William Rivers Pitt on War

Why we have war: 

Ten thousand books have been written on this subject, on the impact of our wartime economic footing upon domestic policy, the environment, global affairs and politics. In the end, however, the fact that our economy is set on a wartime footing means one simple thing.

We need wars.

Without wars, the economy flakes and falls apart. Without wars, the trillions of dollars spent on weapons systems, military preparedness and a planetary army would dry up, dealing a death blow to the economy as currently constituted. Without wars or the threat of wars, the populace is not so easily controlled and manipulated.






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  1. Geo Avatar

    …yeah, I remember sometime after WWII some humorist said that basically to keep the industrial technocrats happy every 20 years or so we should load up convoys of ships with tons of industrial/military goods and dump them at sea for 3 or 4 years running. It would fuel the economy and build artificial reefs for the fish…

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