Hungry hungry… I had food poisoning Sunday through Monday. Quite a sickening event – shat myself silly ever 20 minutes for about 16 hours. I haven’t felt that awful in a long time. Once I purged though I felt so much better – couldn’t tell ya the meal that caused it though. Hmmm… feeling wandering lately… putting together plans to get out of corporate life by the end of 2003. It seems so futile though. I feel beat down. Wah wah wah… if you wanted whining you can go elsewhere to find it. Ron and I clock in at six months on the 3rd. Pretty nuts if you ask me.






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  1. Joseph (It's me!) Avatar

    Relationships are uber-distubing aren’t they? Are you doing wierd couple stuff like completing each others sentences and carrying spare walkman battries because the other half never remembers too?

    I’ve heard there’s a 12 step program.

    We don’t do that… yet. Thank God. We do spend an awful lot of time gazing and saying ‘stop looking at me!’ I think that’s picked up from my dad – he likes to admire his kids and adore us and we always freaked out about it. I do know that he always has Coke with dinner and a large latte with a healthy pour of sugar in it. I know that he can’t get enough rice sometimes. He loves rice. Yes, it’s stereotypical, but the boy loves rice like it is his job. I do get to learn certain gay asian lingo like UFO – ‘ugly fucking oriental’. And you thought straight chicks were vicious.

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