Behind ABC's Sex-Slave Story

Also from Counterpunch: Debbie Nathan analyzes the Primetime Live story on sex-slave/human-traffic of (gasp!) American white girls. For example the girl Mya wasn’t a sex-slave, she was simply a prostitute:

The “sex slave” part is a hoax. Police in Mesa, Arizona and Union City, California, say that Miya — who was 19 and thus legally an adult — willingly went to California and willingly had sex, both with the couple she was with and with others.

Nathan posits that the majority of kids who turn to prostitution are runaways, and that this fact isn’t being highlighted – because it would shed investigation on the shitty families they are running away from. And there’s no mention of that many of these runaways that turn to hooking are poor, minorities, and/or gay.







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