Intelligent Design Debate, Day 2

But [Kansas Board of Ed, member Kathy] Martin had trouble even articulating just what she dislikes about the current standards. Martin, you see, has not really read the curriculum committee’s report, nor does she think such scrutiny is necessary. “I’m not a word-for-word reader in this kind of technical information.” So it went at Kansas’ evolution hearings, which concluded Thursday, a Board of Education event where a concrete understanding of all that pesky technical information involved in science was apparently considered unnecessary to reach a verdict on evolution.

Do these folks even know what evolution is? Or do they just think that since it says that perhaps we weren’t all crafted from an old bearded straight rich white man in the clouds that it must be heresy?

Kids in Kansas: Get out while you can. Or get DSL and educate yourself.

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  1. Uhhh… isn’t being a word-for-word reader about technical information a necessity in education? And this woman is on the Board of Education? No wonder Dorothy and Toto tried to run away…

    BTW, Myoplex isn’t all that bad.. to me it tastes like a chocolate shake… I kinda like it that thick… the thin ones taste kinda nasty 😛

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