Comparitive Pederasty

From a 2002 Advocate article:

In macho culture, lusting after barely legal girls is considered the mark of a robust libido. In fact, under the right circumstances, a man who has sex with a minor can inspire a certain admiration. Consider the male gym teacher from the Bronx who ran off with his 15-year-old female student a few years back, leading police on a cross-country chase. The tabloids were riveted by this story; the New York Daily News even dubbed the rogue instructor "Classanova," alluding to one of history’s greatest lovers. No one called the perp an ephebophile.

But what about sex between two minors? In some states, that’s not a crime; in others, the law allows for leniency when the partners are close in age–but not if they’re the same sex.

The greatest casualty of the child abuse panic is nonsexual relationships between gay men and youths. Now a teen must think twice before trusting such a friend, lest tongues start to wag. The teen could suffer social ostracism, and the man might risk arrest.

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