All My Life

Now we know that I find romantic comedies annoying. But how about watching one that’s not in English?

I’m sitting here at Ron’s PC checking email and he’s watching All My Life, directed by Laurenti M. Dyogi and starring Aga Muhlach and the almost-as-hot-as-Lucy-Liu Kristine Hermosa. And it’s in Tagalog – so every few minutes Ron is cackling with glee or enraptured with pity for our heroes.

And no – I’m not getting a karaoke machine next! I’ve already got a rice cooker, what do you want from me/

Okay – I’ve got the gist – the girl ditched her groom because he knocked up some other girl. The guy is a wedding proposal planner on a cruise ship. They are in rooms next to eachother on the cruise ship. Gee, I hope they can settle their differences and get together at the end!







2 responses to “All My Life”

  1. Mike Avatar

    No Pilipino home is complete without a rice dispenser, a fiber optic flower lamp, and an oversized wooden fork & spoon hanging on the wall. And you need to maintain at least a 3:1 ratio of flip-flops to residents.

  2. Andy Avatar

    YES YES! The fork and spoon! Though I don’t have the flip-flip thing at all yet…

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