Your Sac is Large and in Charge

Yes, I am completely immature. I read the website for the souped-up beanbag, the LoveSac and chortled at a select few quotes and the implications of scrotal imagery:

  • Utility straps reduce the size of your Sac to fit through doors and crevices.
  • For those who can’t handle the sheer girth of a SuperSac, we offer something to tantalize your taste buds.
  • No house is a complete house wihtout two of these babies fulfilling your Sac needs repeatedly.
  • You think your Sac is already too large and in charge?

Pointed to from AskMeFi’s "Please help me with my delfated sac…"






One response to “Your Sac is Large and in Charge”

  1. John Avatar

    He he he… There’s nothing wrong with being a tad immature. It’s the sign of a truly developed sense of humor. 😀

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