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A. J. Hammer.

A side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. Sure, Anderson Cooper is a surefire hotstuff and of course Senior White House Correspondent John King? All of those ‘New Years Revolution’ ads have made me develop a thing for Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well. And now A. J. Hammer.

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245 replies on “CNN News Anchors”

  1. Sweet Jesus, it’s called a sense of humor – look into it! Danelle, you’re a room-clearer. Life is too short for such dullards, I’m outta here, bye sweet gay guys.

  2. Jeff Ranieri from MSNBC is hot! Wish he was still out covering the storm. I saw him on MSNBC last night… YUM ! is he gay?

  3. What ever happened to Kris Osborne? He was on CNN for awhile and then on Entertainment Tonight brifely. Does anybody know where he is presently working?

  4. Well! I never! I do have a sense of humor, so no looking there. Am I really a room-clearer you guys? I was just stating my opinion, and I just didn’t think it was funny to ask God for more hurricanes, all things considered. Am I really a “dullard”? I don’t know why I am so worried about this, but am I really that bad? Please be honest. Anybody?

  5. Thank you Andy! I agree. I don’t want to put you in the middle of this, but do you agree with them? This shouldn’t bother me, but I think that Ron might have hurt my one feeling! Thanks a lot Ron!

  6. Gene… Amen about Daniel Sieberg!! He’s definitely worth a lick, er look!! 🙂 I was about to ask why no one has mentioned him yet when I saw your post.

    BTW…. Rob is on again right now, looking very hot in a green t-shirt and 5 o’clock shadow. Unfortunately, they keep panning away from him…

    I think a nightly newscast featuring Rob, Anderson, AJ and Daniel would be a surefire ratings winner… how about it, CNN?? 🙂

  7. i just saw rob reporting in a nice olive green t-shirt and looking hot!! i think someone must have clued him in on those big sexy hands of his because he seems to find any excuse to get them in the shot! i want him to grab me with those big long-fingered hands and hold me in his beefy arms! mmmmmmm yummy!!!!! unfortunately i guess i have to get back to work. but i will be keeping an eye out for any more shots of mr. marcihomo

  8. Several days ago someone posed some questions about Aaron Brown. In the trivia department, he did TV news in Seattle for a few years. When people would meet him in elevators, etc., his nose would go in the air, resulting in the local nickname of “Arogant Brown.” If we were running a poll on Andy C and hunky Rob M being gay, I’d say that there is no doubt about Andy. Rob is just wishful thinking. Now if we could just get Andy and Rob to give each other a big, wet kiss on New Years Eve . . . .

  9. I just googled Rob and saw this site come up! I’ve been hot for this weather guy for about a year. I am so upset that I missed the butt shot of Rob Marciano. I didn’t see the one where his hairy pecs were visible either. I love chest hair and I’m so happy that Rob’s got it! I was debating with myself during pre-Ophelia coverage, b/c he was wearing this black CNN polo shirt with I think 2 buttons undone and there was just smooth chest. I figured that since he is so pretty that maybe he shaves. But, I did notice that there were some nice muscles to be seen when he had the camera “pan,” I was so glad they included his chest in the pan shot. Does anyone know tall how Rob M. is, for example, his “friend” on this blog?

    What it has seemed like to me is this: he seems to butch it up when he’s reporting the weather. But, he seemed fairly gay-acting when CNN had him filling in for Bill Hemmer in the mornings several months ago. I suppose whether he’s gay or not doesn’t matter really. What he is is a decent weather reporter and a GREAT looking guy.

    The Conservative News Network knows what they’re doing, and them having any weatherman that looks this good, gay or straight, has got me tuning in to their lousy news coverage. At least their coverage of the weather doesn’t suck.

  10. I have been watching CNN tonight, and they are showing Rob Marciano a lot commenting on the impending tropical storm Rita. He said that it will definitely be hurricane Rita by tomorrow. He was talking about how he is going to hunker down and wait for it. He looks beautiful, as always! Poor little guy looks a little tired though.

  11. If Rob Marciano did a national weather forcast……..I would make sure I was in front of the T.V. for every report. Actually, if he did anything on t.v. (or at my house for that matter), at the same time every day, I would make sure to watch on time. He is so HOT!!!!

  12. I first saw Rob Marciano when AC was covering a hurricane in Florida and I noticed that AC was looking at Rob with admiration and desire. I felt right away that AC is gay and I heard recently that he was outed. His outing was not that important to me for I was sure from the way he was salivating when staring at Rob Marciano that he is gay. There was no doubt from my observation that Rob was aware that AC wants him and continued to almost tease him in a subtle way. My feeling when witnessing that moment was Rob is straight and I hope that he is straight, he should have many children because he has good genes.

  13. On Rob Marciano’s trip to the Common Ground during the Cornell Reunion…I’m from Ithaca, am a straight female,. I had many gay friends there, and I will tell you that no one, (not even straight couples like the poster suggested) goes there unless they are GAY. There are plenty of cool places to go and drink and hang out or see music in that town; other places where gays and straights comingle harmoniously. Not only is the Common Ground nowhere near Cornell campus or any of the nice hotels, but it is downright legendary in it’s gayness. Token co-anchor girlfriend or not, I’m convinced he at least goes both ways.

    But he is soooo yummy. If they’re hiring towel girls for next season’s storm coverage, I’m so there.

  14. Oooooo!! I want to be a towel girl too! But, I want to be a towel girl for both Anderson and Rob, so they are going to have to work together on a hurricane again. Could you imagine?!! “Okay guys, you have to strip down completely now, just to make sure I get everything towelled dried!”

  15. I had NO clue that there were others Who were in Love/Lust with Rob!!!
    I just stumbled across this site this morning, and read the posts…

    I have had a thing for MY MAN Rob for a couple of years now, I even received a letter and autographed photo from Him last year…

    Personally I don’t care if He is gay or not, He is still gorgeous, and since I have been with the same guy for 10 years now, it’s not like I’m on the prowl anyways…
    Just love having Rob on My screen, as often as possible!!!

  16. Rob is on CNN right now, doing a “survey of damage” type report from Sulphur/Lake Charles, Louisiana area…

    Gorgeous, but seems sad…

    Well it just wrapped up…

    I think He looks even better “roughing it” than He does normally…

  17. Hey everybody – check out that site weathering_heights — it’s a “fan-site” for Rob. Some dude wrote a cute short story (although a bit smutty) about Rob and Anderson getting it on — fictional, but will turn you guys on —- REALLY

  18. I went looking for the story only to be further lead to nifty.org under the celebrity section (as it said on a post at the fansite) but all I found was some strange Cooper slash where he reads dirty movie scripts in a hotel room 😛 … no Rob Marciano connection… hmmm…

  19. I read the story last night out of curiosity, and, well, I would have to definetly agree with you guys on that. It was pretty hot!

    And I am really excited! I also signed on to Weathering Heights last night, and they accepted my membership this morning!! Yay! It is a very respectable group that is so lovingly devotted to Rob!

  20. I belong to Weathering Heights too and read the story, which I sorta enjoyed. But I did notice that several people and the moderator got upset, saying that “children” in the group would be offended. Anyway, the group is kewl, but some people seem offended by graphic gay sex I guess. btw..I luv Anderson and Rob!! Especially Anderson 🙂 He is so articulate and hot!!

  21. Again, smart, handsome and successful gay men aren’t that visible in the mainstream….would one of you fags care to explain why? Is it because fags are so identifiable by the faggy talk and walk? More fags are like Jack than Will. Anderson is NOT gay but Jonathan Klein is.

  22. So, I only have one thing to contribute to this thread: that the MSNBC stud Jeff Ranieri is, in fact, gay. I live in Sacramento and a friend of mine used to go to the gay clubs with him, and from what I hear, he was kind of a slut!

    But of course, we all know Anderson is gay. I thought that was just common knowledge!

  23. On Rob M being gay or not.. just found this little “note from Rob” on Weathering Heights, a yahoo fan group, and posting this supposed to be from him, and my response to the note:
    from Rob:

    The reason it is important to me is because it’s come to my
    attention that there have been posts (on WH and other sites) making
    up stories about me. I am far from gay and I expect my yahoo group
    to support that fact. I certainly appreciate all members, gay or
    straight, but anyone thinking/wishing me to be gay is living a pipe
    As a proud professional gay man, I really found this post a bit disturbing, I can certainly understand one’s right to privacy, and definitely a disgust, or aggravation for people making up pure lies about them, in the public eye or not. Most superstars SEEM to learn to somewhat to put it in a place to find it amusing.. or even kinda fun to know at least people are talking.
    Although most all straight, They all know for SURE, that a gay following is a MAJOR plus… to one’s success, longevity and career. They also know that to OFFEND that community has severe reprecussions.
    I think the gay community at largeI also respects those in the public eyes right, who ARE gay, to come out when they personally choose.

    But I am struck by a couple of things. For one, What does FAR FROM gay mean? Whether you are gay or straight ……. really doesn’t change or effect any fondness or respect, like or dislike for you at all. Of course, it is a fact that you are very handsome, and Easy on the eye..:) , more importantly project a generous, kind and sensitive demeanor and star quality – (I think that’s called charisma…..lol …..hell, i love Diane Sawyer for alot of the same reasons) But to me,, I AM GAY… AND frankly very glad I AM who I am. As a straight person one should feel the same.
    However to feel the need to express FAR FROM GAY … just seems to display an attitude either, … of disgust, or obvious desire to distance one’s self from any such “stories” .. as if to be gay is demeaning, bad, or offfensive. In my life experience, those who make the biggest fuss about it, as though it were something abhorrent or terrible…. are in fact the biggest closet cases on the planet.

    If you are far from gay, I just wondered to hear from you about a particular story, which seems persient…truth or not … on this other blog. Were you or weren’t you at a Cornell Reunion, and were you are weren’t you at the Common Ground in Ithaca, dancing with “the guys”. (this btw, doesnt make one gay or straight) …… I know the blogs are wide open, and can be about, as truthful and ridiculous at the National and Enquirer, or the Weekly World News. At the same time the blogs are good at exposing the truth about a lot of things.
    The gay community-at-large I feel, worldwide, is generally pretty passionate and protective of their own, AND their straight friends. The one thing considered the ULTIMATE crime, is hypocrisy. Too many of us have been devasted by it.
    To be gay and pretend it is undesirable, or that one is far from it… I hope you would agree is rightfully a recipe for disaster, and an invitation to be outed with a passion.

    I’ll also add that “having a girlfriend” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether one is straight or gay ..as , much to my straight brother’s chagrin…..I’ve always had the most beautiful, vivacious, bright, “girlfriends” as CLOSE companions, soulmates…

    My innate speculation, or just pure harmless curiosity whether you are gay are not, is just that……… and frankly I dont really consider it my right or my business… but the insinuation that I wondered about it …….. in your view seems to indicate I am living in some kind of PIPE DREAM (what is that?, sounds like an insult?).

    If this is your attitude about it – it simply provides an insight to your feelings an attitudes as a human being.

    Thanks for listening, and best to you.

  24. So, Greg, I am a member of Weathering Heights too, and I just read that same post this morning in my emails, but it was from a guy named “Jay”. So is “Jay” your Yahoo name?

    Anyway, this is what I wrote as a rebuttle to your post:

    I just wanted to say how cool it is to have Rob Marciano himself take the time out of his busy career and life to write notes to us, his fans. When I read Rob’s two notes, I was so excited to read something that came directly from him. Being that I am new here, I didn’t really realize that Rob did that. I must say that I myself thinks that that is a privilege that Rob has given to us and we should be very thankful.

    Now that he has written to clarify some FACTS, which is something that he didn’t have to do, I am saddened and upset over what has been said since. I must say that during all of the hype, I wondered the same things that Rob clarified for us. Re: Is he gay; there is so much talk about it, does he have a girlfriend; are they happy, among other things.

    So, now that he has bestowed this privilege on us, we should take it for what it is worth and let all of the speculation rest. Just because he has been to gay bars doesn’t mean that he is gay. I go to gay bars all of the time and I am a heterosexual woman. Just because he seems to get upset that people speculate about his sexuality doesn’t mean that he is a homophobe. As a “proud gay male”, wouldn’t you get upset if people were constantly saying things like, “oh he’s straight, I saw him in a prodominently straight club dancing with a girl, so he is lying, he is straight”? It would certainly bother me, especially if it is affecting my relationship with my significant other. Remember, Rob getting defensive does not mean that he is a homophobe. However, he might be around people that are and maybe they bug him tirelessly about it. I always try to look at the other side of the coin or try to live in other peoples shoes, and we here might not think that being gay is a bad thing, but there are people out there who do. And I personally wouldn’t want speculation or lies to affect Rob’s or anybody’s for that matter, career or personal life. So, now can we please let this rest in peace, and not be so mean to Rob about it?


    I wasn’t hounding on you Greg or “Jay”, but……

  25. wow, i’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and this thread got awefully serious and way too deep. its like the last 2 seasons of west wing around here. where’d the humor go? anyhow, now that rob is straight i guess i’ll have to file all my opinions of rob under wishful dreaming. i’m not going to stop fantacizing about rob, it’s just not in my nature to not objectify an amazingly hot piece of ass! if i were ever fortunate enough to get to know rob and have a close personal relationship with him, i suppose my thoughts of him would grow deeper. until that happens, however unlikely, i’m going to fantacize and dream to my hearts content. and in those fantacies and dreams my dear sweet hunk rob is……. GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY!!!!!!!

  26. Danelle, Danelle..
    Hold on … I wrote that post to Rob, and that was that…. you are telling me to let it rest? I am not responsible for everyone’s blowing up about it.. and you seem to be “not letting it just be , and rest”. It does go to show, while some call themselves friends of the gay community, and surround themselves by gay people,, there is lot of stigma, even from our “friends”, or else it would provoke such attacks.. ..
    NOW, I just let the my post stand as it was.. and let everybody rant on me however they wanted. My feelings are mine, and so is yours and everyone else’s.
    Now, also, in my note, apparently you seemed to overlook, the praise and compliments heaped his way…….. which i do not easily dish out…..such as,
    Easy on the Eye, star quality, perceiving him as sensitive very handsome, sensitive, kind, fondness, respect.
    Importantly too, my own post states emphatically that going to a gay bar certainly doesn’t indicate anyone is gay or straight. Did you happen to miss that? it directly followed the mention of him being said to go.
    This was just a positive thing, or chance to show, what i consider very important, that fears, or being homophobic is nonexistent, which i consider endearing.
    I’ll say too, that ANYONE taking the time to speak to me., especially someone i admire, as to be fun, perhaps exciting, …….. but to think of it as “bestowing an honor” on some lowly me is about as absurd and kissing the pope’s ring.
    My post was to Rob, I was sincere, I don’t know anyone, nor have never posted as any “Jay” … I would not really care if anyone called me straight or gay, nor would it effect anyone I would hold dear, ESPECIALLY a bofriend or lover, …. amusing maybe, offensive – no.
    and as far as gay people going to straight places.. well did you ever consider what our options might be otherwise, as the ratio of options is probably about a thousand to one.
    I’m just a nice guy, yes .. sensitive (which I consider a very positive quality in anyone…)….. if overly sensitive, well please forgive me for my flaws…
    but, frankly I don’t come here or any other Yahoo group, to brawl, argue, or be engaged in, or provoke negativity ………. all that said, let’s get back to as it should be, fun , entertaining, and a chance to ‘basically’ meet, hang out, and expand our worlds to incorporate a world of great folks beyond around the globe, as opposed to just our own front doors.
    greg .. sorry, never heard of Jay til your post here. 🙂
    for someone i endear

  27. Greg,

    I’m sorry if I seemed too negitive to you. I honestly wasn’t trying to be. That is why I said at the end of my post, “not trying to hound on you”. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I have the capacity to be mean if I want to be, and trust me, that wasn’t even close to mean. So, sorry if you took it that way.

    As far as the “Jay” thing, the only reason why I asked if that was your Yahoo! name is because like I said, I got an email that was almost exactlly the same and it was from a guy named Jay. I don’t think I actually addressed you as Jay. I believe I asked if it was just your Yahoo! name. It wasn’t meant to be negitive, I am new to that whole scene and I use the name dannyandygirl, not my real name, which is Danelle. I just assumed that everyone had a username which is different from their real one, and that yours was Jay if it in fact it was you who wrote that post.

    To me, Rob addressing the group was kind of an honour. I guess I am kind of a nerd that way. If I were to actually meet Rob in person, I would probably die. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I am kind of a sucker that way for celebrities. Heck, I kind of freak out when I see a local radio personnality! (We don’t have very many celebrities pass through my small city here in Saskatchewan, Canada!) So, saying that it was supposed to be an honour to the group was because not many personalities would do that, write to their fan group. I never said that it was bestowing an honour “on some lowly you”.(I think I actually said priviledge) I never said that you were beneath Rob, or anyone else for that matter. If you or anyone took it that way, it was never intended, so I appologize.

    As for gays in straight bars, I have only been to local ones, and I have never seen a problem result in a gay man or woman being in a prodominently straight bar. So I am sorry that it might be a problem anywhere else because it shouldn’t have to be. As well, I am glad that you are that comfortable with who you are that it would not offend you if you were mistaken or “accused” of being straight. I just used that as a refrence to say that some people might be because they are like you, proud of who they are, or unfortunately are not comfortable with the gay community that lives among them, that they would not want to be assumed to be what they are not. And no, I didn’t miss that you said that going to a gay bar doesn’t mean that you are gay. However, you used a story that you read on a blog to queston Rob about him being in a couple of gay haunts. You also said that “those who make the biggest fuss about it, as though it were something abhorrent or terrible…. are in fact the biggest closet cases on the planet”

    Although, you did mention that blogs might have lies on them, you also said that they also hold some truth.

    I agree with you, that sensitivity is a possitive as well as endearing in anybody. I am a VERY sensitive person, but I always have people tell me that I am too sensitive. I think that if everyone had more sensitivity, people wouldn’t have to fight for respect, equallity, or any basic human rights that living in a democracy should allow.

    So again, my post was never meant to atttack you. It was just a rebuttal. And like you said, you have the right to your opinions, I have the right to mine, and everyone else has the right to theirs. I do consider myself a friend of the gay community. I do support their fight for the same rights that heterosexuals have. However, where was the “stigma” (a mark of disgrace or disrepute) or “attack” in my post as friend of the gay community?

    No hard feelings though, okay? I would like to try to be friends with everyone on message boards or blogs without negativity, an that includes you. : )


  28. Okay, Greg. I am totally willing to admit my mistakes. For the Jay thing, I looked back, and you did actually end your post with Greg. I am SOOOO sorry! I can’t appologize enough. I got you mixed up with someone else (Well, Jay). Again, I am very sorry for that. Can you forgive me?

    Well there’s some humor. I am an idiot! But just sometimes.

    Hi Andy! : )

  29. Indeed, this WAS lots of fun and meant in good form and (I feel) as an admiration society to (of) Rob — BUT after reading most recent garbage posted by Danelle and Greg (aka Jay) I must agree with Bill — where has the humor gone — being on this blog should be fun; not a haven or use of time for folks without constructive lives — GET LIVES FOLKS AND GET SOME HUMOR IN THEM !!!!!

  30. Well, sorry guys. I was just trying to do my part by sticking up for Rob. The hint has been taken though. I am sorry. I personally enjoyed my time here, and because I have respect for you all, especially Andy, I won’t contribute here anymore. My appologies for being too serious, and not humourous enough. But like I said, hint has been taken. Please don’t take it out on Andy, or his great blog for my bullshit here. (Maybe Andy can erase everything i have ever written here.)

    And, I don’t know, maybe you will actually find THIS humerous.

    Have fun and best of luck, and never meant to offend anyone. I guess I am too opinionated, and too much of a bitch.

    I wish you nothing but the best Andy! 🙂


  31. Rob Marciano isn’t gay. He left his wife for some other Mexican slut working at CNN. Veronica something… she moved into the couple’s building when she moved to Atlanta from LA, just to get his sweet juice. Too much of a bitch right!

  32. Don, if what you are saying is true about Rob then that chick has gotta have something going on! So that means Rob is taken, too bad.

  33. Jeff Ranieri is totally hot. And he has to be gay – have you seen the way he moves his hands when he pointing out things on his RADAR? Totally like Vanna White.

  34. Also read this bio. He is definitely gay.

    “When Jeff’s not forecasting the weather or studying, you can bet he’s watching anything to do with Gator sports, at the gym, or spending time with his friends and his cat, Stormy.”

  35. Evidence 2

    This is from a Sacramento Magazine Section where he used to be a Weatherman. Here is a quote from his answers:

    “Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Somebody on the cast of “Will & Grace.””

  36. OH GOD — how could life deal me such a horrible blow — I live in Ft Meyers and I’m presently attending a conference in Atlanta — Rob is on TV right now broadcasting from the beach about two blocks from my house —- OK, my priorities are in order — Insurance will cover any damage to my house — I don’t have MISSED ROB insurance —– (weeping)

  37. OK – I need to know what’s going on !!! I’m watching Anderson C.’s show and he’s deferring on a Wilma commentary to ABC’s Sam Champion — now, I think Sam is the number one cutie — and has his senior and Rob’s alum brother, Lee Goldberg running for his life — but why, Anderson, are you bringing us Sam instead of Rob —- gotta tell ya, if CNN brings on Sam — ‘ol Rob has a run for his life —– and by the way — I had thought Lee Goldberg was the Hottest weatherman ’till he put on a bit of weight got a little tired looking. GOOOOO SAMMMMMM !!!!!!!

  38. That is just bad luck Chad! And to think you could have been there to rescue our rob from the clutches of the storm and gave him some dry shelter.

    So I just looked at Ranieri. Cute. Very. Even hot. I never heard of him before but I am not in the US. I also just took a peek at Champion. Maybe I have not found a good enough photo but he does not compare to Marciano or Ranieri for that matter. 😀 Too bad I could not get Rob up my way. It looks like Wilma is going to bring some heavy rain and strong wind to Nova Scotia.

    More importantly though here’s hoping my bf’s dad’s house in Naples is still there and not too damaged…

  39. There are almost 200 posts on here about hot newsmen, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned how HOT Andy is!

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