A. J. Hammer.

A side-effect of watching too much CNN is that you start to create crushes on the anchors. Sure, Anderson Cooper is a surefire hotstuff and of course Senior White House Correspondent John King? All of those ‘New Years Revolution’ ads have made me develop a thing for Dr. Sanjay Gupta as well. And now A. J. Hammer.

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  1. God Damn — I’m still here in Atlanta and Rob is in Naples — how fate has delt me a blow – do you think if I e-mail him he’ll go over to my place and report on the damage from my bedroom ? (LOL)

  2. Well – some’thong’ is going on. I’m watching CNN again and again Sam Champion isfeatured with Larry King —- Rob’s in trouble — Sam’s a hunk and OUT !!!

  3. Just stumbled on this site while looking for info on Jeff Ranieri. My gaydar told me Jeff was gay and reading this site just confirmed it.

    I know Anderson is gay. People Magazine “outed” Anderson a few years ago in one of it’s “50 Most Beautiful People” issues. They referred to him as a gay news anchor. I also saw a picture of Anderson’s bedroom in a magazine spread and he has a huge painting of his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, directly over his bead. Must make for uncomfortable sex. Mommie’s watching you!

  4. Don’t know, but my take is that good ‘ol Sam’s contract is about to expire with ABC and CNN is recruiting — as far as I’m concerned — a wonderful welcome — some say he’s a plastic Ken doll; I think he’s sooooooo hot. As to Lee, I knew him well at Cornell. He and Rob are class-mates and in fact, he is a great guy; only around 5’ 6″; but big hands and we and some others did enjoy some really fun, bed-times with him…… He’s too great a guy to rag on — as somebody that knows him very well, I’ll ask that you admire him

  5. Jeff is hot saw him on nightly news recently… mmmmmm WE NEED MORE OF HIM. He does seem to be very articulate but it comes off smooth on camera I think and he’s a good mix of possibly gay and str8. Love him and want more of him.

  6. This is off topic but What is it that David Schuster does with that mouth of his?! It is like it has a mind of its own. I can never pay attention to what he is saying because my eyes are always astonished at weird movements he is making with as he talks.

  7. Jason Carroll goes to my gym… amazing body, but alas, I see him checking out the boys all the time.

  8. Jason Carroll looked so hot on the a recent run of CNNs entertainment show. My heart skipped a beat when I saw him there. I don’t know what the matter is at CNN. Jason deserves about 10 hours of time each day.
    Deborah, you’re so lucky. What I would give to check out Jason in workout sweats and then sweat with him in the locker room. Yummy.

  9. Yes, Jeff Ranieri is gay! I used to live in SAC too… and I know for a fact that he had sex with more than one guy at the pool party we attended…. Trust me… Plus, he was ALWAYS at the bars. Congrats Jeff on your new job!

  10. Does anyone know where the heck Rob Marciano is? He hasn’t been on CNN for weeks and CNN has absolutely the worst customer-care attitude of any business I have ever dealt with. With all the changes recently at CNN it wouldln’t surprise me if they haven’t pushed my beloved Robbie out the door and he’s on hiatus until his contract finishes. If that’s what’s happened I will NEVER watch CNN again.

  11. Hello, I am Russ Fine. (And I’m Dee!) I happen to think AJ Hammer and Bradley Jacobs make one heck of a sexy couple. I am always thinking about these two hotties together…ooooooh baby!

  12. Rob Amrciano has married Anderson Cooper. He is the ‘wife’ since Anderson makes more money.

    They’re adopting an AIDS baby and Rob is going to be Mr. Mom.

    This concludes the Rob Maricano string.

  13. Don’t know if the gay rumors about Rob are true but I did him when he was marries (is he still married) and he was the worst lay I ever had….I am a straight female…so all you beautiful gay boys and straight girls….stick with your fantisies because the reality sucks.

  14. I have a huge crush on both Bill Hemmer and Rob Marciano. I love to see them dressed up in their suits, imagining them stripping down to their boxer shorts. I would love to see them make-out. Thomas Roberts is another hottie.

  15. IM IN LOVE WITH A.J. HAMMER. I cant help it. He is soooo cute. Kiss pie poo baybay.

  16. I drooled looking at Jeff when he was in Sac sort of figured he was gay when he was talking about his heated toilet seat.

  17. Jeff Ranieri is back…. had not seen him in a while on the Today Show and today he filled in for Al Roker.

    What a hottie! While he was not in storm gear he was looking like quite the man in a suit:-)

    I found this blurb on here about him but he’s not a CNN anchor… maybe soon?

    for all of his other fans I searched and found out that he does a show called Early Today on NBC.

    I will be watching when I can. It’s early though, give the hot man some good hours already!

  18. Only Three? Some of the posts here aknowlege that CNN’s Cooper, Hammer, Marciano are gay but, have forgotten about Blitzer. Acturally, there are five gay front men on CNN… cany you name the fifth?

  19. Ron Burgundy?

    ha, no only joking. He likes scotch, Baxter, jazz flute, and of course the company of female companions.

    I love scotch, scotchy, scotchy scotch. Here it goes, into my mouth, down into my belly.

  20. He’s a looker alright, what with his muscular back and almost too perfect cheekbones.

    Everytime he comes on the screen if feel like doing a few lollipops and giving him the eybrows, if you know what i mean.

    Shame he’s not gay, but you know what they say. If there weren’t any gays, we’d all just be frustrated gays.

  21. The gogomag pictures say “right click disabled.” I’ve never encountered this before; anyone know how to download these shots of Rob?

  22. AJ Hammer is the quintessential gorgeous piece of man flesh. Slammin’ body too! Sanjay makes me goo-goo(even tho he’s married). I’d love to see Bill Hemmer in a speedo, and Anderson IS gay! (Because I said so). But Jeff Ranieri I’ll take anytime, any place..wait…ok I’m done!

  23. A.J. Hammer is gorgeous. I know a 20-yr. old hottie who lives on the East Coast who could be A.J.’s twin – and he is rumored to be gay – so when I see A.J. I can’t help but make the “gay” association.

    The long fingers? Not to shoot the anatomical speculation down (I’m guessing A.J. would not be a disappointment below the waist) but long fingers signify aptitude for instrumental music, including piano. Don’t know if there are scientific studies supporting this, but I believe it is generally true.

  24. Just saw Jeff Ranieri on Nightly News with Brian Williams. What a combo they were in the box, smokin!


  25. Wow. Some guys on here have very vivid imaginations! Rob Marciano gay? I think not. He was known in Portland as a real ladies man when he was out on the town. Someone’s gaydar is broken if they think he is gay.

  26. Anderson cooper is now dating A latin cutie from brooklyn ny. He’s 27 and has many g-rated and x-rated pictures of them together. perez hilton here i come.


  28. Does anyone know for sure if Jeff Raneri is gay or not? Is he seeing anyone? How does one get in tuch with him? Does he have an e mail address @MSNBC?

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