Why Tesla's Bombing in China

Tesla has only sold 120 cars in China:

“The product offering is way off. Chinese rich want instant gratification more than anything – way beyond rich folks anywhere else in the world. Super chargers and waiting 4 hours to charge doesn’t make sense in for these people. That is what poor people who cant afford a car in China do with their electric scooters. Rich folks in China do not want to be associated with that, especially seen in public charging their car or spending that time. Don’t get me wrong the rich in China are frugal where it is not seen, so they love saving money. Story goes that when high-end luxury cars like ferrari/porsche etc.. entered China their cars saw an abnormally high problem with their cars engine. Apparently the rich folks wanted to be seen with a flashy car, but was fueling it with the shittiest sub-par gasoline that did havoc on the engine, because no one can see the gasoline that they put inside it. It is all about the saving and building ‘face’.”

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