Dividing by Zero

Dr Anderson has come up with a theory that proposes a new number – ‘nullity’ – which sits outside the conventional number line (stretching from negative infinity, through zero, to positive infinity). The theory of nullity is set to make all kinds of sums possible that, previously, scientists and computers couldn’t work around.

BBC: 1200-year-old problem ‘easy’

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One reply on “Dividing by Zero

  1. Division by zero is absurd, but triviality is quite useful.

    There are 3 existential types, not just 2.

    1) That which exists.
    2) That which does not exist.
    3) That for which existence is indeterminate.

    Any trivial is of the third type because “The Existence of a Trivial is Indeterminate”.

    This last statement can be proved quite easily. It says that given any unique object, there is no way to determine if the object is really itself, or if it is in fact a trivial clone of itself. This is indeterminate.

    One can exploit this existential indeterminacy of the trivials to make all kinds of unusual models.

    It can be used to explain continuity of physical space time.


    If you want to create trivials, just violate uniqueness. But division by zero ? I dont think that this will ever work.


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