Lepisma sacchrina

We had an emergency last night.

Ron wakes me up at 1:30 to tell me that there’s a huge insect crawling on the wall. I immediately jump out of bid and look up and there on the ceiling is the biggest bastard silverfish you have ever seen. We both immediately began shivering with the heebie-jeebies.

I got a box and was going to smack it dead but managed to hit it and it dropped onto the bed and then to the floor and under the bed. More heebie-jeebies. Of course, we’d just watched Poltergeist earlier this week where the clown doll attacks the the kid under the bed.

We both get back in bed and are staring at eachother trying to fall asleep. I have wrapped my blanket as tight as I can up to my neck to prevent any infestation and immediately began sweating my nuts off. We finally get to sleep.

That thing was HUGE.

}} Shiver {{






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