2004 Olympics Favorite Moments

(from Wednesday)

Yep, I think he should give the medal back. Didn’t you seem him fall flat on his ass? Probably that skull that’s too big for his facial features. And is it just me or does he talk like a little kid. Granted, he could kick my ass on the pommel horse anyday.

My favorite Olympic moments:

Some Australian woman is about to win the women’s triathlon and some chick from Austria puts it into overdrive and passes her in the last few dozen feet of the race.

The favorite for the women’s marathon, a British woman, breaking down exhausted and crying while a runner from Japan just keeps on going. And going. And going.

There was way too much volleyball. Or rather, way too much volleyball broadcast.

I had no idea fencing was so instantaneous. It’s like they ding the bell, the two guys jump at eachother, a buzzer goes off and something has happened.

The men’s trampoline was pretty damned amazing. As was the diving. Anything with people plummeting to the earth and doing crazy crap is my favorite.

I think I have a crush on Wang Fei, women’s volleyball player from China. They didn’t have those hootchie-wedgie outfits in my high school’s volleyball – it was always these strange square-cut cameltoe hiphuggers.

My favorite guy is Bryan Clay, the guy that came in second in the decathlon. Out of curiousity I looked up the events of the decathlon. Christ, half of them are running.

I keep replaying the past few weeks in my head and trying to understand what exactly happened. I guess that I just can’t believe that people can be so inconsiderate – surely they really just don’t realize how loud their music is. Nobody could ever be that rude. This is my old small-town persona talking. And the I turn it on myself – maybe I am just too sensitive about noise and not being able to sleep in a one bedroom apartment in Lakeview. Maybe I’m the snotty yuppie. Having that letter at my front door really pissed me off. I couldn’t even finish it the first time I read it. I thought, I can’t read this right now – I’ll get way too pissed off. I went and read some errands and came back and read it with a much calmer point of view. I think my favorite part is that he couldn’t print out a copy of the letter because his printer is broken. Once I get some toner I’m gonna kick yer ass! It reminds me of some old joke from high school where some kid long before anybody can remember actually had his mom join him to help in kicking some other kid’s ass. God knows if it ever happened or it’s just a friend-of-a-friend story. But the joke was always I’m gonna fight choo at the Sav-A-Step (convenience store) after school! and then someone would inevitably shout Bring your moms!

Talked to my buddy Kate today – she had her first baby a few weeks ago. They named him Franklin Theodore. I did tell her that she’s going to have to send her son to a really upscale academy if she expects him to be called Franklin with a straight face. I told her that I foresee in the future that in high school his buddies will call him Frankie T or make it sound like a canned hotdog dish – Teddy Franks. She, of course, was appalled. I asked her if she had post-partum depression yet and she said now. I told her to give me a call if she starts to resent her baby or hangs him out a window for long periods of time.

Oh I forgot – did you see the American woman crash into the sidebars during the triathlon. Holy crap!

Oh – and another favorite Olympic moment is the girl that set the record for the women’s pole vault. She would let out a little yelp after she landed in celebration. Then when she broke the world’s record – they showed her in slow motion and as soon as she saw herself clear the pole you could see her face start to get excited. So cute.

Being on a stress/anger rush lately really makes one feel truly ugly. I can feel my self-esteem edge down a little bit. September has to be a rebuiding month. I was doing fantastically diet wise for the first few weeks I moved in. Eating six times a day, no glycemic rushes. September needs to be renewal.

I hate that I hate to watch Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie. I just want to jump through the scren and choke them down to the ground. I know that is probably the allure of the show to a lot of people. 1) The secret wish to be a rich snotty asshole to everybody and being famous for it and 2) hatred of those that have that leverage.

Was emailed a notice that ABC Family is looking for Life and Career experts in their late 20s and early 30s for a TV project. Cooked up a coaching-centered resume and sent it to them with a headshot.

I have been reading an absolutely fantastic book called the E-Myth Revisited. I never read it when I first heard about it because it had the ‘E’ prefix which I thought meant it was some glib, new economy, bullshit tract. And I thought that ‘Revsited’ meant it was a sequel and I had never read the original book. Luckily, enough people I respect have mentioned the book, so I got it. The E-Myth is about entrepeneurship and examines why most small businesses fail and what can be done about it.

I keep thinking about Life, the Universe and Everything and I feel like I know less everyday what the hell I want to be doing on this planet. Every week my coach and I hash things out a little bit more but I never feel like I truly nail something down. I don’t know what business i want to be in. I won’t know who I want to help. Maybe this is warning tremors of the Turning 30 thing. I dunno. I just feel like I’ve wasted a lot of time and missed a lot of opportunities. I feel like I’ve always been too late to everything. I’m never the pioneer of something or in the ‘A-list’ of something. I remember being so jealous as a teenager when they would have ‘teen playwrights’ festivals and I’d go and the plays they wrote for for absolute shit and here I was writing proposals for a grant from the National Endowment for the Humanities.

I think I am going to go see if the video store has the original black and white Body Snatchers.






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  1. pero Avatar

    There is a Franklin in my kid’s class at school. They’ve been in the same classes since the first grade– the first day fo which she stated that “a boy named Franklin in her class got his pencil eraser stuck in his nose, and he was afraid to tell the teacher about it.”

    The other Franklin I know is a Bouncer at a bar. He looks like a Pro Football Linebacker and nobody ever jacks with him or his name.

  2. J Avatar


  3. JC Avatar

    I think when my self esteem is fragile, it is easy to be critical of my life path and see lots of holes and gaps. When I am kinder and gentler with myself, I can see it as spaces that were necessary for growth and that all of my turns and meanderings lead me to where I need to be right here, right now.

  4. palochi Avatar

    “Once I get some toner I’m gonna kick yer ass!”

    – Eric Cartman

  5. Andy Avatar

    “God-DAMMIT! Democrats piss me off!”

    “Git your bitch-ass in the kitchen and make me a pie!”

    “French people piss me off!” (screamed at the British kid)

    “I’ll run for congress and win and have sex with an intern and kill her and hide the body – What-evah! I’ll do what I want! What-evah – I run with 12 gangs and we only commit hate crimes!”

    “Shut up! DILDO!”

  6.  Avatar

    Re: “I hate that I hate to watch Paris Hilton and Nicole Richie.”

    I think that should read: “I’m proud that I hate to watch…”

  7. kc Avatar

    My fave moment: The Brazilian marathoner in the men’s race, Vanderlei Lima, doing an airplane imitation and blowing kisses to the crowd as he finished in third place after being tackled on the course by some religious loon.

    I’ve been meaning to blog about that but I’m too lazy. 😉

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