The Difference Between Marvel and DC Comics

Comic nerds outlines the difference between the two major comics publishing houses:

“Marvel was about people trying to be heroes. DC was about heroes trying to be people.

Wonder Woman, Supes, Bats… They all come from a place that makes them outsiders to different degrees. I think Bats can be played several ways successfully, and that’s contributed to his popularity. Superman will always be the adopted son of humanity due to his own feelings and experiences. WW could reach a point where she hits “Western society average”, but Western society has a long way to go. Her frustration about that is pretty great.

But Spider-Man will swipe a hot dog from a vendor then come back after defeating Rhino and drop money to pay it. Pre- ~2000’s I can’t imagine the aforementioned DC characters being concerned with food unless it was part of a plot point, yet Marvel makes it both location-enforcing and character development.”

via Jeffool comments on TIL that Iron Man was created by Stan Lee as a challenge to create a hero no one should like and force people to like him..

Image from the Marvel/DC cross-over series.





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