American Dad

I’m really enjoying the new show American Dad. It seems like a logical evolution of American identity. Homer Simpson is an Ugly American and not conscious of it. With American Dad, the father doesn’t even care who he offends with self-righteous, racist, narrow-minded glee.

Anyone else laugh when Karl Rove came in as Emperor Palpatine?

In tonight’s episode the son manages to get impregnated with an alien fetus. His sister mentions that even if he is a boy he still has a right to choose. The dad fires back: Not in this house! We’re conservatives! That’s the one way we don’t like to kill things! 

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4 replies on “American Dad

  1. I DID in fact laugh (semi-hysterically) at seeing Karl Rove as Emperor Palpatine, but the gay alien has been my favorite character so far… how ’bout you?

  2. I love the alien, too. Plus, the nazi goldfish. I really like having a whole ‘Seth McFarlane’ hour with Family Guy first.

  3. I love both shows too, but i do think once in a while they go over the line. I was a little disturbed when peter was telling a guy he had HIV by making a show tune called “You’ve got AIDS”, complete with a musical number. I can understand they were trying to be funny and outrageous but that just seemed like they crossed a line. The show is still hilarious though and i still intend on watching. (loved the crack about Dynasty on American Dad)

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