Most of the reviews for this movie notice the same thing I did. I always thought it was spelled Bogeyman – or was originally spelled as that. But you can’t count on illiterate Americans to know shit about shit so they went the easy way. Hey Maw – yew wan’ go see that Beau Gee Man Moovee?

This movie has a great opening. If you remember trying to go to sleep at night as a kid and imagining a coat-tree with clothing taking on a monstrous shape or exagerrating a shadow in the hallway as something coming to devour you, you’ll love the beginning. I’ll tell on myself, I actually fast-forwarded past the scary parts of the opening. I know I know: I’m a weenie! But it was only because I was alone that I was able to do that (Ron would never stand for that).

The eventually monster showdown is a little weakened by a more CG looking monster than actor. Worth a rental.

When I direct my next (first?) horror film there will be creaky doors in every scene but the scary ones. I am looking forward to High Tension. I knew it had to be from a different country when I saw the previews where the heroine has a short haircut.






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