Drunken Kelly Clarkson Lets Loose at Metal Skool Concert

Kelly Clarkson.

Heavy metal.

Wild Turkey.

‘Sweet Child O’ Mine.’

What could possibly happen?

It is great to see her let her hair down and harmonize with some real rockers.

I’m sure the Idol wranglers are all upset about this.

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4 replies on “Drunken Kelly Clarkson Lets Loose at Metal Skool Concert

  1. Harmonizing? Some of it was good, but then she would screech something out and you knew she was hammered. I was happy to see she was having a good time and I’m glad she didn’t take her top off.

  2. Man I loveee this video!!

    She never hid the fact that she likes to go out and drink with her friends..
    But it’s so awesome to see it!!
    she’s so much fun!!

    she works so hard.. it’s nice to see her having some fun!!

    YOU GO GIRL!!!

  3. I wish people would stop referring to her as hammered cause she clearly isn’t! She’s got a few drinks in her, drinks from the bottle for like two seconds, and just goes along with the onstage antics. If you guys want to see what a ‘hammered’ person actually looks like, try standing on a street corner in Dublin at 2am when the clubs let out… Kelly looks stone sober in comparison.

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