Leg Shaving Among Straight Men

Ron has a theory that more and more straight men are shaving their legs. I think he’s seen just two examples and it might not be a larger trend. Maybe everybody is suddenly a cyclist.

I think journalists get entirely too much glee out of pronouncing JeanBenet with a French nasalized continuant ‘n’ sound. Like Jean ValJean. Anderson Cooper particularly seems to enjoy saying Jon(g)Binay.

The last class of our Book 45 course is today. I think it was a fun class – at times I thought I was a bit too facilitate-y but my participants were pretty quiet for the most part. I haven’t made much progress on my book so I probably need to recommet.

Saw Richie coming out of the gym yesterday. And saw Javi going in. Hadn’t seen Javier in a very long time. He said I’ve gotten big.

Prepping a few projects for roll-out in the near future. One is the relaunch of my old Coachamatic blog – the other is some upcoming teleseminars. I’m trying to get into a solid groove.

Agent emailed back he received the book proposal for book #3 – no word yet on book #2.  Need to get book #1 publicity rebooted.

I don’t know what to write this morning. Kitty just coughed up his food – I think that’s from his chewing on some thread of the old blanket I have on the bed – it has what looks like fishing line for the quilting and he likes to sit there and just chew on it – usually he never gets a piece to break off. I have a big wad of plastic packing tape and he’ll sit and chew on it for a half hour. He just likes the texture.

Ron is somewhere today. I can’t remember where. Our birthday celebration was cut short since he had to work – but he gets paid double on his birthday.

It’s 8:05. I need to get the day started. I will say that my news blackout from the beginning of last week really helped. I let it go towards the weekend and found myself a lot less productive. Though I did change my blog templates last night. That was fun.

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