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  1. Ok, for anybody who is wondering, I got an I.D. for you… the Muscular Chinese Guy here is Chan Wai Teik, or just Wai Teik! I googled his name and found his website, which has one more pic of him for anyone here who’s interested:


    I found out his name after I showed this blog to my roomate, we call him “Muscles”, who looks just like the guy in these pics. Funny, Muscles actually recognized the guy and identified him. (Makes me start to really wonder about my straight buff roomate’s sexuality now!)

    I’m sorta a hater of bodybuilders. I think it’s a useless and unnecessary activity. That’s why I like to beat up Muscle’s confidence with the typical insults that make him want to give up lifting weights and working out hard in the gym for 15 hours every week! No joke! He should stop wasting his life in the gym!

    For those who don’t know, here are the common humiliating complaints about bodybuilders…
    Muscular guys:

    1) have a small tiny dick
    2) can barely ever get it up
    3) can never get a woman, as females don’t like guys with big muscles
    4) are conceited, narcissistic, and way too into themselves
    5) are neanderthal dumb
    6) are unmanly, with their smooth shaved bodies and strict diet
    7) are gay

    And our other roomate is a lazy fatass with a beer belly, who still manages to get more sex action than Muscles! Muscles gets so pissed and embarrassed that he actually does stop lifting occasionally. Who knows?- I just might make a real and proper man outta him yet! Wish me luck! Lol

  2. One more thing I forgot to mention about muscular guys…

    8) ROIDS!!

    Anybody else think the Muscular Chinese Guy is really a steroid bodybuilder guy?

  3. Guest,
    you are a racist.
    Please refer to the dictionary as to what a “racist” is…
    don’t be surprised to find your name under it.
    Don’t be surprised to find your name under the term “Idiot” either.
    Fucking idiot.

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