Why New Coke Failed

It wasn’t a conspiracy: “The reason why coke changed it is a simple one, Pepsi happened. Whilst Pepsi had existed for practically the entirety of Cokes history they were never a large threat to the dominance of Coke after WWII. However this changed in the mid 70s with Pepsi running two well known ad campaigns. […]

The Music Industry, Post-Payola

Secrets from the music industry: “[A]ny citizen could walk into an airport and buy plane tickets with cash. A common ruse was to have the A&R guy ( Artist and Repertoire) use company cash, buy tickets and give them to Local PDs at radio stations. These tickets were as good as cash but not a […]

Critical Thinkers vs List People

From a Reddit discussion about parents realizing their kids aren’t that bright: “One group is like your first two kids, critical thinkers, self empowered types. Show them the concept, talk about the goal and they’ll pick up the pieces and run with it. … Group 2 I call the list people. The didn’t want to hear about […]