World War III Scenario

How another great war could happen:  “While it has died down for the moment at least, the growing territorial issues between China and several if its neighbors are a proper powder keg. Combine that with the risk of economic collapse with China’s growth is slowing, and they are leveraged in risky ways. A collapse could leave many out of work and looking for something that feeds and shelters and pays, and the Chinese military could start taking advantage of the gender imbalance that came from them 1 child policy, and recruit all these poor young men with rapidly withering prospects. If China starts pushing just a good bit harder to expand in general, they could wind up picking a fight with any number of nations in the region, Japan foremost among them. While the USA doesn’t really want to pick a fight with China for economic reasons, if they have collapsed at this point we won’t care nearly as much, as all the factory work they did will likely have shifted to India and back to the US for the most part. …. So the US would be less worried about picking a fight with China in this scenario, especially to have Japan’s back. So now we have the start of dominos falling. [read the rest]






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