Hardboiled Eggs. Yum. Yum.

Fell of the Lenten wagon in a big way yesterday. My ban on bread caved with a visit to Zoom Kitchen and a turkey loaf sandwich on sourdough with chutney and garlic mayo (+ cookie). The ban on ecstasy caved when Ron confessed he was no longer master of his domain. Oh well. I was joking that I wouldn’t come again until Jesus did but I seem to have dropped my cross… I remember once when I saw Jesus carrying a cross on the bus. I was pissed – I wanted to go up to him and say: ‘um… should you be dragging that thing?’ I mean, I guess he could put a wheel on the bottom of it – but Jesus didn’t take the CTA to Golgotha – that much I know.

Watched MTV TrueLife: Plastic Surgery last night. It was slightly disturbing to see this pair of 19 and 20 year old best friends – they’ve already both had boob jobs and liposuction and they’re going back for nose jobs and more lipo. Then there was this guy that had an amazing physique – except he couldn’t stand his little baby calves (not calves-moo, calves en releve). He talked about women alot but really enjoyed shaving all of his body hair, tanning, had lots of tattoos, wore body glitter and danced shirtless a lot. Then again it is L.A. Straight guys are starting to get as vain as the gay world. It seems that to act straight means to be slovenly – or less manicured and ‘kempt’ then your men-loving brethren. Seems there’s a trickle down effect. Starts with in-the-know-artsy-fartsy gay guys and then moves to the rest of the gay/bi community and then to the the artsy-fartsy-alternative straight guys and then to the rest of the male community. Happened with earrings. Happening with tattoos. Ron assures me that getting my left ear pierced would be oh so 1997 of me. I’ve really been wanting to get a tattoo lately though… and know mom and dad will freak out but that’s sort of a given. Why not modify your body to your liking? I just think it’s one of those things I’d regret not doing… sort of like if I’d never decided to try dating guys.

Ron has asked me if I was really gay twice in the past two weeks… not sure why. I’m not going to argue semantics with anyone. If someone wants to identify me as gay because I have a boyfriend right now then mine, yay gay. But But for accuracy I’m still attracted to women… It is interesting to me the stand-offish-ness some gay guys have that bisexuality isn’t a real sexuality… when there’s many straights that would contend the same thing about homosexuality. Why let plumbing get in the way of pleasure? And when the world seems to end every three days, does it really matter? I don’t know if Ron sees this issue as a easy reason for me to leave him or what – could it be a reason we’ve lasted so long?

Got lots of webwork to do this weekend. Building a website for one of Ron’s friends, doing some work for two fellow coaches and trying to get an ISP’s design gig.

Excited that Jospeh posted a comment to my entry yesterday – that’s one reason I am moving this operation to the MovableType script – so I can have comments. Yay!






2 responses to “Hardboiled Eggs. Yum. Yum.”

  1. Ian Avatar

    hey! don’t worry I’ll be leaving messages too….

    You should definitely get a tattoo if you decided you want one. I’d feel naked without mine. People always say “You’ll still have that when you’re an old man” but who’ll care when you’re old and wrinkly? get one now while you’re young and gorgeous! What design would you get?

    I was going to try and find some sort of symbol or word that the Ancient Greek playwrights used for storyteller or dramatist. I feel like Celtic runes and Asian glyphs are a little over-done so I thought I might go with something Egyptian. I’m definitely thinking something circular on the left shoulder… it might be part of marking when I officially leave my corporate gig to do coaching fulltime.

  2. Rob Avatar

    How long will a hardboiled remain safe to eat if left out at a room temp. of about 70 degrees fahrenheit?

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