XHTML Gets Me Hot

It may be due to the recent flux and chaos in my world that I feel like retreating to the precision of semantic XHTML. I know it makes me a huge geek but I sat here for a half hour re-planning my blog in full, compliant, semantically-constructed XHTML.

Here’s what I have so far. DIVs marked with a border to show structure.

I remember how long it took me to make the mental jump from a bold tag to a strong tag. That you use mark-up to make the text readable by machine and then use the stylesheet to make it look nice to humans. I’ve tried to explain it to people before and there’s so much geeky backstory that it’s hard to explain why it’s important.

But for now I’m playing with a fully semantic front page template. It’s the same kind of mental acuity I used to love in those fill-in style word puzzles that I used to shield my brain during a harrowing summer of summer stock.

I love it – it’s so spare. I also am charging the old Palm V to see how it looks on a handheld! GEEK!






2 responses to “XHTML Gets Me Hot”

  1. sam Avatar

    Web design has just been a hobby of mine for the last 5 years, but primarily the last three, so I only recently learned exactly what xhtml compliance was. I used one of those validators to show me the errors, and I had more in the individual entries than the design itself. I opted not to go back and redo it all. I probably don’t know what I’m talking about. Oh well, I decided that if I ever started a blog from scratch (again), I would adhere to web standards.

  2. Andy Avatar

    Oh – I’m slouching towards XHTML. Plus lots of my old entries are in normal HTML so line breaks don’t have a closing slash such.

    I just like it because it’s something to obsess about.

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