John Kerry Looks Like Herman Munster

John Kerry morphing into Herman MunsterI was trying to figure out what I find so revolting about John Kerry’s visage. Google of course helped me out. “John Kerry looks like






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  1. Amytart Avatar

    Have I mentioned how much I love you?


    Thanks Andy, what a hoot!

  2. Avatar

    As you watch the race starting to form,It’s not who can beat Keery but who wants to lode to Bush!!

  3.  Avatar

    Our morning show in Minneapolis says the same thing. Only they say he looks like a french version of Herman Munster!

  4. Scott Avatar

    What about Sam the Eagle from the Muppets?

  5. Jay Avatar

    how funny! i hadn’t seen this yet when posting a comment to the ?who should i vote for?? entry!

  6. sean dusk Avatar

    like John Lithgow’s Unwrapped Mummy

  7. roger morgan Avatar

    like an anchorman on a Transelvania television station

  8. Terry Lars Avatar

    like everybody’s least favorite high school vice principle

  9. Becky Dallas Avatar

    Grim Reaper’s cousin, Slim Reaper

  10. Timothy Tops Avatar

    He looks like the type of guy who always complains to a waiter and/or waitress about his food not being served and/or prepared “just” right…

  11. Margaret Avatar

    It would take more than Botox to improve that. Try power tools….

  12.  Avatar

    Better than looking and acting like the chimp in the White House now!

  13. David Block Avatar
    David Block

    I see that people with no sense of humor can’t leave their names.

  14. Ernie G Avatar
    Ernie G

    “He looks like the type of guy who always complains to a waiter and/or waitress about his food not being served and/or prepared “just” right…”

    More like the guy the waiter calls over when you complain:”EEs thair un probl?me, monsieur?”

  15. Kevin Shaum Avatar

    Dennis Miller: “The guy looks like an Easter Island statue in a power tie.”

  16. Flash Avatar

    Actually, I always thought Kerry looked more like Andrew Jackson. Pull out a $20.00 bill.


  17. John D Avatar
    John D

    Priceless! 🙂
    This clownface will never be president…

  18. Tim Avatar

    He looks like Bush-fodder.

  19. Reg Avatar

    I thought he was more of a Lurch than a Herman.

  20. Klug Avatar

    On the campaign trail, he looks like Odo, the shapeshifter on Deep Space Nine. I always knew there was something alien about him…

  21. Cooper for President Avatar

    I still say he looks like an old woman (especially like Margaret Hamilton, the actress who played the Wicked Witch of the West).

    Click on my name to see for yourself.


  22. TB StLouis Avatar
    TB StLouis

    The eye droop has always made me think “fetal alcohol syndrome”

  23. scott Avatar

    french looking vietnam vet

  24. David Gerstman Avatar

    Actually, Reg, Jay Leno made the same observation you did. Lurch it is. (Or Ruk the android.)

  25. Saint Paul Avatar

    Check this one out. Kerry as The Creeper from Scooby Doo.

  26. BarCodeKing Avatar

    John Kerry and a horse walk into a bar.

    The horse turns to Kerry and says, “Hey, why the long face?”

  27. Eric Avatar

    I’m a Democratic-voting Massachusetts resident and I would sooner vote for Bush than this looser.

  28. Bruce M. Avatar

    Kerry looks like an old baseball glove with a wig on it.

  29. michele Avatar

    I think the post you are looking for on my site is this one. (The one you link has Maria Shriver as Skeletor)

    Thanks for the link!

  30. Ricky Avatar

    Thanks for the link, but I really think this illustrates Kerry best.

  31. Don Knotts Avatar

    Maybe it’s just me, but I’ve always thought that Kerry looks like Dr. Carl Hill from “Re-Animator”
    portrayed by actor David Gale? or is it…..JOHN KERRY!

  32. John McDowell Avatar
    John McDowell

    Doesn’t anyone see the characteristics that may well put Kerry in the White House — his presidential hair and his height?

  33. Martha Avatar

    Fighting in a war can really mess up one’s looks. Guess that’s why Bush looks so purty!

  34. Basil the Snake Avatar

    uh oh, the liberal babies have caught wind of this page and are posting negative comments about Bush.

    hey folks, this is the ONE page bagging on Kerry. there are about 5 million out there hating Bush. go there and feel at home you non-underdog hippie elites, and leave us be to make fun of Frank N Stein’s graying worm!

    and have you all noticed how TIME magazine and the billion other secret-liberal mags in the newsstands and supermarkets are making this gaunt oaf look as “sexy” as possible?

    next, he’ll make the cover of G.Q. – just wait and see…!

    and oh yeah, he resembles another crybaby liberal…

    that, and a lean Goblin Crow from Hades.

  35. loudy luu Avatar
    loudy luu

    the liberals, who have a billion other webpages to Bush bash, caught wind of this and are crying like babies… this world is funny.

    this site is all about Kerry… who resembles a scarecrow’s demise…

  36. Tom Bain Avatar
    Tom Bain

    late character actress Nancy Kulp, aka, Jane Hathaway from “The Beverly Hillbillies”

  37. Ash Klokey Avatar
    Ash Klokey

    Bruce Campbell from the EVIL DEAD movies… not Bruce but if Bruce had an uncle who was built out of old dusty candle wax, then it would be that uncle’s twin brother’s lookalike zombie, only skinnier and more sickly, that resembles John Kerry…

  38. MaryJane Avatar

    Ugly Abe vs. lil Eddy Munster. I’d vote for Herman over lil Eddy any time.

  39. Tubino Avatar

    Looks over substance? Dan Quayle was pretty enough, I guess… and I guess most of you want a pretty face to tell you pretty lies.

    But who wants a smirking chimp to tell you embarrassing whoppers? Read through my link and then come back here and tell me you want to vote for Bush over anyone.

    I thought the line about Kerry looking like those apple trees in the Wizard of Oz was pretty good though.

  40. George Avatar

    If you want a real scare compare him to Andrew Jackson.. Twins seperated at birth perhaps..

  41. wacko jed Avatar
    wacko jed

    Tubino, i would want Bush over anyone, and you are just another leftist person who thinks he’s an underdog when really, in reality, he’s one of the hippie elites…

    and your article is as boring as kerry’s speeches…

    kerry who resembles a goblin’s claw…

  42. Fritz Decat Avatar
    Fritz Decat

    I think you are correct. I do not hold his visage against him though . He still has not told me what he really is. Alot of people hate dubyah and want him back in texas but this guy who looks like Herman better start tellin me why he has his house in order. But after all its fate and forces larger than all of us that determine dis crap

  43. nuckerman Avatar

    Mr. Kerry does indeed look French. Maybe he can restore French/American relations and bring down the price od brie and Chateaux Margaux vino. Eh Bien got my vote!

  44. Angus Scrimmage Avatar

    he looks like the type of guy who changes his mind more than a 14 year old girl in an upper-middle class neighborhood… and who stands for absolutely nothing… and has no opinions on anything in particular unless it’s against someone who does have an opinion… he looks like a guy who always remains in the middle of the road concerning issues that might make him seem as if he truly believes in something…

    in other words, he resembles a liberal/democrat….

    oh, and he also looks like one of those statues from the Cook Islands…

    that or Boris Karloff, but without the talent…

  45.  Avatar

    John Kerry looks like the guy who played Randall Flagg in the movie ‘The Stand’

  46. ziggy Avatar

    John Kerry is posing as Irish Catholic but in fact he is Jewish. Check out Jonah Kohn on “Search.”Kerry is another masquerade like Clinton.

  47. Micah J. Berger Avatar

    He resembles a guy who must not be too proud of his heritage (like I am) because he changed his biblical jewish name into a “normal” irish name. Ve-ry interesting. If he were a right winger it’d be all over the news (“He’s a racist!” they’d all shout), but since the media is protecting him so, i had to find out thru Ziggy on andymatic. Strange days are these…

    Oh, and by the way, he resembles a skeleton with a face-lift…

  48. Anne Avatar

    Yahoo! I knew I couldn’t have been the only person who recognized such a striking resemblance between these two! Lurch is definitely out! Treebeard? Nah, treebeard has more class.

  49. Kevin Avatar

    I think he looks like Lurch from the Adamms Family.

  50. Anonymous Avatar

    he really is an alien

  51. nagi Avatar

    I think he looks like me.

  52. michael moore's blubber Avatar
    michael moore’s blubber

    an Egyptian Tomb Wraith

  53. Hugh Jass Avatar
    Hugh Jass

    Somebody with Photoshop or some fancy graphics program can try this to see if you really come up with at least the pre-botox John F’ Kerry: Combine Herman Munster, Lurch, Abe Vigoda, Bea Arthur, Ernest Borgnine, Barney Fife, Queen Victoria, and Richard Nixon. Who does it look like?

  54. clinton dropped bombs 2 Avatar

    A tribal native’s voodoo mask…

  55. big daddy k Avatar
    big daddy k

    I wrote the following song for Herman Munster and submitted it to the Laura Ingraham show. It was a finalist, but lost out to “Flipper” in the John Kerry Theme Song contest. I offer it for those who appreciate how completely shallow and dishonest this pussy really is. Demoncrats won’t find the humor in it. It’s sung to the tune of Jimmy Dean’s “Big John”.

    “Big John


    Every day at the Senate
    You could see him arrive
    He stood 6’6 and weighed 105
    Kind of narrow at the shoulders
    And broad in the hip
    And every single day

  56.  Avatar

    That was a finalist? Boy, the Laura Ingraham Show be a real hoot.

  57. clinton vs. asprin factory Avatar
    clinton vs. asprin factory

    wait, there already is a song about John Kerry, but there isn’t any words and it was written years ago by the Edgar Winter Group.

    the name of the song is FRANKENSTEIN…

  58. Dukakis rode a mean tank Avatar
    Dukakis rode a mean tank

    Kerry resembles a scarecrow covered in old wax…

  59. you who crucified orson welles Avatar

    one of the members of the Cantina Band in the original STAR WARS

  60. blame bin laden not BUSH Avatar
    blame bin laden not BUSH

    by the way I didn’t mean to post Jewish Cyborg three times, i dont know what happened… maybe some kind of Cyborg cloning…

    Sorry ’bout that…

  61. Larry Elder is God Avatar

    he looks like a guy with the easiest job in the world… to kick back while the liberal media bashes Bush, letting all his powerfull supporters do all the dirty work for him, thus making it look as if he’s not the one saying all the negative things about Bush…

    this guy has it made…

    and he resembles an anorexic patchwork troll…

  62. murdock Avatar

    Ohhhh Those Liberal whinerssss….They just cant figure out they are such HYPOCRITES…..

    John Kerry looks more like Herman Munster and Lurch had a baby together.

  63. Joe Caraberry Avatar

    He looks like a guy who admits to doing horrible “war crimes” to women and children in Vietnam, and then who feels he has the right to chew out the “Bush Army” for humiliating (and not killing) captured enemy soldiers…

    (IS he FOR Vietnam, or WAS he agaisnt it?)

  64. ramsey Avatar


  65. Beth's Contradictory Brain Avatar


    I was telling a friend of mine the other day that Kerry is just too ugly to be elected president.

  66. Plum Crazy Avatar

    Looking French

    What is with this damn meme from the* right that John Kerry is French-looking? He

  67. Plum Crazy Avatar

    Looking French

    What is with this damn meme from the* right that John Kerry is French-looking? He

  68. Plum Crazy Avatar

    Looking French

    What is with this damn meme from the* right that John Kerry is French-looking? He

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