8 Guys Out

I love it. The application ensures that you indeed make more than $75k a year. And you have to submit a photograph so they can recognize you.

8 Guys Out is a private, personalized social club that utilizes an upscale and intimate dining experience to provide single gay men with interesting hookups social contacts.

My salary used to be in the eligibility range (I’m hoping that in the next four years I can make enough money to qualify for that tax cut!).

Kidding aside, I think it would be fun to go to something like this – assuming that it isn’t totally about finding dates (already checked off that box).






3 responses to “8 Guys Out”

  1. palochi Avatar

    Would that be $75K in NYC cost of living dollars, or $75K in CHI cost of living dollars?

  2. Tim P Avatar

    Ugh, I looked at thier site, HORRIBLE! and they call them selves gay? The colors where so NOT, and the design and layout was flat and boOOooring. I couldn’t keep reading the design was just not working.

  3. Gordon Stevens Avatar

    Would like to socolize with others in Montreal are.
    Write me if you have questions.

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