Young Fabulous & Broke

I saw Suze Orman speak in person once. There is something slightly annoying but hypnotic about her delivery. She’s on PBS right now – I do admire that she gives her talents to help out with PBS’s fundraising. It is easier to watch her talk to a group on TV than to watch her radio show where she sort of rails at the camera.






5 responses to “Young Fabulous & Broke”

  1. Terrance Avatar

    Ugh. That woman sets my teeth on edge for some reason. It’s probaby her delivery, in part but not entirely. Something about her inspires a huge wave of resentment in me. Probably more my issue than hers. Anyway, she’s enough to send me diving for the remote.

  2. Andy Avatar

    And that stinks because her info is so useful. Sort of like Al Franken. Much better in print.

  3. Jake Avatar

    : ( I actually like Al Franken. Suze Orman, she’s annoying.

  4. Andy Avatar

    I think I just can’t listen to his whole 3 hour show on Air America. He is so sharp and knows all his facts, though.

  5. Resik Avatar

    She’s hot and I would totally do her.

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