7 Gay Mexicans Walk Into a Bar

Or rather, into Chipotle. I was walking up Broadway and was waiting for the light at Broadway and Belmont to change. Two guys walk out of the Chipotle – they had on St. Louis jerseys (this was the day the Cubs played St. Louis) and yell at me:

There’s seven gay Mexicans in there. What do you think about that?

I say:

It’s a free country.

They fire back:

Yeah man, but..!

And they mutter and stumble down the street. I yell:

You’re in fucking Boystown, ya assholes!

A guy waiting for the light – a neighborhood regular – asks what happened and I explain and he says:

I was ready to help out!

A straight couple has crossed the street and the straight girls puts up her dukes and says:

I saw that. Where’d they go? I can take ’em.

Here’s what should have been said:

There’s seven gay Mexicans in there. What do you think about that?

And then I should have said:

That’s fucking hot. Are they still in there?

In Boystown even the straight girls are ready to throw down.







3 responses to “7 Gay Mexicans Walk Into a Bar”

  1. moby Avatar


  2. JB Avatar

    Sounds like you live in a good neighbourhood. Wish I lived somewhere where people don’t constantly judge you based on your sexuality.

  3. Andy Avatar

    Only during Cubs games does it get a bit unsavory.

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