I was giggling at this report from The Onion – an article saying that focus groups for the new Affleck/J. Lo movie demand a new ending to the flick where they perish: The Onion | Gigli Focus Groups Demand New Ending In Which Both Affleck And Lopez Die “What about an automobile fire in which […]

And A Smile

Coca-Cola plant in India is being accused of putting thousands of farmers out of work by draining the water that feeds their wells, and poisoning the land with waste sludge that the company claims is fertiliser.

More Than Enough

There are some movies that tease you with their inherent badness that you know some night – oh yes – you will rent it and spend the precious minutes that you have together watching it. Such it is with Just Can’t Get Enough – the ‘true’ story of the Chippendales murders. Actually murder. The ‘movie’ […]

Super Sugar Sunday

Ron and I have been doing remarkably well lately – compared to the rough spot we were on a few weeks ago. I chalk it up to an upturn in both of our career possibilities. He’s supposedly going back to work in September. I say supposedly because they really jerk the flight attendants around with […]

LGBT Minstrelsy

Terry Sawyer rips into the ‘bitchpit’ of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy: “Gay” magazines join in on the vast pink-wing conspiracy, offering their consumers month after month of body image sadism wrapped in the promise of salvation through consuming. Pathetically, their families and friends act as if Santa’s makeover elves have given them the […]

Reagan’s Blowback

My hero, Greg Palast says the unspoken on Liberia: Reporters never fail to mention that former American slaves founded Liberia, yet have passed over more recent history: The administration of Ronald Reagan armed the first berserker to seize power in Liberia, setting in motion the current civil war.

Lepisma sacchrina

We had an emergency last night. Ron wakes me up at 1:30 to tell me that there’s a huge insect crawling on the wall. I immediately jump out of bid and look up and there on the ceiling is the biggest bastard silverfish you have ever seen. We both immediately began shivering with the heebie-jeebies. […]

Bush’s AIDS Betrayal

Lying Media Bastards breaks down the promise of five billion dollars in aid to Africa to fight the spread of HIV: To run this $15 billion plan, Bush selected Randall L. Tobias. He has no experience working with AIDS, and no experience with Third World countries. His primary “qualification” to run this plan is that […]

Bi Club

I was trying to entreat Ron to watch Fight Club the other night but he doesn’t think it’s worth watching because it’s all about fighting and nothing gets solved. I was trying to explain the underlying themes of the movie but he didn’t want to hear it. I then tried to draw connections between Fight […]

How You Durrin?

I got a good laugh when a friend sent me Shirley Q. Liquor’s comedy clip, ‘Ebonics Airlines’ wherein the comedian plays up a ghetto airline steward’s pre-flight checklist. I always feel bad laughing at this kind of stuff. Then I did a little online research and learned that Shirley Liquor is actually a persona performed […]