Hungry hungry… I had food poisoning Sunday through Monday. Quite a sickening event – shat myself silly ever 20 minutes for about 16 hours. I haven’t felt that awful in a long time. Once I purged though I felt so much better – couldn’t tell ya the meal that caused it though. Hmmm… feeling wandering […]

wednesday, february 6

The evening turned surreal. After meeting Kevin and Kelly for pizza and a third viewing of The Lord of the Rings (which rocks a third time!) we had to go over to the W Hotel and be stand-ins for a piece on Fox about the Chicago singles scene – the interviewer was Kim Fields. That’s […]

monday, february 4

me: hello? domme: lets talk me: k domme: lets meet me: I’m taken right now domme: by who domme: gf me: bf domme: are you gay me: sometimes domme: no gay or not you can be bi me: then I’m bi domme: much better put that on profile me: um me: k me: 🙂 me: […]

Bought Twin Peaks: Season One

Bought Twin Peaks: Season One on DVD. Unfortunately the pilot is not included so I am having to import that from Taiwan (the version available in the states is the same one in Europe – it has a tacked one ending they used to release the pilot as a stand-alone movie). The transfer to digital […]

I feel the Zoloft starting

I feel the Zoloft starting to bring me back out of my slump. It is funny – you go from taking it every day like a good boy and then every other day and then you forget it once or twice and then you notice that you aren’t taking it at all but you’ll take […]