CNN News Anchors

A. J. Hammer.

A side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. Sure, Anderson Cooper is a surefire hotstuff and of course Senior White House Correspondent John King? All of those ‘New Years Revolution’ ads have made me develop a thing for Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well. And now A. J. Hammer.






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  1. chrisafer Avatar

    I miss Kris Osbourne, late of CNN Headline News.

  2. Tony Avatar

    All due respect to A.J. Hammer, but he is obviously onscreen because he’s a pretty boy. Anderson Cooper on the other hand is good-looking in a quirky way, and top it off with his brains and sense of adventure. Now that’s hot! he can butter mu biscuits any day.

  3. Andy Avatar

    I meant to add that. Smart is sexy. A. J. is a Backstreet Boy compared to the Celebrity Jeopardy! Champion Anderson.

  4. David Avatar

    Though I give AJ complete props for being cute, he has the intellect of a door knob. The only CNN Headline Prime person worse than him is Nancy Grace. She is about as annoying and mind-numbing as an MSNBC Program.

  5. Andy Avatar

    I had a little more respect for Nancy when I saw her on Larry King and she talked about the murder of her hubsand. That doesn’t excuse her snarkiness but does explain where it might be coming from.

  6. palochi Avatar

    Dr. Sanjay can play doctor with me anytime he’d like. πŸ™‚

    The first time I recall seeing him on CNN was during 9/11. If I remember correctly, he supposedly happened to have a camcorder with him (in his car or something?) and covered solo what happened on the streets during the collapse of the first tower and the aftermath. I don’t even think he was working for CNN at the time. I wonder if after they saw him in action, they hired him? It was pretty amazing stuff.

  7. lucky luke Avatar
    lucky luke

    I have had the privalge of meeting hottie AJ Hammer. He is definitly on the gay team. He is a really nice guy for someone who grew up very well off. Buzz is he has a bf lives on the upper west side has a house in the hamptons and upstate. Would love to cause a divorce and become the next Mr. Hammer. Unfortunatly veiews have never been able to see his nice tight rear end and the package looks tasty as well. Kudos to CNN for having two gay anchors on and possible two others who have not popped out yet…Bill H and Rob M are you listening

  8. Chad Avatar

    I do know of someone (male) who has in fact dated Rob Marciano. CNN had done a great job of putting hot gay men up front (Cooper, Hammer, Marciano). I used to work with someone who went to highschool with Bill Hemmer, and could not confirm or deny his sexuallity. I would take any of the 4!!

  9. A.J. Hammer Lookalike Avatar
    A.J. Hammer Lookalike

    I have been a friend of A.J. for a few years. He is not gay. I should know, I have lived with him for over eight years. He does have lots of gay friends but no one has been able to get into him. Even I tried… no deal. He is not interested in women either. Even when he is sort of drunk… he will not play around. The man won’t budge even though I have been all over his very hot body. I am sure one day someone will get him. As for his so called significant other… trust me it is totally platonic. It is his manager and agent.

  10. David Avatar

    Regarding the posting about a guy having “dated” Rob Marciano of CNN…maybe someone should let his wife know about that. He’s been married for several years…since before he came to CNN from a local station in Portland, Oregon.

  11. Dennis Avatar

    David, David… are you saying that you’ve never known a “hetrosexual married man” to have a sexual relationship with another man? Why in Wichita, KS that’s how we define a “gay man” (generally a married man with two children). If your story is true, I do find it interesting that he doesn’t wear a wedding ring on air.

  12. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    Rob Marciano is NOT gay, he has never dated or slept with a man. I know this firsthand, because I know Rob personally. Lot’s of gay men fantasize about Rob being gay, but he is very heterosexual. He used to be married, which is why he used to wear a ring. He has a beautiful girlfriend now and they seem really happy. He doesn’t have any kids. That’s pretty much all I can think of that you would be interested in.

  13. Danelle Avatar

    I’m sorry, but I really find it hard to belive that Anderson Cooper is gay. Maybe it’s because I have been madly in love with him for about two years! However, with that said, even if he was gay that would not take away from the fact that he is one of the most brilliant journallists of our time, he is everything great about CNN, oh, and the fact that he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen! Anyway, my brother, God bless him, he is very gay. He said that the moment he saw him, he knew that he was gay. My brother as brilliant as he is, he likes to think that because he is gay, his gaydar is stronger than what a straight persons would be. This might be true, but does anyone have any cold hard evidence that Anderson is gay other than rumors? If so, please let me know. But break my heart gently! I would still love the guy but it would still be heart breaking!

  14. Andy Avatar

    Whatever, I don’t care if Marciano is gay or not, I can still look at him. I saw him for the first time today doing the hurricane stuff and…well, wow. I googled him and the rest is history.

  15. Brody Avatar

    OK……just saw Rob Marciano on the CNN news. WOW!! I hope to get up and google him to see what kinda info I could find out. Wonder if I can make it to Biloxi, MS before he leaves? Ummm……..

  16. another rob Avatar
    another rob

    I’m sure I saw Rob Marciano at a gay bar in Naples, FL. I’m sure he enjoys the fellows more than the girls. Hope he keeps it up! I’d luv to see.

  17. Dave Avatar

    Marciano should be gay if he is not. Definite hottie. What would be great is if he and Anderson Cooper made out on camera… sorry… back to reality. πŸ˜›

  18. Desmond Avatar

    Can we please get a wind spurt that turns Rob M around. And he has the longest fingers I have seen on a man! His Gf must be one happy DUDE! I would kill for a shot of his butt :).

  19. Dave Avatar

    Yep- Me too. What a teaser.

  20. Mark Avatar

    I’m at home working dreaming of how I could make Rob Marciano a very happy man. I just saw him in some shelter w/ a double five o’clock shadow, and a wet water repellant fabric shirt on. His body looks hot, his beard is hot, his mouth is great, sexy eyes. Rob, if you want to try the other side, I’m here for you.

  21. Dave Avatar

    This message board has taken a new turn… this is great. πŸ™‚ If only Rob M. (and you too Anderson) could see this right now.

  22. bill Avatar

    i just googled rob marciano and the word gay and found this blog! i don’t care if he’s gay or straight, he is totally hot!! he and anderson should sooooo make out on camera and we can watch anderson turn into a giggling little school girl as would i if rob marciano kissed me!

  23. Dave Avatar

    As much as I hate to admit it I second that Bill… haha!!!

    I think those of us who have posted today are only here because we saw Rob on CNN this morning and then googled him.

  24. Mark Avatar

    Yeah, I Googled him after I see him unshaven with that wet shirt hugging his pecs & apparent 6-pack (Yes, I’m a little focused on Rob this AM). I got a little weak down below, and Googled him to see what the story was — gay, straight, TBD.

  25. bill Avatar

    nice to know i wasn’t the only one that noticed his long fingers. not that i have a finger fetish or anything, but a man’s hands can speak volumes about him! and yes, i too just noticed him yesterday and today on cnn.

  26. Dave Avatar

    I just want to see his ass… then I *will* giggle like a school girl.

  27. Brody Avatar

    I know, I saw his longer finger this morning too! I was like “damn”, I got something you can hold instead of that microphone! Who knew that CNN could be sooo interesting!

  28. Mark Avatar

    OK, so I’m obviously pining for Rob today, and have had CNN on in the background. Rob just did a piece outside a hotel, and was gesturing w/ his hands, so his paws got a lot of air time. Folks, they’re mighty big and long — about as big as his wireless handheld mic. I’m going to let my mind wander on this one…

  29. bill Avatar

    i’m thinking that anderson needs to do a story on 360 about the correlation between hand size and penis size and he should get rob marciano to be his model. now that’s the kind of news I need to know! i’m not really a big fan of reality tv, but they could give rob a show of his own and i definitely watch.

  30. Rod Avatar

    Isn’t it ironic that Rob Marciano seems to be the talk of the town instead of Hurrican Katrina? Anyway, I just saw him on CNN while standing in line at the bank, and let me tell you, it was WAY worth waiting in line watching him on t.v. Now if they could only have more shots of him with his shirt drenching wet, I’m sure we’d all be very happy!

  31. bill Avatar

    actually, i am feeling kind of sleazy going on and on about rob marciano while folks are really in a bad situation down south. all i can say is that if i am ever in a disaster, i would be totally thrilled to have some hunky guy (like rob marciano) pulling me out of the rubble and carrying me off to safety.

  32.  Avatar


  33. Rachel Avatar

    I hope that none of the CNN “Hotties” (Cooper, Marciano esp.) are Gay … because my heart would be broken!! I have never seen either of them wearing a wedding band! So hopefully they are still on the market!
    Either way, I’d still watch them, because their sexual orientation has nothing to do with their abilities as newcasters and really it shouldn’t matter what team they bat for, now should it? These guys are both talented and know their stuff – give them their credit where it is due, and leave their sexual orientations and sex life alone!

  34. DAMN Avatar

    So here I am, a gay man, watching Larry King Live…and I think to myself…DAMN, who is that hot weatherman? So I google this Rob Marciano guy….only to find out that, apparently, a gazillion gay men all were watching the same show and came to the same conclusion.

    Thus proving that being gay is 100% genetic….not to mention this message board just proved how a cultural explosion can happen when a sexy weatherman is on tv is a wet tshirt….

    Perhaps we will never know…but Rob….apparently a lot of us hope you’ll join our team…

  35. Danelle Avatar

    Oh, well that is very mature mr.”Anonymous”. I belive that they are homosexual males, actually. In fact, the proper defenition of “fag” is a cigarette. Just thought that I would correct you on that error. As for this blog, I am not gay or a gay male. In fact, I am a female who just happened one night to type in”Anderson Cooper” and “gay” and this was one that came up! I hope you don’t mind that I contribute here. I do love this blog though! Keep up the good work and writing. Totally cool guy’s!

  36. So Cal. Guy Avatar
    So Cal. Guy

    How come nobody carries on about Aaron Brown? No desire to see him in a wet t-shirt?

  37. Danelle Avatar

    Dear Rachel,

    Knowone is disputing AC’s, or RM’s talent. And being that this is 1) a blog site, and 2) mostly written by gay males, they’re sex lives and sexual orientations are VERY much open for discussion! From what I have read so far, Andy and Rob ARE getting the credit they deserve! πŸ™‚

  38. Geo Avatar

    Wow — it takes a hurricane to blow some of you dudes in the right direction. Some of us have been watching Rob Marciano since he started at CNN. He is such a hottie . . . looks great in a suit . . . but nobody looks better in a hurricane. His arms are incredible, the wet t-shirt was the wish of so many boys . . . but I’m surprised nobody caught his walkaround the Ramadi (or wherever it was he was staying) in his nice blue sports pants — every time he turned to profile, you could see one helluva an ass. I don’t think straight guys have this total package. (Plus once he referred to the speed of the clouds racing across the sky, saying that “the clouds were wisping across the horizon.” Straight guys don’t talk like that — only those who have read E.M. Forster. OH ROB . . .

  39. Geo Avatar

    On the other hand, no self respecting gay man would wear a plastic watch on network television — even cable — even during a hurricane!

  40. Mark Avatar

    um, yeah. i saw that ass later in the day. i thought it was too good to be true, so thought it was some wireless mic gadget, but no, it was his ass. yum.

  41. Geo Avatar

    Wireless mic when he turned to the left (I saw that too), but his own gorgeous bubble ass when he turned to the right. (We are so shallow, we gay boys — all this death and destruction, and we’re looking at ass. On the other hand, we’ve had to learn to live with death and destruction, with a sense of humour, for most of our adult lives.)

  42. west44 Avatar

    Look guys, no matter how much histrionics they indulge in like oohing and aahing over shingles tumbling down the street, it’s impossible to tell whether entertainers (which in Americur includes TV journalists) are gay or not, so take a cold shower and move on to more palpable fantasies. Big toothed mirror addicts like Marciano who’ll wink at anything if it means a ratings point will only blueball you from one natural disaster to another.

  43. Soaking Wet Avatar
    Soaking Wet

    SO it’s raining men down there in New Orleans? Suddenly, I can’t get the famous man-raining disco anthem (or the sight of cooper marciano et al) out of my mind. cute t-shirt rob!! Everyone sing with me:

    For the first time in history, just about half past ten

    For the first time in history, it’s gonna start raining “CNN” men!

    “It’s raining men!”

  44. Chrishayden Avatar

    people saying AJ has no intellect he has a philosphy major from the university of hartford. which I found on his website, and also does charity work, I think he very hot!!!!!!! and seems like a good person

  45. Dave Avatar

    Unbelievable! As to my earlier post pining to see Marciano’s butt on TV and I actually missed it! Oh the humanity of it all.

  46. bill Avatar

    aj is sweet and sexy, but i just can’t get past the social vapidness of his job. i wish i could see him in some sort of more meaningful endeavor. could he just let me see that he can care? that would be sexier than any big-toothed prettyboy smile.

  47. Casey Avatar

    I do say its a little humorous to watch all the gay guys start talked about Marciano, just now, only because they happen to tune in during a crisis. Some of us guys watch the news every day, not just during a crisis. Oh well, better for us I suppose. We get to watch him every day. Marciano sexuality=whatever he wants at this point. Cooper=proven poof. Sorry ladies. We get him. Hurray for premature graying!

  48. Geo Avatar

    Hey West 44 — Don’t call handsome Rob a “big-toothed (implied brainless / vapid) mirror addict.” He graduated — with honors — from Cornell, with advanced degrees in meteorology and global climatology, i.e. forecasting the weather, not just reading it. Don’t blame him that he’s so lip-smackingly gorgeous. And like I said, some of us have been salivating over him for quite a while now, just just today!

  49. Dave Avatar

    Haha! Anderson makes gray look hot. Definite little cutie. I heard he was 5’10 but he seems shorter.

    Are you saying that premature graying is a gay thing? Obviously it’s all speculation and heresay but I always thought that balding seemed to find gay guys earlier…

  50. Sonny Avatar

    Boxers or briefs, has anyone ever asked him?

  51. Sonny Avatar

    Re: boxers or briefs, I was asking the question about either Rob or Anderson

  52. Dave Avatar

    Hmmm boxer briefs. I thought every man was wearing the hybrids these days. πŸ™‚

  53. John Avatar

    Here in Miami, our famously large pool of gay wheathermen is either aging or, well, in jail… So, gay or not, I think Marciano would be a great addition to any of our local stations… Rob, will you consider?… Please!!!

    Oh! By the way, definitely boxers.

  54. Jessica Avatar

    I, too, saw Rob M. this morning, remembered him and Anderson Cooper from last year’s hurricane–tempting fate on a hotel balcony like two (unbefrikkin’lievably scrumptious) frat boys–and thought “He’s too handsome–he must be gay (same for Cooper).” I just had to find out for sure so I Googled him, too. I didn’t even qualify the search with “gay” and pulled up this site. Anyway, I’m take your collective word for it that (1) Cooper is gay, (2) Marciano is not (or the jury is still out).

    Here’s my lament:

    It just SUCKS (and not in a good way) being female when guys like Cooper prefer men! (…as if I’d ever meet him or stand a chance, but I have (okay, “had”) my dreams….) I’ve lived in or near SF most of my life, and everytime I see a handsome, intelligent, single man, I immediate think “oh, he’s gay,” and I’m usually right. Whoa is me!!!! πŸ™ Can anyone advise me of a state or area rich in handsome, intelligent, single men who prefer women?

  55. Mark Avatar

    Just saw Rob this morning, and his shirt is sexily unbuttoned to let us know he’s got some hairy pecs. I’m waiting until further in the day when it’s sweaty too.

    P.S. For all you self-righteous readers, yes I feel horrible for everyone there, but Rob is just hot no matter where he is. So, no more of your sanctimonious stuff.

  56. Dave Avatar

    Jessica- Try New York… but upstate… not the city. Sorry. Haha.

  57. Rob Fan Avatar
    Rob Fan

    Now Rob is sporting a short sleeve foreign legion-style khaki shirt which I swear was part of the International Male Summer of 1997 collection. If you see him when he is not reporting catastrophic weather news, you’ll notice he is a master at the quick cutie smile — his face lights up from his pearly whites and twinkling eyes. If he is straight, women everywhere should consider themselves blessed.

    As for Aaron Brown in a wet T-shirt, I’d pay to see the wet T-shirt stuffed in his mouth to stop him from rambling on and on with his stream-of-conscience dialogue that follows unrelated tangents so off course from the topic that he invariably winds up at some awkward, embarrassing pause (including some mild blushing and forced giggles) where he must mentally retrace his steps to figure out what he was talking about in the first place. No wet T-shirt has ever been put to a greater use for the collective good of all mankind.

    Anderson Cooper fans, see what has to say about him.

  58. Dave Avatar

    Laughing My Ass Off @

    “Anderson Cooper:
    likes esctacy and freaky sex; FOD and allegedly goes through boyfriends like Kleenex; labeled as a two timer by a former lover; his mother is heiress Gloria Vanderbilt More dirt drools nastily when kissing.”

    I’d like to know where these little tidbits of info come from.

  59. Jeff Avatar

    move over, guys. rob is mine! did anyone notice they showed a Cialis ED commerical right before the clip with rob and his sand-colored shirt? That medicine would be totally not needed if everyone in the world had a rob!!!

  60. Mark Avatar

    Rob’s back on, but someone made him close up that shirt & hide his pecs. He’s getting sweaty though.

  61. Ron A. Avatar
    Ron A.

    Does anyone know if there are any pics on the net from yesterday’s airing of Rob Marciano with that double five oclock shadow and wet shirt? I missed that. (I did see him on CNN today with the open shirt/chest hair, although it would appear that someone might have told him to button up a bit, because at 2 p.m. EST it wasn’t so open.)

  62. Matt Avatar

    I worked with Rob in Portland. He isn’t a very nice guy. Bad temper and difficult to work with. Glad to see he is lighting up the message boards. Makes me laugh when people don’t know the real deal. At least it’s entertaining.

  63. Mark Avatar

    Reality? I’m not here for that. Rob is just an object of lust during my workday! =) That’s interesting though — I wouldnt’ have assumed he is ill tempered or anything. Tell us more!

  64. Dave Avatar

    Bad temper. Great ass. It’s all relative.


  65. Ron A. Avatar
    Ron A.

    How tall is Rob? and how old is Rob?

  66. Carol Avatar

    I saw Rob today and have been transfixed all day. Of course I IMMEDIATLEY called my gay brother to tune in. We are dying.I think he needs to be my new boyfriend.

  67. bill Avatar

    rob marciano can unleash his bad temper on my ass anytime! as long as he was willing to cuddle afterwards.

  68. Jim Avatar

    Okay everyone, Rob is obviously gay. He wears a tight short sleeve shirt, he has great biceps, he is really sexy and is well groomed. I am sure Anderson Cooper auditioned him for the job πŸ™‚

  69. Mark Avatar

    Rob was talking to a guy earlier this afternoon. Rob was talking w/ his hands, and I noticed his hands were bigger than the guy’s face. Impressive.

    In that same interview, you got a long look at his profile. There’s not one bad angle on that body.

  70. Mike Avatar

    Matt, is Rob gay even?

  71. Jon Avatar

    Well, I looked at Rob in a whole differnt light today. Have watched him on CNN in the studio and never thought about him being gay. After yesterday and today he has me wondering. Either way he is a definate hottie and I’m going to spend some time thinking about him!

  72. Adam Avatar

    Does anyone know how old Rob is? I have tried googling a biography on him and found nothing.

  73. Mike Avatar

    He’s 37….

  74. Adam Avatar

    Cool thanks… just curious.. how do you know that?

  75. Ron A. Avatar
    Ron A.

    He looks so young for a 37-year old. I think he could easily pass for 27.

  76. Matt Avatar

    Rob is ill tempered, yes. Gay, no. He was married when he lived here in Portland, but from the post above I am not sure about that one anymore. I am not sure on his age either. He was in his 30’s when he worked here, so 37 might be true.

  77. bill Avatar

    maybe he was so ill tempered because he was pretending to be straight for his career. i know i’d be ill tempered if i had to eat box to keep up appearances for the general public.

  78. Joanna P. Avatar
    Joanna P.

    A very good girlfriend of mine dated Rob M. briefly before he was married. I met him twice. Was always very sweet and friendly. My girlfriend would tell me how great he was in the sack. he is also very well endowed. She would joke about how big he was, and how having sex with him would sometimes be painful! Anyway…that’s all i know. He is a sexy man.

  79. Mark Avatar

    Joanna, thank you for that post. It helped “confirm” our daydreams! Anymore details?

  80. Robert Avatar

    I’ve been in “lust” with Rob for so long now. My hubby doesn’t know what I see in him. Well, the better question would be, what don’t I see in him? I know one thing I’ve love to see (and feel) in him…but I shall digress.

    Anderson: I have info that he has at least batted for our team a few times, never did confirmation if he was a switch hitter or full time though.

    I wonder if Rob will cover the eruption in my pants…. πŸ™‚

  81. Danelle Avatar

    Robert, what info do you have that Anderson has batted for your team a few times? Do you know anybody that has been with him? Please tell me all the juicy details. I am absolutely dying to know! Did you see him with a guy? How many times exactly? TELL!!!! You can probably tell how desprate I am to know?:)

  82. Bill Avatar

    Of course he’s gay! Can’t you tell by the way he holds the mic?

  83. Danelle Avatar

    Call me stupid, or maybe I just need more education on this, but what does the way that Andy holds his “mic” have anything to do with being gay pray tell? Please teach me all there is to know on this because the way he holds his mic does not tell me that he is gay. What other ways does he do things make him seem gay? I just can’t see it. I guess however, there are some things that I have noticed. Like his compassion for the downntrodden, and except for the one wardrobe malfunction that I know about he is a very good dresser. Most straight men that I know don’t care about anybody but themselves and what is or isn’t in they’re pants, and they dress like a walking trend magnet.

  84. jwalkermd Avatar

    Just found this site checking out Rob M, object of a 2-year CNN habit. The TiVo was on another channel when the long-awaited ass shot appeared a couple of days ago, putting an aching hole in my Rob M video collection — highlight of which is above-mentioned cavorting with Anderson on balcony in last year’s storm.

    Well, here it is: — the clip “Battered in Biloxi,” though “Katrina hits Biloxi” isn’t bad. No wet T-shirt, but awesome ass.

    I can play but can’t download it. “Save Target As” doesn’t work. Any way around this? If so, please post.

    Toothy ratings-point grins notwithstanding, Rob’s given some great reports this week. He may or may not be ill-tempered, but he has conveyed a sense of compassion. Speaking of ill-tempered weathermen, nothing approaches CNN teammate Chad’s 5 a.m. meltdown Monday when he shouted at anchor Carole to be “be quiet long enough so I can say something!!!” and briefly walked off camera, a la Robert Novak.

    Speaking of sweet-looking weathermen, Jackson-trial-refugee Ted Rowlands is doing the night shift in Biloxi right now. Wonder if he’s sharing a trailer with Rob and comes in to wake him up for his shaft, er, shift…..

  85. Robert Avatar

    A friend of a friend slept with Anderson (the first friend also works at CNN). I love how Ted Turner is apparently so willing to hire queers to cover the news. Who else in the world can embellish a story better than a fairy!? πŸ™‚

  86. Aaron Avatar

    I think Rob M. swings both ways. Too many gay guys in Atlanta swear they’ve seen him trolling the bars. And not so coincidentally, the sighting started occurring right after he quit wearing his wedding ring.

    I used to live in Dallas and there were all these reports about Dallas Cowboys going to the gay bars and picking up young boys. I didn’t believe it until I saw it myself.

    Now over on Fox, I hear a lot of gay guys are tuning in to watch Bill Hemmer – they call it the “Hemmer Hummer.”

  87. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    Sorry, Rob Marciano IS NOT gay.

  88. Dave Avatar

    Sure he is… that’s my story and I’m sticking too it. πŸ˜›

  89. Dana A. Avatar
    Dana A.

    With all these comments from the past couple days about how hot he looks while reporting in Mississippi, I’m surprised CNN hasn’t included this subtitle on the screen whenever he’s on the air …

    “Foxy In Biloxi”

  90. bill Avatar

    gay or not, rob marciano is hot! that’s my poem for today. tomorrow my poem will be about christopher meloni. hey rob marciano’s friend, why are you checking out this blog? are you checking to see if your good friend is gay? could you be curious yourself? i just can’t help but wonder why you would even bother with a bunch of gay boys and a few girls who don’t even know your friend rob? why do you feel you have to defend rob’s sexuality? if he’s a good friend it shouldn’t matter to you if he is gay or straight or bi. and it definitly shouldn’t matter what a bunch of horny boys and girls want to think about him.

  91. Danelle Avatar

    True that Bill! I couldn’t have said it better myself! It looks like our little hottie’s friend has a serious complex about the legitimate conversation about weather his little friend might be gay or not, or bi or not. Hmmm…. Maybe he needs to get real and get to know his friends better or just see for himself if Rob is really gay. My fabulously gay brother said that the more denial somebody has about their TRUE sexuallity or friends TRUE sexuality they are more likely to be in the closet themselves! Open the door Rob Marciano’s friend! Or just make these fabulously gay boys happy and open it for Rob!

  92. Charles Avatar

    I love all this speculation about whether or not Rob Marciano is gay. I don’t care what Rob’s friend says, my gaydar tells me that Rob is gay. It is not just the wishful thinking of a gay man.

  93. Charles Avatar

    By the way, where is Kris Osbourne? I thought he was supposed to be on Entertainment Tonight. He has not been there for a long time. He was (is0 a real cutie pie.

  94. Tony Avatar

    Well, just for the record I had an opportunity to meet Rob this past summer at Cornell University’s reunion. He’s a really fun guy and is even more of a hunk in person than you can believe. I got weak in the knees when he took off his t-shirt during the 10K alumni run — unbelieveable pecs, arms and abs and the package under those running shorts couldn’t have been any better advertised and is definitely difficult to contain discretely — that guy could make any man envious and send the straightest guy to the other team. Whichever way he swings, he definitely likes to charm other hunky guys and knows how to use his looks.

  95. Charles Avatar

    Lucky you! I would have paid good money to have been there(at Cornell) and seen Rob in action. Someone should come up with a calender of the good looking news/weather anchors.

  96. Jeremy Avatar

    Well while we’re fixated on cute weatherguys, how about that cutie on ABC, Lee Goldberg ?? I hear he’s also a Cornell guy and had a real reputation there — GOD those IVY men are great looking.

  97. Jeremy Avatar

    Ya gotta keep in mind it’s all about business and the ratings — do ya think we’d be here blogging about some dorky looking guy — would that guy have called his gay brother to look at a dorky weatherman — I’ll be you Rob’s wet t-shirt “malfunction” was neither a mistake, nor of his want to sexually advertise himself but rather he and the network using the “resourses” at hand to increase viewers and ratings —– and it sure worked not to mention was really great “eye-candy”. My vote is for CNN to continue using its resources and I’ll keep watching — now let’s see Lee Goldberg flash us some eye-candy !!

  98. bill Avatar

    christopher meloni i want to suck your balony. and thats my poem for today.

  99. Charles Avatar

    What’s the story with another CNN cutie, Thomas Roberts? He wears a ring on his wedding ring finger, but if you look closely it is not a wedding ring. It looks more like a class ring. What is that all about?

  100. Kathi Avatar

    Is Anderson truly,honestly gay? Does anyone now for sure?

  101. Alan Avatar

    Anderson Cooper is gay. No doubt about it. The jury is still out on Rob Marciano.

  102. Mikey Avatar

    Rob Marciano is Gay, Gay, Gay, Gay, G-A-Y, Y-A-G (that’s gay spelled backwards), gay gay gaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! That’s all I have to say!

  103. Danelle Avatar

    I appologize for my brother’s sudden outburst. He happens to have a crush as well on Rob Marciano. Nice.

  104. Ben Avatar

    Anyone know anything about Chris Huntington – CNN correspondent? He looks fine! I haven’t seen Rob Marciano lately. Is he still in Mississippi? Or is he back in Atlanta?

  105. josh Avatar

    I agree cnn is the place to go for hot guys, but has anyone seen jeff ranieri of msnbc? he is a real hot boy as well.

  106. Danelle Avatar

    Good morning everyone. How are you all? Well that’s nice. So, how dangerous is it to have spyware and adware detected in your computer? The blatant crooks @ said that they could detect and erase it for free, but then they wanted my mastercard number. So, my next question is, if I have spyware detected on my computer, and people can track my internet usage how safe is it to give my creit card number out on the compuer? And, if the blatant crooks @ said they could erase it for free, why do they want me to pay for it? F-er’s . They’re probably Republican!

  107. Andy Avatar

    For spyware removal I recommend:


    Spyware Doctor is also popular:

    and finally Search and Destroy

  108. Robert Avatar

    You know, there is a Yahoo! dedicated to Rob M. called “Weathering_Heights”. You have to apply for membership to the group but there are alot of pictures and other items about our lil hottie. Below is the link to the group if anyone is interested. It seems to be alot of homos posting messages on there too, but not sure it’s meant to be a gay man’s mean of drooling over Mr. Marciano, though that is the reason why I joined! πŸ™‚

    I’m so glad I live near Atlanta. I’ll have to be sure to take the CNN studio tour (again) when Rob is working. Though, I have been disgruntled with CNN’s coverage of Katrina. They’ve been trying to question every guest about the slow response and who to place the blame on. I wish they would focus more on the rescue and relief efforts. There will be plenty of time to ask questions later once everyone is safe and sound. And when the dead have been recovered and properly taken care of….but I shall digress now…

  109. Danelle Avatar

    Andy, thank you sooooooooooo much!!!!! I really appreciate your help. I think it worked. I did the spybot one and at the end it said, “congratulations! No problems were detected!” So I’m guessing that means that it worked. Thanks again love! πŸ™‚

  110. Karen Avatar

    where is rob it’s been a whilesince we’ve seen him? I miss him

  111. Dave Avatar

    I’d say he’s probably on a break and making his way back to Atlanta…

  112. Charles Avatar

    I just saw Rob Marciano do the weather on CNN. I am sure that he’ll be back again due to the tropical storm off the central Florida coast. He is in the studio and all dressed up in a coat and tie. As usual, he looks delectable.

  113. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    Rob Marciano is straight and dates another female CNN anchor colleague of his.

  114. Erin Avatar

    WHO? WHAT ANCHOR? I betcha he dates Kyra Phillips. Damn her for being so cute…

  115. Sickos Avatar

    You people are sick. Folks have and are dying and all you guys care about is who is gay. Stupid, uncaring and shallow queens. And is it a surprised that you guys all go for the same type of guy? You guys are just as bigoted (if not more so) as those who you claim are denying you your rights.

    And I bet you have the audacity to wonder why no one takes you and your civil rights seriously!

  116. Andy Avatar

    Give me a fucking break. If you read the recent posts on this blog you’d see I have been tracking the Katrina situation every day. “We all go for the same type of guy” – well most folks are finding this page by Googling for Rob Marciano – meaning folks that already have an interest in him.

    Who you are and aren’t attracted to doesn’t make you bigoted.

    I do have the ‘audacity’. Civil rights should extend to the flamiest most fagged-up queens and the most butched up bulldykes just like they extend to the biggest ditziest bimbo sexport and the most chauvinist redneck racist idiot or the most FOB-acting asian or the most ‘ghetto’-acting black person or the most ‘barrio’-acting latino… Civil rights shouldn’t be doled out to those that act in a permissible fashion. It is all or nothing.

  117. Rachel Avatar

    I guess until the guys “come out” with it, we’ll never know!
    My guess is AC will “come out” after momma dies, because when he is on the air, he has made comments about “not while my mom is watching!”
    Rob – well? Dunno – gonna have to play it by ear …
    Oh! & Way to Go AC for his persistence on the Gov. of Louisiana – he took it to her … and boy with the scruff, he’s looking mighty fine … I know there are only a few of us chickas on this site, but a girl can hope, can’t she? Hey guys, if he turns out stright, I don’t mind sharing – but look only! LOL
    Ps – Danielle, yes they are getting credit – but more for their looks than their brains! πŸ™‚

  118. Danelle Avatar

    Oh for Christ’s sake “Sickos”! All you have to God damned do is click on “Andymatic” at the top of the screen and it will take you to a bunch of different blogs about “Katrina”! We ALL have bitched and complained and mourned for those people and we still do!

    As for civil rights: NO ONE should have to beg or seek civil rights! And the fact that our whole legal systems and governments are religion based it makes it that much harder for gay people to get the same rights as I do. And until we start living EVERY aspect of our daily lives in reality, gay people won’t have the same rights as hederosexuals.

    Grow up! Hmmm….I wonder if that was that Jim guy still bitter about everyone attacking him in the “Lucky, lucky poor” blog?

  119. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    Rob’s friend says….go Sickos!!! I agree with you. There are more important things in the world than guessing who is gay and who is not. Thanks for the post.

  120. Jeremy Avatar

    I have to weigh in with Andy — nobody would be here unless they already had the interest in Rob or AC —– I continue to be curious about Rob’s friend; why is he here and how did he find this site unless he too was curious about which way Rob swings — I bet Rob’s friend has a crush on him and just does not want to believe that others do also — he just does not want to share (even in fantacy)

  121. Chip Avatar

    Hey guys – let’s not be so cruel and synical. Whatever Rob’s inclinination, I attended Cornell’s reunion this summer and had my ultimate fantacy come true — meeting Rob. There is a popular bar in Ithaca called the Common Ground – primarily a gay bar, but lots of straight couples go there for the dancing — low and behold, there was Rob on Saturday night of the reunion weekend — and he spent a lot of time with the guys —- well, we’ll give everybody a break or benefit of the doubt on a party weekend filled with fun and drink, but indeed, he spent most of the night dancing away with the GUYS —— and as to the girlfriend, well most of us have dated a woman (or even married one) during our lives — possibly BI; just covering; or just having a good time of it — really wish he’d have brought AC along — he’s my cuttie.

  122. Robin Avatar

    Looks like Jeremy and Chip are actually the same person. What are the odds that two people would use the misspelled “fantacy” — in two posts that are posted only about 10 minutes apart? Personally, I’ve never seen that misspelling in my life, so to see it twice in 10 minutes … I think the answer is pretty obvious. You’re the same person.

  123. vern says: Avatar
    vern says:

    I have read all the gossip about all the cnn hotties…..and AJ and Anderson is pretty close to being the hottie of all hotties on tv news….but I like AJ for he comes across straight but gives you that come hither look in his bedroom eyes….Anderson Cooper is smart and cute and I think he knows it….my vote…AJ and Anderson

  124. Kathi Avatar

    Is there anyone here that knows Cooper personally? I still find it hard to believe that he’s gay. How do you guys know this?

  125. Danelle Avatar


    I personally don’t know for sure, but if you scroll up a bit, I asked the same question to Robert. He said that “a friend of a friend” slept with Anderson and that person also works at CNN. I personally find it hard to believe as well, but rumors will be rumors and that is what happens when someone reaches celebrity status. It doesn’t help that he is so private about his personal life and really doesn’t do anything to stop the rumors.

    I won’t believe it till I actually see it!

  126. rachel Avatar

    I’m sure the truth will “come out” someday, when they feel they are ready to let people know – it’s their choice – bottom line!

  127. Danelle Avatar

    You know, Rob Marciano’s GAY friend said that he was dating a CNN anchor. I betcha it’s Betty Nguyen who’s usually on on the weekends. Is that who he’s dating Rob Marciano’s (gay)friend?

  128. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    No, first of all. I’m not a lesbian (I’m female) and I work at CNN. Like Rob, I’m also straight and not gay. Rob Marciano is dating CNN anchorette Veronica De La Cruz. They also work on the weekends together. I still can’t understand all the hoopla over someone’s sexuality. Will somone please explain?

  129. lulu Avatar

    hi rob marciano’s friend. how do you get the impression and the validity that they’re dating? do they actually flaunt their relationship around?

  130. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    They don’t flaunt it at all. It’s just known around the building. I figured it out after she wished him Happy Birthday on the air once. They are both really nice people. I feel bad for Rob that everyone thinks he’s gay. It couldn’t be farther from the truth. He is one of the straightest men I know.

  131. Danelle Avatar

    Well, Rob Marciano’s friend, I am sorry if I offended you. Really i am. I just don’t understand why you feel you have to go on a gay blog to defend Rob’s sexuallity all the time.

    The hoopla is just what I said earlier. I just don’t see why you seem to get so defensive about it. Being gay isn’t a bad thing. And if Rob was gay, my God! Do you know what it would do for these men?!! Let’s just say that it wouldn’t be a bad thing if Rob was gay.

    I am sorry though if I have offended you.

  132. Andy Avatar

    Rob is smart and handsome and successful. We’re ogling him just like women would ogle him or straight men would ogle a female meteorologist. It doesn’t challenge his sexuality or his masculinity or his personality. Sure it is juvenlie, I’ll grant you that. But completely harmless.

    The only hoopla is over Anderson because there are so many reports that he is out in every sense except officially in the press. Again, smart, handsome and successful gay men aren’t that visible in the mainstream.

  133. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    I will give you both that…Rob is smart, handsome and successful. He’s been very nice to me and my family (he gave them a CNN tour while in town), so I guess I feel protective of him. I didn’t mean to jump down anyone’s throat, so I also apologize.

  134. Andy Avatar

    No big deal! I’m sure he’s a doll and deserves fans (of any gender).

  135. Bobby Avatar

    I sure hope Rob Marciano’s gay. . .he’s beautiful and I like to hold on to my delusions that someday, I’ll have him.

    Re: Anderson Cooper. Definitely gay. One of my closest friends slept with him.

  136. Dave Avatar

    Is Rob back in Atlanta now working out of head office? I haven’t seen him. Anderson appears to still be down south and not back in New York.

  137. Tim Avatar

    Rob on CNN right now. I am about to climax…wheee

  138. esb Avatar

    Rob Marciano needs to be kidnapped by the gay Mafia, brainwashed and relaunched as a gay man. He’s hot straight or gay. Give him his own show CNN!!!!

  139. Danelle Avatar

    Rob is in the middle of Othelia(hurricane) right now. They have him on periodically. And don’t worry Y’all he’s doing fine. Really wet! But fine.

    Rob Marciano’s friend: I can totally understand why you would be protective of Rob! He does seem like a really great guy though.

  140. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    He is, which is why I feel he deserves the respect.

  141. Tina Avatar

    For the record, I just have to say some of us were in love with Rob way before CNN! Before CNN he was in Portland, Ore., and before that he was in a tiny little market in SW Louisiana called Lake Charles and he had quite a panting following from Day One. And he is VERY funny! They used to let him do little remote pieces (weathermen do a lot more in small towns) and he was hilarious! So happy to see his glorious beauty (and fingers) appreciated. Please God, send lots more hurricanes and make Rob stand in them very wet! We don’t want anyone to get hurt, just lots of wind to blow Rob’s clothes, preferably off, thanks Lord.

  142. Danelle Avatar

    One word: SICK

  143. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    I second that Danelle. Tina, you need help. And a life.

  144. Rob Marciano's friend Avatar
    Rob Marciano’s friend

    And what kind of WOMAN notices a man’s fingers? You gotta be a dude.

  145. Dave Avatar

    Yeah cause only dudes notice men’s fingers… sure. Actually I never notice guys hands unless I am close enough I guess. I just notice the ass (when in viewing distance). πŸ˜›

  146. Dave Avatar

    Here is some info from those lovely ladies still questioning if Anderson is gay… this is off a web blog article.

    CNN’s Anderson Cooper
    Here’s how Anderson responded to a question about his sexual orientation:

    “The whole thing about being a reporter is that you’re supposed to be an observer and to be able to adapt with any group you’re in, and I don’t want to do anything that threatens that.”

    Would a straight man fear that disclosing his sexual orientation would threaten to compromise his ability “to adapt with any group you’re in”?

    One of Cooper’s strengths as a reporter and news show host is that he appears to be sincere and real. This makes his failure to get real about who he is even more troubling than if he was just another TV personality. And this is the same Anderson Cooper who showed up for the New York awards ceremony for the Gay & Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation a few years ago, announcing that he was there hoping to find a boyfriend, and then was furious when the quote, made from the stage podium, was printed in the gay press.

  147. Gene Avatar

    Rob is incredibly good-looking. So is Anderon. I’ll also take a extra helping of Jason Carroll. My oh my, does he tent my dockers. By the way Sicko, I think that I should be able to fantasize, fuck, and fantasize about fucking, and still be entitled to civil rights.

    By the way Daniel Sieberg is also worth a long, long, hard…..look.

  148. Tina Avatar

    I’m not ashamed of my love for Rob! Or his fingers!

  149. Danelle Avatar

    However, you should be ashamed of asking God to, and I quote, “send lots more hurricanes and make Rob stand in them very wet”.

    Now, I’m not one to judge,(ha, ha, ha) but who in their right and stable mind wishes for lots of hurricanes, never mind for a human being to be standing naked in them?!!

    Oh, and Dave, did Anderson really say that? Were you there? And why would he get so mad about it being printed? He should have known that when you speak people can hear you.

  150. Tina Avatar

    Sweet Jesus, it’s called a sense of humor – look into it! Danelle, you’re a room-clearer. Life is too short for such dullards, I’m outta here, bye sweet gay guys.

  151. Mike Avatar

    Jeff Ranieri from MSNBC is hot! Wish he was still out covering the storm. I saw him on MSNBC last night… YUM ! is he gay?

  152. Charles Avatar

    What ever happened to Kris Osborne? He was on CNN for awhile and then on Entertainment Tonight brifely. Does anybody know where he is presently working?

  153. Danelle Avatar

    Well! I never! I do have a sense of humor, so no looking there. Am I really a room-clearer you guys? I was just stating my opinion, and I just didn’t think it was funny to ask God for more hurricanes, all things considered. Am I really a “dullard”? I don’t know why I am so worried about this, but am I really that bad? Please be honest. Anybody?

  154. Ron Avatar

    Danelle, you suck donkey dick, okay? Live with it.

  155. Danelle Avatar

    Are you serious?!!!! Or am I just reacting this way because I have no sense of humor? No, seriously.

  156. Andy Avatar

    Alright, girls: we’re all pretty. πŸ˜€

  157. Danelle Avatar

    Thank you Andy! I agree. I don’t want to put you in the middle of this, but do you agree with them? This shouldn’t bother me, but I think that Ron might have hurt my one feeling! Thanks a lot Ron!

  158. Andy Avatar

    And always remember folks you can easily get your own blog!

  159. Chris Avatar

    Gene… Amen about Daniel Sieberg!! He’s definitely worth a lick, er look!! πŸ™‚ I was about to ask why no one has mentioned him yet when I saw your post.

    BTW…. Rob is on again right now, looking very hot in a green t-shirt and 5 o’clock shadow. Unfortunately, they keep panning away from him…

    I think a nightly newscast featuring Rob, Anderson, AJ and Daniel would be a surefire ratings winner… how about it, CNN?? πŸ™‚

  160. bill Avatar

    i just saw rob reporting in a nice olive green t-shirt and looking hot!! i think someone must have clued him in on those big sexy hands of his because he seems to find any excuse to get them in the shot! i want him to grab me with those big long-fingered hands and hold me in his beefy arms! mmmmmmm yummy!!!!! unfortunately i guess i have to get back to work. but i will be keeping an eye out for any more shots of mr. marcihomo

  161. Tom Avatar

    Several days ago someone posed some questions about Aaron Brown. In the trivia department, he did TV news in Seattle for a few years. When people would meet him in elevators, etc., his nose would go in the air, resulting in the local nickname of “Arogant Brown.” If we were running a poll on Andy C and hunky Rob M being gay, I’d say that there is no doubt about Andy. Rob is just wishful thinking. Now if we could just get Andy and Rob to give each other a big, wet kiss on New Years Eve . . . .

  162. stan Avatar

    I just googled Rob and saw this site come up! I’ve been hot for this weather guy for about a year. I am so upset that I missed the butt shot of Rob Marciano. I didn’t see the one where his hairy pecs were visible either. I love chest hair and I’m so happy that Rob’s got it! I was debating with myself during pre-Ophelia coverage, b/c he was wearing this black CNN polo shirt with I think 2 buttons undone and there was just smooth chest. I figured that since he is so pretty that maybe he shaves. But, I did notice that there were some nice muscles to be seen when he had the camera “pan,” I was so glad they included his chest in the pan shot. Does anyone know tall how Rob M. is, for example, his “friend” on this blog?

    What it has seemed like to me is this: he seems to butch it up when he’s reporting the weather. But, he seemed fairly gay-acting when CNN had him filling in for Bill Hemmer in the mornings several months ago. I suppose whether he’s gay or not doesn’t matter really. What he is is a decent weather reporter and a GREAT looking guy.

    The Conservative News Network knows what they’re doing, and them having any weatherman that looks this good, gay or straight, has got me tuning in to their lousy news coverage. At least their coverage of the weather doesn’t suck.

  163. Danelle Avatar

    I have been watching CNN tonight, and they are showing Rob Marciano a lot commenting on the impending tropical storm Rita. He said that it will definitely be hurricane Rita by tomorrow. He was talking about how he is going to hunker down and wait for it. He looks beautiful, as always! Poor little guy looks a little tired though.

  164. Seth Avatar

    If Rob Marciano did a national weather forcast……..I would make sure I was in front of the T.V. for every report. Actually, if he did anything on t.v. (or at my house for that matter), at the same time every day, I would make sure to watch on time. He is so HOT!!!!

  165. Ann Vilivavol Avatar
    Ann Vilivavol

    I first saw Rob Marciano when AC was covering a hurricane in Florida and I noticed that AC was looking at Rob with admiration and desire. I felt right away that AC is gay and I heard recently that he was outed. His outing was not that important to me for I was sure from the way he was salivating when staring at Rob Marciano that he is gay. There was no doubt from my observation that Rob was aware that AC wants him and continued to almost tease him in a subtle way. My feeling when witnessing that moment was Rob is straight and I hope that he is straight, he should have many children because he has good genes.

  166. Sass Avatar

    On Rob Marciano’s trip to the Common Ground during the Cornell Reunion…I’m from Ithaca, am a straight female,. I had many gay friends there, and I will tell you that no one, (not even straight couples like the poster suggested) goes there unless they are GAY. There are plenty of cool places to go and drink and hang out or see music in that town; other places where gays and straights comingle harmoniously. Not only is the Common Ground nowhere near Cornell campus or any of the nice hotels, but it is downright legendary in it’s gayness. Token co-anchor girlfriend or not, I’m convinced he at least goes both ways.

    But he is soooo yummy. If they’re hiring towel girls for next season’s storm coverage, I’m so there.

  167. Danelle Avatar

    Oooooo!! I want to be a towel girl too! But, I want to be a towel girl for both Anderson and Rob, so they are going to have to work together on a hurricane again. Could you imagine?!! “Okay guys, you have to strip down completely now, just to make sure I get everything towelled dried!”

  168. Buddy Avatar

    I had NO clue that there were others Who were in Love/Lust with Rob!!!
    I just stumbled across this site this morning, and read the posts…

    I have had a thing for MY MAN Rob for a couple of years now, I even received a letter and autographed photo from Him last year…

    Personally I don’t care if He is gay or not, He is still gorgeous, and since I have been with the same guy for 10 years now, it’s not like I’m on the prowl anyways…
    Just love having Rob on My screen, as often as possible!!!

  169. Buddy Avatar

    Rob is on CNN right now, doing a “survey of damage” type report from Sulphur/Lake Charles, Louisiana area…

    Gorgeous, but seems sad…

    Well it just wrapped up…

    I think He looks even better “roughing it” than He does normally…

  170. Kathi Avatar

    Does any know anything about CNN,s Jason Carroll ?

  171. Tony Avatar

    Hey everybody – check out that site weathering_heights — it’s a “fan-site” for Rob. Some dude wrote a cute short story (although a bit smutty) about Rob and Anderson getting it on — fictional, but will turn you guys on —- REALLY

  172. Dave Avatar

    I went looking for the story only to be further lead to under the celebrity section (as it said on a post at the fansite) but all I found was some strange Cooper slash where he reads dirty movie scripts in a hotel room πŸ˜› … no Rob Marciano connection… hmmm…

  173. Andy Avatar

    Dave, you want CNN Studs

  174. Dave Avatar

    Phew! Well then. I just read the story. Not bad. Not bad at all… say Andy fancy talking a walk around the corner there? πŸ˜‰

  175. Danelle Avatar

    I read the story last night out of curiosity, and, well, I would have to definetly agree with you guys on that. It was pretty hot!

    And I am really excited! I also signed on to Weathering Heights last night, and they accepted my membership this morning!! Yay! It is a very respectable group that is so lovingly devotted to Rob!

  176. tauruskat Avatar

    I belong to Weathering Heights too and read the story, which I sorta enjoyed. But I did notice that several people and the moderator got upset, saying that “children” in the group would be offended. Anyway, the group is kewl, but some people seem offended by graphic gay sex I guess. btw..I luv Anderson and Rob!! Especially Anderson πŸ™‚ He is so articulate and hot!!

  177. Anderson_junkie Avatar

    Again, smart, handsome and successful gay men aren’t that visible in the mainstream….would one of you fags care to explain why? Is it because fags are so identifiable by the faggy talk and walk? More fags are like Jack than Will. Anderson is NOT gay but Jonathan Klein is.

  178. Kathi Avatar


  179. becca81581 Avatar

    So, I only have one thing to contribute to this thread: that the MSNBC stud Jeff Ranieri is, in fact, gay. I live in Sacramento and a friend of mine used to go to the gay clubs with him, and from what I hear, he was kind of a slut!

    But of course, we all know Anderson is gay. I thought that was just common knowledge!

  180. greg Avatar

    On Rob M being gay or not.. just found this little “note from Rob” on Weathering Heights, a yahoo fan group, and posting this supposed to be from him, and my response to the note:
    from Rob:

    The reason it is important to me is because it’s come to my
    attention that there have been posts (on WH and other sites) making
    up stories about me. I am far from gay and I expect my yahoo group
    to support that fact. I certainly appreciate all members, gay or
    straight, but anyone thinking/wishing me to be gay is living a pipe
    As a proud professional gay man, I really found this post a bit disturbing, I can certainly understand one’s right to privacy, and definitely a disgust, or aggravation for people making up pure lies about them, in the public eye or not. Most superstars SEEM to learn to somewhat to put it in a place to find it amusing.. or even kinda fun to know at least people are talking.
    Although most all straight, They all know for SURE, that a gay following is a MAJOR plus… to one’s success, longevity and career. They also know that to OFFEND that community has severe reprecussions.
    I think the gay community at largeI also respects those in the public eyes right, who ARE gay, to come out when they personally choose.

    But I am struck by a couple of things. For one, What does FAR FROM gay mean? Whether you are gay or straight ……. really doesn’t change or effect any fondness or respect, like or dislike for you at all. Of course, it is a fact that you are very handsome, and Easy on the eye..:) , more importantly project a generous, kind and sensitive demeanor and star quality – (I think that’s called charisma… …..hell, i love Diane Sawyer for alot of the same reasons) But to me,, I AM GAY… AND frankly very glad I AM who I am. As a straight person one should feel the same.
    However to feel the need to express FAR FROM GAY … just seems to display an attitude either, … of disgust, or obvious desire to distance one’s self from any such “stories” .. as if to be gay is demeaning, bad, or offfensive. In my life experience, those who make the biggest fuss about it, as though it were something abhorrent or terrible…. are in fact the biggest closet cases on the planet.

    If you are far from gay, I just wondered to hear from you about a particular story, which seems persient…truth or not … on this other blog. Were you or weren’t you at a Cornell Reunion, and were you are weren’t you at the Common Ground in Ithaca, dancing with “the guys”. (this btw, doesnt make one gay or straight) …… I know the blogs are wide open, and can be about, as truthful and ridiculous at the National and Enquirer, or the Weekly World News. At the same time the blogs are good at exposing the truth about a lot of things.
    The gay community-at-large I feel, worldwide, is generally pretty passionate and protective of their own, AND their straight friends. The one thing considered the ULTIMATE crime, is hypocrisy. Too many of us have been devasted by it.
    To be gay and pretend it is undesirable, or that one is far from it… I hope you would agree is rightfully a recipe for disaster, and an invitation to be outed with a passion.

    I’ll also add that “having a girlfriend” doesn’t necessarily have anything to do with whether one is straight or gay , much to my straight brother’s chagrin…..I’ve always had the most beautiful, vivacious, bright, “girlfriends” as CLOSE companions, soulmates…

    My innate speculation, or just pure harmless curiosity whether you are gay are not, is just that……… and frankly I dont really consider it my right or my business… but the insinuation that I wondered about it …….. in your view seems to indicate I am living in some kind of PIPE DREAM (what is that?, sounds like an insult?).

    If this is your attitude about it – it simply provides an insight to your feelings an attitudes as a human being.

    Thanks for listening, and best to you.

  181. Danelle Avatar

    So, Greg, I am a member of Weathering Heights too, and I just read that same post this morning in my emails, but it was from a guy named “Jay”. So is “Jay” your Yahoo name?

    Anyway, this is what I wrote as a rebuttle to your post:

    I just wanted to say how cool it is to have Rob Marciano himself take the time out of his busy career and life to write notes to us, his fans. When I read Rob’s two notes, I was so excited to read something that came directly from him. Being that I am new here, I didn’t really realize that Rob did that. I must say that I myself thinks that that is a privilege that Rob has given to us and we should be very thankful.

    Now that he has written to clarify some FACTS, which is something that he didn’t have to do, I am saddened and upset over what has been said since. I must say that during all of the hype, I wondered the same things that Rob clarified for us. Re: Is he gay; there is so much talk about it, does he have a girlfriend; are they happy, among other things.

    So, now that he has bestowed this privilege on us, we should take it for what it is worth and let all of the speculation rest. Just because he has been to gay bars doesn’t mean that he is gay. I go to gay bars all of the time and I am a heterosexual woman. Just because he seems to get upset that people speculate about his sexuality doesn’t mean that he is a homophobe. As a “proud gay male”, wouldn’t you get upset if people were constantly saying things like, “oh he’s straight, I saw him in a prodominently straight club dancing with a girl, so he is lying, he is straight”? It would certainly bother me, especially if it is affecting my relationship with my significant other. Remember, Rob getting defensive does not mean that he is a homophobe. However, he might be around people that are and maybe they bug him tirelessly about it. I always try to look at the other side of the coin or try to live in other peoples shoes, and we here might not think that being gay is a bad thing, but there are people out there who do. And I personally wouldn’t want speculation or lies to affect Rob’s or anybody’s for that matter, career or personal life. So, now can we please let this rest in peace, and not be so mean to Rob about it?


    I wasn’t hounding on you Greg or “Jay”, but……

  182. bill Avatar

    wow, i’ve been gone for a couple of weeks and this thread got awefully serious and way too deep. its like the last 2 seasons of west wing around here. where’d the humor go? anyhow, now that rob is straight i guess i’ll have to file all my opinions of rob under wishful dreaming. i’m not going to stop fantacizing about rob, it’s just not in my nature to not objectify an amazingly hot piece of ass! if i were ever fortunate enough to get to know rob and have a close personal relationship with him, i suppose my thoughts of him would grow deeper. until that happens, however unlikely, i’m going to fantacize and dream to my hearts content. and in those fantacies and dreams my dear sweet hunk rob is……. GAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAYGAY!!!!!!!

  183. greg Avatar

    Danelle, Danelle..
    Hold on … I wrote that post to Rob, and that was that…. you are telling me to let it rest? I am not responsible for everyone’s blowing up about it.. and you seem to be “not letting it just be , and rest”. It does go to show, while some call themselves friends of the gay community, and surround themselves by gay people,, there is lot of stigma, even from our “friends”, or else it would provoke such attacks.. ..
    NOW, I just let the my post stand as it was.. and let everybody rant on me however they wanted. My feelings are mine, and so is yours and everyone else’s.
    Now, also, in my note, apparently you seemed to overlook, the praise and compliments heaped his way…….. which i do not easily dish out…..such as,
    Easy on the Eye, star quality, perceiving him as sensitive very handsome, sensitive, kind, fondness, respect.
    Importantly too, my own post states emphatically that going to a gay bar certainly doesn’t indicate anyone is gay or straight. Did you happen to miss that? it directly followed the mention of him being said to go.
    This was just a positive thing, or chance to show, what i consider very important, that fears, or being homophobic is nonexistent, which i consider endearing.
    I’ll say too, that ANYONE taking the time to speak to me., especially someone i admire, as to be fun, perhaps exciting, …….. but to think of it as “bestowing an honor” on some lowly me is about as absurd and kissing the pope’s ring.
    My post was to Rob, I was sincere, I don’t know anyone, nor have never posted as any “Jay” … I would not really care if anyone called me straight or gay, nor would it effect anyone I would hold dear, ESPECIALLY a bofriend or lover, …. amusing maybe, offensive – no.
    and as far as gay people going to straight places.. well did you ever consider what our options might be otherwise, as the ratio of options is probably about a thousand to one.
    I’m just a nice guy, yes .. sensitive (which I consider a very positive quality in anyone…)….. if overly sensitive, well please forgive me for my flaws…
    but, frankly I don’t come here or any other Yahoo group, to brawl, argue, or be engaged in, or provoke negativity ………. all that said, let’s get back to as it should be, fun , entertaining, and a chance to ‘basically’ meet, hang out, and expand our worlds to incorporate a world of great folks beyond around the globe, as opposed to just our own front doors.
    greg .. sorry, never heard of Jay til your post here. πŸ™‚
    for someone i endear

  184. Danelle Avatar


    I’m sorry if I seemed too negitive to you. I honestly wasn’t trying to be. That is why I said at the end of my post, “not trying to hound on you”. I wasn’t trying to be mean, I have the capacity to be mean if I want to be, and trust me, that wasn’t even close to mean. So, sorry if you took it that way.

    As far as the “Jay” thing, the only reason why I asked if that was your Yahoo! name is because like I said, I got an email that was almost exactlly the same and it was from a guy named Jay. I don’t think I actually addressed you as Jay. I believe I asked if it was just your Yahoo! name. It wasn’t meant to be negitive, I am new to that whole scene and I use the name dannyandygirl, not my real name, which is Danelle. I just assumed that everyone had a username which is different from their real one, and that yours was Jay if it in fact it was you who wrote that post.

    To me, Rob addressing the group was kind of an honour. I guess I am kind of a nerd that way. If I were to actually meet Rob in person, I would probably die. Well, maybe not, but you know what I mean. I am kind of a sucker that way for celebrities. Heck, I kind of freak out when I see a local radio personnality! (We don’t have very many celebrities pass through my small city here in Saskatchewan, Canada!) So, saying that it was supposed to be an honour to the group was because not many personalities would do that, write to their fan group. I never said that it was bestowing an honour “on some lowly you”.(I think I actually said priviledge) I never said that you were beneath Rob, or anyone else for that matter. If you or anyone took it that way, it was never intended, so I appologize.

    As for gays in straight bars, I have only been to local ones, and I have never seen a problem result in a gay man or woman being in a prodominently straight bar. So I am sorry that it might be a problem anywhere else because it shouldn’t have to be. As well, I am glad that you are that comfortable with who you are that it would not offend you if you were mistaken or “accused” of being straight. I just used that as a refrence to say that some people might be because they are like you, proud of who they are, or unfortunately are not comfortable with the gay community that lives among them, that they would not want to be assumed to be what they are not. And no, I didn’t miss that you said that going to a gay bar doesn’t mean that you are gay. However, you used a story that you read on a blog to queston Rob about him being in a couple of gay haunts. You also said that “those who make the biggest fuss about it, as though it were something abhorrent or terrible…. are in fact the biggest closet cases on the planet”

    Although, you did mention that blogs might have lies on them, you also said that they also hold some truth.

    I agree with you, that sensitivity is a possitive as well as endearing in anybody. I am a VERY sensitive person, but I always have people tell me that I am too sensitive. I think that if everyone had more sensitivity, people wouldn’t have to fight for respect, equallity, or any basic human rights that living in a democracy should allow.

    So again, my post was never meant to atttack you. It was just a rebuttal. And like you said, you have the right to your opinions, I have the right to mine, and everyone else has the right to theirs. I do consider myself a friend of the gay community. I do support their fight for the same rights that heterosexuals have. However, where was the “stigma” (a mark of disgrace or disrepute) or “attack” in my post as friend of the gay community?

    No hard feelings though, okay? I would like to try to be friends with everyone on message boards or blogs without negativity, an that includes you. : )


  185. Danelle Avatar

    Okay, Greg. I am totally willing to admit my mistakes. For the Jay thing, I looked back, and you did actually end your post with Greg. I am SOOOO sorry! I can’t appologize enough. I got you mixed up with someone else (Well, Jay). Again, I am very sorry for that. Can you forgive me?

    Well there’s some humor. I am an idiot! But just sometimes.

    Hi Andy! : )

  186. Tony Avatar

    Indeed, this WAS lots of fun and meant in good form and (I feel) as an admiration society to (of) Rob — BUT after reading most recent garbage posted by Danelle and Greg (aka Jay) I must agree with Bill — where has the humor gone — being on this blog should be fun; not a haven or use of time for folks without constructive lives — GET LIVES FOLKS AND GET SOME HUMOR IN THEM !!!!!

  187. Danelle Avatar

    Well, sorry guys. I was just trying to do my part by sticking up for Rob. The hint has been taken though. I am sorry. I personally enjoyed my time here, and because I have respect for you all, especially Andy, I won’t contribute here anymore. My appologies for being too serious, and not humourous enough. But like I said, hint has been taken. Please don’t take it out on Andy, or his great blog for my bullshit here. (Maybe Andy can erase everything i have ever written here.)

    And, I don’t know, maybe you will actually find THIS humerous.

    Have fun and best of luck, and never meant to offend anyone. I guess I am too opinionated, and too much of a bitch.

    I wish you nothing but the best Andy! πŸ™‚


  188. Don Avatar

    Rob Marciano isn’t gay. He left his wife for some other Mexican slut working at CNN. Veronica something… she moved into the couple’s building when she moved to Atlanta from LA, just to get his sweet juice. Too much of a bitch right!

  189. Andy Avatar

    I think the expression for much of these contentious comments is GYOFB.

  190. LALAChico Avatar

    Kathi- Jason Carroll is either gay or plays for both teams. (More than just a gaydar thing.)

  191. Areba Reba Avatar
    Areba Reba

    Don, if what you are saying is true about Rob then that chick has gotta have something going on! So that means Rob is taken, too bad.

  192. Charles Avatar

    Jeff Ranieri is totally hot. And he has to be gay – have you seen the way he moves his hands when he pointing out things on his RADAR? Totally like Vanna White.

  193. Charles Avatar

    Also read this bio. He is definitely gay.

    “When Jeff’s not forecasting the weather or studying, you can bet he’s watching anything to do with Gator sports, at the gym, or spending time with his friends and his cat, Stormy.”

  194. Charles Avatar

    Evidence 2

    This is from a Sacramento Magazine Section where he used to be a Weatherman. Here is a quote from his answers:

    “Famous person you’d like to have a date with: Somebody on the cast of β€œWill & Grace.””

  195. Chad Avatar

    OH GOD — how could life deal me such a horrible blow — I live in Ft Meyers and I’m presently attending a conference in Atlanta — Rob is on TV right now broadcasting from the beach about two blocks from my house —- OK, my priorities are in order — Insurance will cover any damage to my house — I don’t have MISSED ROB insurance —– (weeping)

  196. Chad Avatar

    OK – I need to know what’s going on !!! I’m watching Anderson C.’s show and he’s deferring on a Wilma commentary to ABC’s Sam Champion — now, I think Sam is the number one cutie — and has his senior and Rob’s alum brother, Lee Goldberg running for his life — but why, Anderson, are you bringing us Sam instead of Rob —- gotta tell ya, if CNN brings on Sam — ‘ol Rob has a run for his life —– and by the way — I had thought Lee Goldberg was the Hottest weatherman ’till he put on a bit of weight got a little tired looking. GOOOOO SAMMMMMM !!!!!!!

  197. Dave Avatar

    That is just bad luck Chad! And to think you could have been there to rescue our rob from the clutches of the storm and gave him some dry shelter.

    So I just looked at Ranieri. Cute. Very. Even hot. I never heard of him before but I am not in the US. I also just took a peek at Champion. Maybe I have not found a good enough photo but he does not compare to Marciano or Ranieri for that matter. πŸ˜€ Too bad I could not get Rob up my way. It looks like Wilma is going to bring some heavy rain and strong wind to Nova Scotia.

    More importantly though here’s hoping my bf’s dad’s house in Naples is still there and not too damaged…

  198. josh Avatar

    There are almost 200 posts on here about hot newsmen, but I don’t think anyone has mentioned how HOT Andy is!

  199. Dave Avatar

    Agreed Josh. Andy is very yummy… πŸ™‚

  200. Chad Avatar

    God Damn — I’m still here in Atlanta and Rob is in Naples — how fate has delt me a blow – do you think if I e-mail him he’ll go over to my place and report on the damage from my bedroom ? (LOL)

  201. Chad Avatar

    Well – some’thong’ is going on. I’m watching CNN again and again Sam Champion isfeatured with Larry King —- Rob’s in trouble — Sam’s a hunk and OUT !!!

  202. Arthur Avatar

    Just stumbled on this site while looking for info on Jeff Ranieri. My gaydar told me Jeff was gay and reading this site just confirmed it.

    I know Anderson is gay. People Magazine “outed” Anderson a few years ago in one of it’s “50 Most Beautiful People” issues. They referred to him as a gay news anchor. I also saw a picture of Anderson’s bedroom in a magazine spread and he has a huge painting of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, directly over his bead. Must make for uncomfortable sex. Mommie’s watching you!

  203. Andy Avatar

    I don’t think anyone has mentioned how HOT Andy is!

    Well it is about goddamn time. πŸ˜‰

  204. Dave Avatar

    I tried to get Andy to ‘take a walk’ with me once but he just ignored me… oh woe is me. πŸ˜›

  205. Chad Avatar

    Don’t know, but my take is that good ‘ol Sam’s contract is about to expire with ABC and CNN is recruiting — as far as I’m concerned — a wonderful welcome — some say he’s a plastic Ken doll; I think he’s sooooooo hot. As to Lee, I knew him well at Cornell. He and Rob are class-mates and in fact, he is a great guy; only around 5’ 6″; but big hands and we and some others did enjoy some really fun, bed-times with him…… He’s too great a guy to rag on — as somebody that knows him very well, I’ll ask that you admire him

  206. Dave Avatar

    Lee? Who is Lee again?

  207. Jason Avatar

    Jeff is hot saw him on nightly news recently… mmmmmm WE NEED MORE OF HIM. He does seem to be very articulate but it comes off smooth on camera I think and he’s a good mix of possibly gay and str8. Love him and want more of him.

  208. Kathi Avatar

    Does anybody know where Anderson is this week? Apparently ‘360’ won’t be back until Nov.7

  209. Charles Avatar

    This is off topic but What is it that David Schuster does with that mouth of his?! It is like it has a mind of its own. I can never pay attention to what he is saying because my eyes are always astonished at weird movements he is making with as he talks.

  210. Deborah Avatar

    Jason Carroll goes to my gym… amazing body, but alas, I see him checking out the boys all the time.

  211. Charles Avatar

    hmmm… I’m not sure about Jason. His face seems so gaunt.

  212. AJ's Hampton House Avatar
    AJ’s Hampton House

    Last I knew the house in the hamptons was his parents.

  213. LALAChico Avatar

    Jasons face is gaunt, but the pecs are beefy.

  214. Charles Avatar

    I heard that Shepard Smith of Fox News is gay. Is this truth or rumor? Also, where is Kris Osborn?

  215. Gene Avatar

    Jason Carroll looked so hot on the a recent run of CNNs entertainment show. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him there. I don’t know what the matter is at CNN. Jason deserves about 10 hours of time each day.
    Deborah, you’re so lucky. What I would give to check out Jason in workout sweats and then sweat with him in the locker room. Yummy.

  216. Deborah Avatar

    Gene- Jason wears a wife beater to the gym. lol

  217. SacGuy Avatar

    Yes, Jeff Ranieri is gay! I used to live in SAC too… and I know for a fact that he had sex with more than one guy at the pool party we attended…. Trust me… Plus, he was ALWAYS at the bars. Congrats Jeff on your new job!

  218. Joseph Avatar

    Does anyone know where the heck Rob Marciano is? He hasn’t been on CNN for weeks and CNN has absolutely the worst customer-care attitude of any business I have ever dealt with. With all the changes recently at CNN it wouldln’t surprise me if they haven’t pushed my beloved Robbie out the door and he’s on hiatus until his contract finishes. If that’s what’s happened I will NEVER watch CNN again.

  219. Mickey Avatar

    Finally found some good infomation on the subject.

  220. Russ and Dee Fine Avatar

    Hello, I am Russ Fine. (And I’m Dee!) I happen to think AJ Hammer and Bradley Jacobs make one heck of a sexy couple. I am always thinking about these two hotties together…ooooooh baby!

  221. Aaron Avatar

    Rob Amrciano has married Anderson Cooper. He is the ‘wife’ since Anderson makes more money.

    They’re adopting an AIDS baby and Rob is going to be Mr. Mom.

    This concludes the Rob Maricano string.

  222.  Avatar

    Don’t know if the gay rumors about Rob are true but I did him when he was marries (is he still married) and he was the worst lay I ever had….I am a straight female…so all you beautiful gay boys and straight girls….stick with your fantisies because the reality sucks.

  223. Andy Avatar

    I have a huge crush on both Bill Hemmer and Rob Marciano. I love to see them dressed up in their suits, imagining them stripping down to their boxer shorts. I would love to see them make-out. Thomas Roberts is another hottie.

  224. Richie Rich Avatar
    Richie Rich

    IM IN LOVE WITH A.J. HAMMER. I cant help it. He is soooo cute. Kiss pie poo baybay.

  225. mike Avatar

    I drooled looking at Jeff when he was in Sac sort of figured he was gay when he was talking about his heated toilet seat.

  226. newzWESTCOASTERnow Avatar

    Jeff Ranieri is back…. had not seen him in a while on the Today Show and today he filled in for Al Roker.

    What a hottie! While he was not in storm gear he was looking like quite the man in a suit:-)

    I found this blurb on here about him but he’s not a CNN anchor… maybe soon?

    for all of his other fans I searched and found out that he does a show called Early Today on NBC.

    I will be watching when I can. It’s early though, give the hot man some good hours already!

  227. newzWESTCOASTERnow Avatar

    Wait, one more thing Ranieri lovers… he has a blog.

    fun pictures of him in Italy. The picture does not do him justice on the bio.

    I’m not a stalker, just a big fan!

  228. Sunny Avatar

    Only Three? Some of the posts here aknowlege that CNN’s Cooper, Hammer, Marciano are gay but, have forgotten about Blitzer. Acturally, there are five gay front men on CNN… cany you name the fifth?

  229. Greg Avatar

    Ron Burgundy?

    ha, no only joking. He likes scotch, Baxter, jazz flute, and of course the company of female companions.

    I love scotch, scotchy, scotchy scotch. Here it goes, into my mouth, down into my belly.

  230. Ron Atkinson Avatar
    Ron Atkinson

    He’s a looker alright, what with his muscular back and almost too perfect cheekbones.

    Everytime he comes on the screen if feel like doing a few lollipops and giving him the eybrows, if you know what i mean.

    Shame he’s not gay, but you know what they say. If there weren’t any gays, we’d all just be frustrated gays.

  231. […] CNN News Anchors | AndymaticRepetition creates affection. A side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. […]

  232. franklin70 Avatar

    The gogomag pictures say “right click disabled.” I’ve never encountered this before; anyone know how to download these shots of Rob?

  233. Tony G Avatar
    Tony G

    AJ Hammer is the quintessential gorgeous piece of man flesh. Slammin’ body too! Sanjay makes me goo-goo(even tho he’s married). I’d love to see Bill Hemmer in a speedo, and Anderson IS gay! (Because I said so). But Jeff Ranieri I’ll take anytime, any place..wait…ok I’m done!

  234. JAY Avatar

    I saw Rob M with 5:00 clock shadow in jeans reporting in florida. WO BABY

  235. Nan Grove-Robbins Avatar
    Nan Grove-Robbins

    A.J. Hammer is gorgeous. I know a 20-yr. old hottie who lives on the East Coast who could be A.J.’s twin – and he is rumored to be gay – so when I see A.J. I can’t help but make the “gay” association.

    The long fingers? Not to shoot the anatomical speculation down (I’m guessing A.J. would not be a disappointment below the waist) but long fingers signify aptitude for instrumental music, including piano. Don’t know if there are scientific studies supporting this, but I believe it is generally true.

  236. mike Avatar

    Just saw Jeff Ranieri on Nightly News with Brian Williams. What a combo they were in the box, smokin!


  237. […] Andymatic Blog Archive CNN News AnchorsA side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. Sure, Anderson Cooper is a surefire hotstuff and of course Senior White House Correspondent John King? […]

  238. […] Andymatic Blog Archive CNN News AnchorsA side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. Sure, Anderson Cooper is a surefire hotstuff and of course Senior White House Correspondent John King? […]

  239. Arnie Avatar

    Wow. Some guys on here have very vivid imaginations! Rob Marciano gay? I think not. He was known in Portland as a real ladies man when he was out on the town. Someone’s gaydar is broken if they think he is gay.

  240. manic Avatar

    Anderson cooper is now dating A latin cutie from brooklyn ny. He’s 27 and has many g-rated and x-rated pictures of them together. perez hilton here i come.

  241. JJ Avatar


  242. RSom Avatar

    Does anyone know for sure if Jeff Raneri is gay or not? Is he seeing anyone? How does one get in tuch with him? Does he have an e mail address @MSNBC?

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