A Research

It’s been so long since I’ve reported a Ron malaprop. And I’ve got a new one.

I met Ron at the corner of Aldine and Broadway – he’d just gotten off the bus after a 12 hour work day. We’re walking back to his place and he’s doing his usual post-work babbling and shivering in the cold.

I did a research today.


I did a personal research today.

I thought to myself – what could he have done? Did he do some kind of quiz in Cosmo – or the MBTI or DISC assessments? Did he have some kind of great personal introspection. I demanded he tell me.

He was stuck in Denver airport for a few hours and bored out of his mind so he just walked around the airport smiling at people. If you’ve met Ron you know that his smile can melt your heart. It is HUGE. It’s like a smiley. 😀 Anyway – he just roamed the airport mall smiling widely and warmly at everybody in sight. When he got on the plane numerous passengers had recognized him as that guy that was smiling at them at the airport. That’s when I said:

Oh you did some research today. You did an experiment.

Yeah, I did experimentation.

He is such a dork!






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  1. Andy Avatar

    Just had breckies with Ron and his brother – who has lost a ton of weight – they look more alike than ever. They both have bright eyes and that :D.

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