve got your number kitten…. 🙂 I wish you health and happiness. (p.s. please show more gym time. the drama is great to keep us coming back for more but be certain to grab all the business publicity you can…I love the LIFT logo. Its not just weightlifting…LIFT your self-esteem…LIFT your position in the world…LIFT others (especially other women) to be everything within their power to be!)

  54. Kim Avatar

    I saw a few shows and really enjoyed them. I love the fact that a woman has her won gym and is in charge of her life, well kinda. Hope this show continues to run and i’d love to have Jackie train me.

  55. Leroy Anglin Avatar
    Leroy Anglin

    Bravo, PLEASE bring it back for another season. Please,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,Loved it, LOVED it. Everyone wants to watch and see how things unfold. Olease don’t leave us in the dark………………..Leroy,,,Perry, Fl.

  56. Mirtha Avatar

    I really loved the show. I cannot wait for the second season. Jackie rocks!!!!!

  57. don Avatar

    When is Workout going to start again? Loved the show!

  58. Jaimie B. Avatar
    Jaimie B.

    I think that is show is amazing and all the people out there who say its stupid are just hating on jackie because shes a hott power lesbian who actually made something of herself.

  59. Comander & Chief Avatar
    Comander & Chief

    I cant wait to get me some shore leave so that I can get me some fucking poomtang!

  60. Jack Avatar

    I love the show!

  61. Molly Avatar

    Why was Season 2 “dedicated to the memory of Doug Blasidell”?? What happened to him?

  62. Don Avatar

    He died of a brain tumor in January.

  63. Mykey Avatar

    God Bless Doug…

  64. Katy D Avatar
    Katy D

    Love he show WITHOUT MiMi.
    You can not be serious about her!
    She is so mean spirited and nasty
    you don’t need her, you deserve much better. GET RID OF HER onece an dfor all!

  65. Pam Avatar

    I can’t imagine how everyone on the show, and in America, feels about Dougs passing.
    This man was a true, true friend to Jackie, and I know he will be dearly missed.
    God Bless Doug

  66. JP Avatar

    THis show does the same thing the L-word did only the L-word series did it first and better. Do you people think that forums would be abuzz about this show if the main character weren’t white and a lesbian? The show doesn’t really deal with training regimens and other such minutiae, its more about Donald Trump shoved into an athletic woman’s body with killer abs who happens to be a lesbian.

  67. Meg Avatar

    holy cow!!!!
    I’m gonna miss doug so much. He was such a great guy to all of them… I still can’t believe he died.

    God bless him

  68. Kippy Avatar

    New season–
    Jackie is your classic narcissistic pain in the ass. She’s setting herself up for a sexual harassment lawsuit from Rebecca. How incredibly unprofessional. Fun, though.

  69. Jackie-0-please Avatar

    I can’t believe Doug passed away. He was one of the few genuine people on the show. —- I like the show (for the most part), it is much better without Mimi. This whole story line with Jackie dating Rebecca is ridiculous, you can tell she doesn’t even like her — and who could. Rebecca is obnoxious, stupid and annoying. I don’t think for a second that someone who was truly a “power” lesbian could go for that – what, we are supposed to believe, that Jackie and Rebecca suddenly got the hots for one another…please, it is all part of the show and there is no chemistry. And for Rebecca to compare sex with women and men to french fries and steak, respectively, hasn’t gotten laid properly by a women. It would be more like sex with women is like a fine glass of red wine and with men, a hot, stale beer. And if Jackie does truly care for the other girl she is dating now (which they have chemistry), Jackie wouldn’t be dating Rebecca (and hiding it). Rebecca needs to remember how she was treated when her girlfriend showed up at dinner – Jackie dropped her so fast and acted like she didn’t exist, that would be unforgivable and it was classless. Pathetic. I’d throw a glass of water in her face too! Pet or not, he is right, she is a slut. But it is all for the sake of the show. Doug will be missed, he brought a nice twist of humanity and forgiveness to the show and it was very obvious that he and his ex-partner still loved one another. I hope this ex-partner is doing ok.

  70. monica Avatar

    I l-o-v-e “WorkOut”. Yes, it’s beautiful people whining. And sexual tension. And JACKIE(!!!)
    And, you were hoping for?????

  71. monica Avatar

    Doug Died? ohmygod, :

  72. Rob Avatar

    I used to enjoy the show till I saw the power trip Ms. Warner is on when she fired Mr. Peeler. Ms. Warner’s lack of professionalism motivated me to write bravo the following message:

    “I absolutely cannot believe the disrespect displayed by Ms. Warner in the episode in which she fired Brian Peeler. Mr. Peeler confronted Ms. Warner about laughing at a client that had survived cancer and she did not sympathize in the least, additionally she did not allow Mr. Peeler to deal with the frustration and hurt caused by her lack of professionalism. I am absolutely disgusted with Ms. Warner for not owning up to her mistake and realizing this situation was not about her and/or her control issues. I watch many Bravo shows but after this episode I can no longer watch your channel until that show is off the air.”

    Hopefully it will cause them to reel her in a little…at the very least.

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