Bands of Gunmen Roam New Orleans

It’s a Mad Mad Mad Max World

The top Homeland Security official in New Orleans says bands of gunmen are roaming through New Orleans. The Times-Picayune newspaper reports the gun section at a new Wal-Mart has been cleaned out. And the thieves are apparently using their new guns, with shots heard through the night.

Thank God guns don’t kill people.






3 responses to “Bands of Gunmen Roam New Orleans”

  1. Beastmomma Avatar

    What a mess! I do love New Orleans, but this is awful. It’s so strange to me that people are getting ammunition. I can better relate to taking food and water, but this….

  2. palochi Avatar

    Mas-tah blas-tah! (I’m sorry. I just had to say that.)

    On a more serious note, here are a few good NOLA sites to follow that are still working:

    The forums have a lot of information.

  3. Danelle Avatar

    All I can say is , what do you expect from those people? They have been devastated physically, emotionally, and probably spiritually. They have been basically left there to fend for themselves and their families, while their so called “president” is taking a “working vacation” worrying about how things look on his back-woods ranch! Maybe they would have been able to deploy more police, or military if they were not over in Iraq fighting a sensless and illegal war. Clinton got impeached for having an affair, so how this “president” doesn’t have nothing happen to him, I have no idea. What I do know is that those people have a long hard road to recovery ahead of them and I am not religious, but I am certainly praying for them! GOD SPEED people of Louisiana, Mississippi, and Alabama!

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