Famewhores Surprised Reality TV Abused Them

The primary rule of American pop culture is

Everybody gets to be a victim.

Then you do your rounds through the talk shows and etc and then

Everybody gets to be a survivor.

And then if you are really pious and beat thy breast then

Everybody gets to be a hero.

These American Idol assholes are too much. And who cares that one of them might be mentally disabled? The guy that had been in the Special Olympics was not developmentally disabled – he was obviously cognizant of his surroundings and what he was doing. Autistic kids can be complete fame-whoring assholes just like anybody else. To treat this kid like some kind of Precious Moments Hummel is so sanctimonious. For the media to treat these chumps like sacrificial lambs is such a pointless waste of time.


This is my surprised face.

Picture me staring at you. No expression.

That is my surprised face.

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