Bi Club

I was trying to entreat Ron to watch Fight Club the other night but he doesn’t think it’s worth watching because it’s all about fighting and nothing gets solved. I was trying to explain the underlying themes of the movie but he didn’t want to hear it. I then tried to draw connections between Fight Club and anonymous gay sex. Replace fighting with fucking and you have the whole bathhouse and online chat hookup scene in a nutshell: enjoining with another man in an intensely physical but intensely impersonal act – many times because there is no other way to feel anything in your life. (boy, that sounded anti-sex!)






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  1. Brian Avatar

    Hey Andy – We exchanged a few e-mails a few years ago now I imagine. I live in Chicago, stumbled upon your Blog and now check it out every now and again. (I had asked you previously about some of the coaching work, etc. I too have followed BFL, eetc., etc.)

    I am curious about what you mean by this post. Not so much in the analogy of on-line hooking up and sex to the movie, but your characterization of on-line hooking up generally. That is, the anonymous nature and inability to ‘feel’. This notion intrigues me a lot; if you could elaborate or respond, I would be intereted to hear your perspective. Regards, Brian

    What are you talking about, man 🙂
    I know it’s a smart way to get someone to watch the movie, but I hope after watching it, Ron doesn’t really think this movie is about anonymous sex and hooking up. Yes, on the surface, there is a lot of suppressed gay energy oozing out of the story, but underneath, it’s a very to-the-point critique of (american-style) consumer culture. Come to think of it, anonymous sex is kind of like going past a display window and buying a pair of jeans you didn’t need just because they were on sale 🙂
    Anyway, the summer sales started a week ago in Ljubljana. Check out the madness of it at , especially the 6th photo. I went past the store at midnight, when the store opened its doors to cheap-fashion-hungry youth and couldn’t believe my eyes, the front of the store looked like a mosh-pit. Man, it didn’t use to be like this. Youngsters hanging out at malls, poor people buying great cars to make them feel better about themselves, and in a city with so much action… I’m telling you, we need a schizo Ed Norton fast!

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