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I was giggling at this report from The Onion – an article saying that focus groups for the new Affleck/J. Lo movie demand a new ending to the flick where they perish:

The Onion | Gigli Focus Groups Demand New Ending In Which Both Affleck And Lopez Die

“What about an automobile fire in which Ben and Jennifer are shown perishing in a slow-motion montage, their newfound love discarded as they try desperately to claw their way past each other’s melting bodies, while slowly roasting to death in their own fat? You’d be surprised at how many people came up with that one. I must say, a part of me loves the idea of them chewing each other to death during a 14-minute dolly shot.”

So very funny.

More Than Enough

There are some movies that tease you with their inherent badness that you know some night – oh yes – you will rent it and spend the precious minutes that you have together watching it. Such it is with Just Can’t Get Enough – the ‘true’ story of the Chippendales murders. Actually murder.

The ‘movie’ is set in the 70s which provides lots of screen time to feathered hair and polyester exercise suits. For the subject matter the movie is chastely tame. Oh it’s bad.

The actors look like they are just entertaining themselves on screen with such horrendous acting and shitty dialogue.

Ron is more interested in the newly arrived Ikea catalog.

It is really really bad.

Oh and there’s the line of dialogue: ‘Death by cunnilingus.”

Super Sugar Sunday

Ron and I have been doing remarkably well lately – compared to the rough spot we were on a few weeks ago. I chalk it up to an upturn in both of our career possibilities. He’s supposedly going back to work in September. I say supposedly because they really jerk the flight attendants around with his company. Whoever runs HR at his company is a real dickhead. There was an announcement that the company was going to buy all new uniforms for the entire flight crew staff at the cost of millions of dollars. That and they were going to spin off a new brand to compete with Southwest and JetBlue but after spending millions on preparation decided to dump that instead. I still maintain that if you want to know what’s really going on in a company that the last people you ask are the executives. There’s too many filters. If someone had ever bothered to ask me about what I thought about where I was working and the recommendations I had they could have saved thousands of dollars – but it’s like that in every company I reckon.

More work and coordination with a psych prof at a local university in putting together a theatre presentation for an international psych and trauma conference that will be hosted here in the city this winter. It’s a fun project and even has a little kick of grant money for me coordinating it. Plus, it’s good to work on something with such high international visibility.

One of the contacts with it and I were debriefing from a meeting and he had mentioned how he used to be a Catholic priest and he left the church after he came to terms with his homosexuality. I think there should be some kind of survey done to see how many priests have left the church because they feel/are rejected based on their sexuality. The amount of talent probably amounts to a mass exodus to either other more tolerant religions or to the secular world.

Today is Sugar Rush Sunday. I’ve been doing low sugar and low carb all week and now’s the day to carbo load like it’s my job. I’ve already had two muffins and a hot cocoa. God I miss bread. It is quite rewarding to see that I’ve started to really lean down and cut up the past few weeks. I’ve lost the small layer of fat in my lower back and now sport a four-pack on my stomach. It also helps keep my mood balanced to not always be bouncing back and forth with sugar rushes and crashes. I think I am probably hypoglycemic since I always get so mean when I’m hungry. It also means I’m eating better than I ever have in my whole life. Egg white omelettes and cream of rice and steamed broccoli (my mom is totally floored that I’m eating broccoli and it didn’t take a girl – or guy – to get me to do it).

Got a fantastic lead on a job possibility with a contractor from my former employer. It would be so totally amazing to work with this company. They are very progressive and deal with rolling out software to large organizations to better collaborate and work on projects across the globe. I think I have a good chance. When I worked with them at my old company one of the owners of the company had dropped by my cube to find me and I wasn’t there and commented to a co-worker that ‘I was just brilliant and bright’. Gotta cash in on that. I try to spin my background in directing and producing as the ultimate project management experience. Nobody in the corporate arena can come close to college level drama divas.

I didn’t go to my high school reunion a couple weeks ago. Part of it is I didn’t want to pay the dough to fly home and be there. Part of it too is I don’t want to do the whole coming out thing to my high school class. I’d rather just visit home and see the handful of people that I really would like to visit with and leave it at that.

Everyone I’m talking to seems tired of going out and tired of the clubs. It’s probably a function of Circuit having such a shitty sound system (currently being re-engineered to appease the yuppies scum next door) and Hydrate (the old Manhole) having such a long line. I actually get excited when the weather is less than beautiful because that means I can stay home and play on the computer. Even party boy (thai) Chris is tired of the scene. And he’s very dedicated to his partying.

Ron’s talking to his buddy Gilbert on his cell. Asa buhama forty-dollars. Ano. Oo. Hindi. I gotta break out my Tagalog book. I just like the language because all the vowels are so open. It’s not as percussive and consonant-driven like other asian languages – probably from the Spanish influence on the culture. There’s a coup attemp in the Phillipines right now. The one Tagaglog phrase I know for sue is ‘guapito’ which means handsome so I know to look around and see if I can figure out who he and Gilbert are talking about. Like if we pass a gaggle of latino guys and I hear the word ‘guapo’ it’s a good bet there talking about me and saying that if I date Filipino guys then they probably have a chance with me. Got called ‘papi’ and told I had a nice ass last night. Men are so subtle.

It’s very hot out today. Well – it’s hot in here and very humid everywhere. Actually I’m sweating from the hot cocoa. I love that rush. BOOYAH!

Finished the pilot draft of a teleclass and one of my colleagues gave it a great review. It’s exciting that I’m got my own colleagues now. I feel so adult! Lisa said: ‘What you have created is truly the most comprehensive site on this subject i have ever ever ever seen. Please don’t give it away! Here is a universe full of virtual gold stars for you!’ That’s great input coming from her – she’s a fellow tech geek and I can’t pull any fast ones on her.

Ron was actually talking to Tiffany – his Fillipina counterpart. They are both Leos. She is laid off from American and had put all of her debt through a consolidation company that then didn’t pay off her creditors and so now she is having to file for bankruptcy and is being sued. I sometimes wonder where this economy is going to go. Are we just slowly sliding into a depression similar to the 1930s and with the neo-cons in office they are just going to keep dismantling any kind of social support? Will Americans ever understand the economic implications of the trade agreements that on one hand allow us global reach for our products and services but at the same time shift employment overseas? Slashdot had a great discussion on tech jobs moving to the middle-east – notably India – and an Indian poster wrote how he gets paid about $5000 a year and that is enough to live comfortably in that company. Talking with the people I’ve been temping with – they are all with at least five temp agencies each and no one is calling them for work.

LGBT Minstrelsy

Terry Sawyer rips into the ‘bitchpit’ of Queer Eye For the Straight Guy:

“Gay” magazines join in on the vast pink-wing conspiracy, offering their consumers month after month of body image sadism wrapped in the promise of salvation through consuming. Pathetically, their families and friends act as if Santa’s makeover elves have given them the precious gift of someone less hideous to love.

I love the word bitchpit.

Lepisma sacchrina

We had an emergency last night.

Ron wakes me up at 1:30 to tell me that there’s a huge insect crawling on the wall. I immediately jump out of bid and look up and there on the ceiling is the biggest bastard silverfish you have ever seen. We both immediately began shivering with the heebie-jeebies.

I got a box and was going to smack it dead but managed to hit it and it dropped onto the bed and then to the floor and under the bed. More heebie-jeebies. Of course, we’d just watched Poltergeist earlier this week where the clown doll attacks the the kid under the bed.

We both get back in bed and are staring at eachother trying to fall asleep. I have wrapped my blanket as tight as I can up to my neck to prevent any infestation and immediately began sweating my nuts off. We finally get to sleep.

That thing was HUGE.

}} Shiver {{

Bush’s AIDS Betrayal

Lying Media Bastards breaks down the promise of five billion dollars in aid to Africa to fight the spread of HIV:

To run this $15 billion plan, Bush selected Randall L. Tobias. He has no experience working with AIDS, and no experience with Third World countries. His primary “qualification” to run this plan is that he used to be– wait for it– CEO of pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly.

Bi Club

I was trying to entreat Ron to watch Fight Club the other night but he doesn’t think it’s worth watching because it’s all about fighting and nothing gets solved. I was trying to explain the underlying themes of the movie but he didn’t want to hear it. I then tried to draw connections between Fight Club and anonymous gay sex. Replace fighting with fucking and you have the whole bathhouse and online chat hookup scene in a nutshell: enjoining with another man in an intensely physical but intensely impersonal act – many times because there is no other way to feel anything in your life. (boy, that sounded anti-sex!)

How You Durrin?

I got a good laugh when a friend sent me Shirley Q. Liquor’s comedy clip, ‘Ebonics Airlines’ wherein the comedian plays up a ghetto airline steward’s pre-flight checklist. I always feel bad laughing at this kind of stuff. Then I did a little online research and learned that Shirley Liquor is actually a persona performed by a white man in blackface. Now I feel terrible.

Liquor’s show in NYC Sept 2002 was closed down due to protests from the surrounding community. That link also has some other articles on Shirley and a little analysis of the act’s popularity with gay white audiences: (thanks Keith! Glad to have discovered your blog!)

There’s a long line of famous black celebrities who have gained their fame because white people decided they were black heroes. RuPaul may be one of them, and now writer Kheven Lee LaGrone takes on RuPaul as well. “Shirley Q. is paying homage to old-fashioned white supremacy. It is fitting that RuPaul would defend someone he calls one of his favorite entertainers,” LaGrone continues. “RuPaul himself does a ‘reverse minstrelsy.’ He is the ‘lowly’ Negro homosexual who dons blonde wigs to effect ‘glamour.’ RuPaul “projects to his largely white audience that their whiteness is desirable. His mantra to ‘love yourself’ speaks to an audience that craves validation. He seems to be coaching them to reclaim their white skin entitlement.”

Another interesting sentiment when I Googled Bernie Mac’s line ‘it’s raining white women’ from Charlie Angels:

His trademark big and rolling eyes, set in his ebony skin, take on a whole different meaning outside the setting of a Black narrative, setting and community, where we can laugh with him and not at him. In this film, he trips over himself with silliness while babysitting the angels.

That was sort of fascinating to me. That the same comedian’s style can be perceived totally differently when the context changes. Then there’s the minstrel throwbacks of Chris Tucker. Eek. I need to watch Bamboozled again.

Something Ron continually points out to me is how obsessed Americans are with boiling down race politics to black and white. That in other countries it just doesn’t fucking matter. I still think that underlying racial inequalities is a whole pink elephant of economic disparity that no one ever talks about. I think affirmative action should look at that and not at ethnicity.