John Kerry Looks Like Herman Munster

John Kerry morphing into Herman MunsterI was trying to figure out what I find so revolting about John Kerry’s visage. Google of course helped me out. “John Kerry looks like

74 thoughts on “John Kerry Looks Like Herman Munster

  1. Anne

    Yahoo! I knew I couldn’t have been the only person who recognized such a striking resemblance between these two! Lurch is definitely out! Treebeard? Nah, treebeard has more class.

  2. Hugh Jass

    Somebody with Photoshop or some fancy graphics program can try this to see if you really come up with at least the pre-botox John F’ Kerry: Combine Herman Munster, Lurch, Abe Vigoda, Bea Arthur, Ernest Borgnine, Barney Fife, Queen Victoria, and Richard Nixon. Who does it look like?

  3. big daddy k

    I wrote the following song for Herman Munster and submitted it to the Laura Ingraham show. It was a finalist, but lost out to “Flipper” in the John Kerry Theme Song contest. I offer it for those who appreciate how completely shallow and dishonest this pussy really is. Demoncrats won’t find the humor in it. It’s sung to the tune of Jimmy Dean’s “Big John”.

    “Big John


    Every day at the Senate
    You could see him arrive
    He stood 6’6 and weighed 105
    Kind of narrow at the shoulders
    And broad in the hip
    And every single day

  4. clinton vs. asprin factory

    wait, there already is a song about John Kerry, but there isn’t any words and it was written years ago by the Edgar Winter Group.

    the name of the song is FRANKENSTEIN…

  5. blame bin laden not BUSH

    by the way I didn’t mean to post Jewish Cyborg three times, i dont know what happened… maybe some kind of Cyborg cloning…

    Sorry ’bout that…

  6. Larry Elder is God

    he looks like a guy with the easiest job in the world… to kick back while the liberal media bashes Bush, letting all his powerfull supporters do all the dirty work for him, thus making it look as if he’s not the one saying all the negative things about Bush…

    this guy has it made…

    and he resembles an anorexic patchwork troll…

  7. murdock

    Ohhhh Those Liberal whinerssss….They just cant figure out they are such HYPOCRITES…..

    John Kerry looks more like Herman Munster and Lurch had a baby together.

  8. Joe Caraberry

    He looks like a guy who admits to doing horrible “war crimes” to women and children in Vietnam, and then who feels he has the right to chew out the “Bush Army” for humiliating (and not killing) captured enemy soldiers…

    (IS he FOR Vietnam, or WAS he agaisnt it?)

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