SBC Idiocy

So I get this nasty letter from SBC saying that I’m abusing my local toll calling plan.


The reason I’m using a local toll call for hours at a time is because my SBC DSL has been screwed up. How’s that for a corporate silo?

I took the short cut and went to Best Buy and bought the Yahoo SBC DSL starter package which I knew would have a modem that they’d support. Worked just fine. Currently directly connected – I’ll try and get the router working tonight.

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2 replies on “SBC Idiocy

  1. SBC used to be called Ameritech. Ameritech treated its customers with such a legendarily staggering level of fuck-you “customer service” that it had to change its name to run from the negative associations consumers had with its old corporate identity.

    Wouldn’t it have been easier just to change the customer service? Obviously not.

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