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  • Virginia Middle School to Students: NO PHYSICAL CONTACT

    From the Washington Post: Deborah Hernandez, Kilmer’s principal, said the rule makes sense in a school that was built for 850 students but houses 1,100. She said that students should have their personal space protected and that many lack the maturity to understand what is acceptable or welcome. “You get into shades of gray,” Hernandez […]

  • 27 Children Killed Each Year in Chicago Schools = 1 VTech Massacre Every Year

    Trib: So far this school year, at least 27 Chicago Public Schools students have been killed. That’s one young life every 10 days. District officials do not keep an official tally, but they know 20 students have been shot to death, matching the highest total since they began tracking it nine years ago. The Tribune […]

  • Seattle School Bans Lego – For a Bit – to Teach About Sharing, Power and Community

    (and yes the plural of Lego is still Lego) When I was a kid we were at an arts and crafts fair that was set during the frontier days of the midwest. There was a barter trading area where kids could trade useless crap for other useless crap. I realized that since they had pinecones […]

  • Chicago Parents Say That Fellatio Begins At Home

    Holy hymens, Batman! A teacher out in the burbs had the nerve to teach sex ed and suggest that maybe – just maybe – genitals go other places besides other monogamous child-making one-ping-only genitals: “How to penetrate the vagina, ejaculation and stuff like that,” Hampton said of the materials. “I think the parents felt it […]

  • Dividing by Zero

    Dr Anderson has come up with a theory that proposes a new number – ‘nullity’ – which sits outside the conventional number line (stretching from negative infinity, through zero, to positive infinity). The theory of nullity is set to make all kinds of sums possible that, previously, scientists and computers couldn’t work around. BBC: 1200-year-old […]

  • Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast

    Andymatic 017 Gay Podcast Dr. Eric from and I work out the world’s problems.

  • Raging Infomaniac

    Sunday. Lots to do. While journaling yesterday I made a realization that my entire life right now revolves around three locations: At the gym With Ron At the computer With the third location as the default. My default action has become working. Or rather ‘at the computer’ which may or may not include working. I’ve […]

  • Kansas Rewrites Definition of Science

    Real nice ya choads: The board rewrote the definition of science, so that it is no longer limited to the search for natural explanations of phenomena. Just what in the hell is that supposed to mean? The studies of phenomena outside of natural explanations is called theology. How backwards can we get? I think it […]

  • No Child Left Behind

    Think you’ve heard it all about NCLB? Let’s hear from a teacher. 11.4MB, MP3 audio.

  • Male Teacher Shortage Hits 40 Year Low

    My dad often remarked on this during his career in education. He was blessed amongst women for most of his tenure. One male special education teacher in New York recalls overhearing “a lot of teachers — smart, educated women who are great teachers — saying that there should be a man in the classroom to […]